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Top 5 travel destinations for Pisces

The sensitive and emotional Pisces individuals prefer any place with a tranquil ambiance and where they can express their emotions unhindered. Pisces individuals are always eager to plan an ideal escape from the monotony of their daily routine life so that they can recharge their batteries. Since they are also artistic in nature, Pisces would tend to go to places where their artistic urges are fulfilled. Also, as they also have a natural affinity towards water, they love to be near water bodies. Considering these characteristics, following places are likely to appeal to the sensitive Pisces individuals the most.
Pisces Travel
1. Goa: The idyllic beaches of Goa are a perfect getaway for the reclusive Fish. The cosmopolitan culture of Goa, with people of all kinds and preferences thronging to its pristine beaches, gives the Fish an ideal opportunity to mingle and interact with people of matching wavelength. In addition, presence of a serene coastal environment, especially in the villages of this famous tourist destination, is an added attraction for the sensitive Pisces individual to unwind.

Pisces Travel
2. Barcelona: As the largest city of Catalonia, and the second largest city of Spain, Barcelona is full of tourist attractions like outdoor markets, restaurants, shops, museums and churches, especially buildings showcasing the Gaudí architecture and Modernist Barcelona. Barcelona is a must see location for the emotional and artistically inclined Pisces individuals, especially walking through Las Ramblas or La Rambla, a gorgeous tree-lined pedestrian walkway, and enjoying the various festivals and events like Festes de la Mercè, main annual event of the city, showcasing various types of dance, music, food and drink.

Pisces Travel
3. Lake Atitlán (Guatemala): Tucked away in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, lies the beautiful Lake Atitlán, a volcanic lake with pure and blue water and one of the most beautiful spots of Guatemala. The various towns of varying sizes and character that surround this water paradise are an added attraction. Lake Atitlán is a kind of destination not to be missed, especially by the Pisces individuals, who will enjoy a ride in the lanchas, small boats providing transportation from one town to another and across the lake. With a well developed tourist infrastructure in these surrounding towns, Lake Atitlán is a dream come true for the reclusive Fish to hide from the commotion of the busy cities and hectic schedules.

Pisces Travel
4. Vladivostok: Located in the vast and icy Siberia, Vladivostok serves as the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The beautiful oak wood forests surrounding the city, Sportivnaya Harbor and the Golden Horn bridge are a few amongst the number of attractions that this city has. The International Jazz Festival in Vladivostok is another attraction of this Eastern outpost of Russia, especially for the artistically inclined Pisces individuals, who will love to soak in the melodious music along with enjoying quality cinema in the Pacific Meridian International Film Festival, also held in this city.

Pisces Travel
5. Fiji: A tropical paradise located in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is famous for its pristine beaches, a vibrant indigenous culture and tropical rain forests. This island nation is an ideal getaway for the Pisces individuals, who can enjoy the sun and the cool ocean breeze in the various resorts, along with white-water rafting for the more adventurous ones. Being a melting pot of Chinese, Indian and indigenous cultures, Fiji offers a unique range of cuisines, which is an added attraction for the Fish.


12 Dec 2013

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