What kind of Travellers are you as per Zodiac Sign?

What kind of Travellers are you as per Zodiac Sign?

Feeling wanderlust! If yes, then the quickup line is what sort of places do you like to see? Are you a mood-planner or a budget-planner? Unable to figure out, rest easy! Fortunately, your star sign can help you with what kind of traveller you are. Scroll down to know where you are meant to travel and who is your best travel buddy. Also, take a look at what sort of planning you like before going on any trip, and what places are the best for you to visit as per your zodiac sign.


Aries love pioneering and adventures, and travelling comes natural to them. If you are a native of this sign, then the whole world is a recreational ground for you. And you are the chief head of that ground. You adore staying in a luxurious hotel and appreciate the long-hour waiting train. Sometimes because of this, a sudden need to renew your passport arises, not because your passport has expired, but because there is no space left to stamp on it. Also, this fits in your bill because you do not plan.

Suitable Travel Partner: Leo
Perfect Destination: Mauritius or Maldives

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Natives of this sign are highly realistic and hate exploring that much. Although they love travelling alone, whenever they make up their mind to wander with their family and friends, they choose hotels that are adjacent to the beach. How can Taurus miss it? Yes, Taurus loves gazing at the ocean through the window of the hotel. They are very miser who loves walking instead of pulling a taxi while on a tourist destination. One bonus from this is that you explore the whole place.

Suitable Travel Partner: Capricorn
Perfect Destination: Thailand, Brazil, and Andaman & Nicobar

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Gemini is a family traveller and prefers travelling with their close ones. If they do not go somewhere outside to travel, then their city becomes a destination to explore. With a very inquisitive mind, the Twins do lots of research before selecting a place. They spend their time reading lots of travelogues and spend hours on the internet, before fixing on any particular destination. However, they hate any bogged down while travelling, and thus they pre-booked everything beforehand. Also, going on a cruise, mount climbing, beach exploration is not some of the activity they do while on a getaway.

Suitable Travel Partner: Aquarius
Perfect Destination: Europe, Shimla, or Kerala

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Soul-searchers! It may not be wrong to call Cancer natives by this name. But their queer nature of feeling adrift while being on makes them little weirdo. They cannot conjecture what to do now, and what to plan, and thus feel a little puzzled to give a nod to a travel destination. They mainly rely on google maps to reach their destination and feel quite hesitant to take help from tourists escort. While arriving at their destination, they look for a hotel or resort to stay. Most of the time these natives overlook the places and mainly rely on a hotel’s name to reach their destination.

Suitable Travel Partner: Gemini
Perfect Destination: Morocco, Shimla or Dhramshala

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Leo and Lions are party animals. And for them, the whole world is a destination to explore. They are always ready to explore the entire world in a meantime, and prefer a group to tour any destination. Such native would care less if any of their partners get adrift and leave them alone to continue their journey ahead. On tour, they devour everything from mount climbing to going on a cruise, and they loathe to travel to the same places again and again.

Suitable Travel Partner: Aries
Perfect Destination: Spain, Dubai or Jaisalmer

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For Virgo natives, the whole life is based on philosophy and seeing the entire world through the lens of this reality only. For them, life is lived for one, they also want to stroll the world by keeping in mind the same flow of thought. Although they are earth signs, they want to be like the wind and tour the entire world. They might be a bit conservative about travelling and do not feel weary of travelling to the same place again and again. Ancient places, museums, and archaeological sites are the places of their choice to explore.

Suitable Travel Partner: Saggitarius
Perfect Destination:: Philippines, Andaman, and Puducherry

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Libra they are a type of art lovers, and their backpack is always ready to go for taking a spill. And concerning this, they are very extreme. The solution is ready for them all the time if they get stuck somewhere during travel preparation. They always relish exploring places that are related to art, fashion, or museums and hate exploring quiet places. While wandering, they love talking and knowing the other cultures.

Suitable Travel Partner: Cancer or Aries
Perfect Destination:: Paris, New York, or Mumbai

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Scorpio natives are very passionate about their travelling, and they rarely like to stay in a hotel while on tour. They savour every moment and beauty and hardly waste any time to explore on a trip. They read the history related to that place, before planning any trip, and relish to explore the beauty of the ocean and river.

Suitable Travel Partner: Libra
Perfect Destination:: Mauritius, Diu and Daman, and Lakshadweep

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Sagittarius natives are street food lovers, and thus they are enthusiastic about such places where there is the accolade of street food. They always prefer the best tourist place for that as they want to be sure-fire that the venue is hygienic and has the best food available. They mostly love such sites that are easy on a foot, like mount climbing or camping.

Suitable Travel Partner: Libra
Perfect Destination:: London, Singapure, Mumbai, Mysore

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Capricorn natives love wandering, but they are very miser also prefer low-budget sites for tour planning. However, you also love wandering around beaches and want to experience cozy luxurious hotels, but they mostly prefer to watch all the seven wonders on the earth. On a trip with a family, most of the time went on taking care of their luggage and family members. Thus, they cannot enjoy the tour.

Suitable Travel Partner: Taurus
Perfect Destination:: France, Agra, and Jaipur

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The Water Bearers Aquarius are also travel enthusiastic, but unlike others, they do not prefer touring the world. Instead, they make their own home a perfect tourist destination by decorating it with different exquisite things. They are the kind of people who in all respect, enjoy themselves at any place. Also, these conservative beings prefer buying local artefacts as well as exploring traditional sites more.

Suitable Travel Partner: Pisces
Perfect Destination:: China, Cambodia, Rajasthan, and Gujarat

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Hey Pisces, you do not need a place to explore. You just need a random site to relish and always keep the album of every destination you beheld. The Fish never forget to capture the magnificent moments of their trip. From snow-clad mountains to hot deserts, Pisces natives love going to every kind of a place.

Suitable Travel Partner: Virgo
Perfect Destination: Eastern Asia, Gangtok, and Darjeeling

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