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Top 5 travel destinations for Scorpio

The enigmatic and mysterious Scorpio individuals are always on the lookout to gratify their senses. Their intense emotions and an aura of mystery that always surrounds them makes them want to go to places that are considered as exotic and can offer them instant gratification. Scorpio individuals have an uncanny attraction for the kinky and out of the world experiences. Since it is all about desiring unusual and exciting experiences, they would be attracted to travel to those kind of places where the qualities of adventure and unforgettable experiences are intertwined. Based on these characteristics, following travel destinations are likely to attract Scorpio individuals the most.
Scorpio Travel
1. Khajuraho: The temples of Khajuraho, with their potent symbolisms of the senses can be an ideal getaway for the Scorpio individuals. The depiction of heavenly Apsaras in various erotic poses that run riot on stone is a delight for the eye, especially for the Scorpio individuals, who have an innate sense of sexuality embedded, and are considered as the sex sign of the zodiac. The beauty of the intricately carved temples, coupled with the sights and sounds of the Khajuraho town representing the Hindi heartland of India, is a must visit for the Scorpio individuals.

Scorpio Travel
2. Ladakh: The arid and yet enticing landscape of Ladakh is an isolated world and a far cry from the hectic pace of life common in the contemporary times. The monasteries and the crystal clear water of various lakes found in the rugged terrain of this region can definitely fulfill the need of visiting some exotic and unusual location, especially for the Scorpio individuals. There may be a dearth of oxygen in such high altitudes, so it is better to get acclimatized before venturing in this zone. However, there is no dearth of out of the world experiences that Scorpio individuals crave for the most.

Scorpio Travel
3. Bangkok: Ranked consistently as one of the top tourist destinations of the world, Bangkok has earned the reputation of being the 'Sin City of Asia', due to its well developed sex industry, something discouraged and not acknowledged by the locals. Although there are many other attractions in Bangkok, the search of Scorpio individuals for something sensuous and exotic is fulfilled in this place. Besides, Bangkok is famous for its dynamic night life, numerous shopping destinations and a vibrant cultural scenario.

Scorpio Travel
4. Nice (French Riviera): The city of Nice la Belle, which means Nice the Beautiful, is the second most popular French city after Paris. This Mediterranean paradise, lined with promenades, a mild and temperate climate, various squares serving as an excellent space for exploring and shopping in the city and an exquisite culture, is an ideal place for the Scorpio individual to indulge all his senses and have various unforgettable experiences.

Scorpio Travel
5. Amsterdam: The seductive Amsterdam can offer what the Scorpio individuals are looking for- gratification, intense unforgettable experiences and a never ending sense of adventure. Considered as the cultural capital of Holland, Amsterdam is famous for its historic canals, the Van Gogh Museum, De Wallen- its red light district and its numerous cannabis coffee shops, which offer the Scorpio individuals a perfect setting for exploring the unusual and the exotic, and a chance to indulge in pulsating fun in its psychedelic discothèques.


05 Dec 2013

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