Top 5 Destinations the Cancer would love to visit

Cancer individuals are sensitive and emotional, and they always look for some emotional connect in the place they plan to visit. These individuals also prefer places where they feel secure and comfortable. Also, given their preference for reliving the nostalgic moments of the past, they also prefer places of historical significance, and places around water bodies, since Cancer is a water sign. Let us take a look at some Indian and international destinations that Cancer individuals are likely to enjoy the most as per their characteristics.
Cancer Travel 1. Madurai (Tamil Nadu): The temple town of Madurai, with its magnificent temples and rich offerings of history and inspiring architecture, can be an ideal getaway for the Cancer individuals. In this city, which is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, the Cancer individuals can relive the nostalgia of the grandeur of the past, particularly in and around the Meenakshi Amman Temple, the nerve center of the entire city of Madurai.

Cancer Travel
2. Backwaters of Kerela: The backwaters of Kerela, also known as God's own country, are ideal for Cancer individuals. A stay in the houseboats dotting these backwaters makes the emotional crab feel comfortable and relaxed, and they are at ease to absorb the picture perfect scenery of lush green forests and the rich flora and fauna of the place. In addition, the proximity to the water element offers an additional dimension of comfort to the Cancer individuals, since they are a water sign.

Cancer Travel
3. Maldives: The island nation of Maldives, famous for its captivating atolls, is a paradise for the tourists, especially for the Cancer individuals. Maldives have everything to entice, white sand beaches, coral reefs, clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean and a rich marine life. All these attractions can give a tremendous sense of calm and tranquility to the Cancer individuals, and in addition, their comfort levels get enhanced due to the presence of the water element in abundance. Besides, if the crab decides to indulge in some adventure, scuba diving is always an option open to them.

Cancer Travel
4. Mauritius: The islands destination of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean off the African coast, is an ideal place for the Cancer individuals to unwind and relax. One of the top luxury tourist destinations, Mauritius offers the comfort and a friendly atmosphere for the emotional Cancer individuals to have a gala time. The crystal clear sea waters amd its beaches, scenic beauty and tropical flora and fauna that this place offers is ideal for the Crab, who can very well adjust with the multi ethnic local population of this island nation.

Cancer Travel
5. Bucharest (Romania): Bucharest, the capital city of Romania in Eastern Europe, is a city of historical significance, and offers numerous architectural treats in the form of buildings done in various styles and is a hub of arts and culture. This is a perfect retreat for the Cancer individual to unwind in the relatively slow pace of this city, also known as Little Paris due to the luxuriant and opulent lifestyle of its elite. The comfort loving Cancer individual can find scour from the maddening pace of life found in the large cities elsewhere, and relish the feel that Bucharest can offer.


09 Dec 2013

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