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Top Five Travel Destinations for Virgo Astrological Sign

Top Five Travel Destinations for Virgo Astrological Sign

Most often or not, Virgo individuals are considered to be finicky travellers and they have huge hangups regarding cleanliness and the type of food they consume. Hence, these perfectionist souls get things organized perfectly and nothing less will do. Based on their characteristics, the following is the list of best travel destinations for Virgo and may appeal the most to the perfectionist Virgo individuals.


1. Rajasthan: The Incredible State of India – Rajasthan, popularly known to many as the Land of the Kings, is a beautiful example of India’s age-old opulence and grandeur, traces of which still linger in the air of this state. One of the most colourful and vibrant states in the country, with a strong blend of culture, history, music, cuisine and people welcoming you with smiling faces, falling in love with Rajasthan will not take much time for Virgo. This place is ideal for Virgo individuals to ease up and heal their frayed nerves.

The island destination of Bali is the smallest province of Indonesia and boasts of a rich cultural heritage that includes traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting and music. This attracts tourists in droves to Bali, and especially for the Virgo individuals, this is a perfect place to enjoy their stay, since Bali has a well developed tourist infrastructure. A nice and cozy hotel to stay, guided tours to its various temples and beaches and a cosmopolitan culture, all contribute to make the finicky Virgo individual to relax in the scenic environs of Bali.

This place has something to offer to everybody; from beautiful landscapes to rich cultural heritage, serene beaches and scrumptious food, Karnataka is indeed a world in itself. The caring and loving Virgo will surely love this place.

4. Machu Picchu: Discover the wonders of Peru’s heartland by taking a tour to Machu Picchu. You’ll be surrounded by stunning mountains, lakes and valleys, all while staying in picturesque mountain lodges, and soaking up centuries of history and culture. Machu Picchu tour will give Virgo individuals ample opportunity to experience the Andean wonders of today and the Incan culture.

5. Mumbai: Mumbai – the city of dreams, is a beautifully blended melting pot of cultures and lifestyles. The most iconic tourist spot in Mumbai has to be the Gateway of India, and this awe-inspiring structure is located right on the waterfront overlooking the Arabian Sea. Being a metropolis, Mumbai is a shopping haven, and there is pretty much nothing that you won’t be able to find here. This fun-loving zodiac sign loves travelling with family and friends, and this is a place you should prefer for a vacation with family.

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