Top 5 travel destinations that Aries individuals are most likely to enjoy

Aries individuals, being the pioneers of the zodiac, the first sign among the twelve sun signs, prefer to be the initiators of every significant endeavour. Also, these individuals are energetic, outgoing and adventurous in nature. These individuals have virtually unlimited supply of energy and stamina. Let us take a look at the five destinations that the Aries would probably enjoy the most:
Aries Travel 1. Ruins of Nalanda (Bihar): Nalanda, the first international university of the world, and an ancient center of learning, holds a place of pride in the ancient and rich traditions of India's past. No wonder, the Aries individuals can relate to this glorious past and witness with their own eyes the ruins of first international university of the world, complete with a rich supply of ancient artifacts dating back to thousand of years.

Aries Travel
2. Bodh Gaya (Bihar): Another place steeped in history and, again in the state of Bihar would make a perfect place for the Aries. The excitement and awesomeness of a place that witnessed the birth of Buddhism would ideally keep the Aries individual hooked on for days together.

Aries Travel
3. Tarai Region: The Aries are adventure loving and prefer any activity, something which also helps them spend the vast reserves of energy and stamina that they have. And what better way to engage in physical activities combined with a sense of adventure than trekking in the Tarai region of the Himalayas. They may choose any spot that you like in this vast region, and you are likely to find the ram, battering its horns on the rock solid edifice of the mountains!

Aries Travel
4. Thar desert: Thar desert, with its arid and stark landscapes, can offer a beautiful view and has a charm of its own. The Aries individual is bound to get mesmerized by gazing at the sky full of stars, while stretching on the cool desert sand in the night. A trip to the Thar desert shall also fulfill their need for a engaging adventure.

Aries Travel
5. City of Rome: As far as international locations are concerned, the city of Rome, that offers a breathtaking view of the splendours of the ancient Roman empire, and considered to be the birthplace of Renaissance, initiating the advances in the sciences, arts and culture, is a place that an Aries individual can never have enough of. Rome, being the historical center of European enlightenment, is a place that an Aries individual can never miss.


05 Dec 2013

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