Venus in The 7th House: Vedic Astrology

Venus in The 7th House

Venus, also known as the “Goddess of love” is all about relationship, life companion, physical pleasures, and love. And when placed in the 7th house, it gives an extra privilege to the natives. This placement is a perfect combination to bestow the native with a happy married life filled with affection, charm, and grace. Such natives promote a feeling of well-being to each other. They show great understanding and sympathy in their relationships. Besides that, these natives are also loving, caring, sensitive, and gentle in their personal life.

Areas Affected due to Venus in 7th House

  • Relationship
  • Marriage
  • Partnerships
  • Love

Positive Traits/Impacts :

Venus in the 7th house gives eternal happiness to natives and it strengthens their relationship bond. Such natives experience a blissful married life. Mutual understanding of both partners helps them overcome problems in their life. It is also found that natives with this placement have a strong physical and emotional bonding to maintain a well-balanced relationship. They find an easy way to cope with crises and support each other morally to help them get rid of their troubles. Both partners share their moments with each other whether it is happy or sad. According to Vedic astrology, natives with this placement get good-looking life partners, and they are known for their high-end lifestyles.

The influence of Venus in seventh house plays a crucial role in fostering the native’s relationships. Individuals with this placement never betray each other for their own interest and have deep mutual respect. Spouses with this conjunction have all characteristics of a good mother and wife. They show great affection when it comes to loving and caring for others. Such spouse/wife of Venus in 7th house natives are the backbone of the family.

The couples with Venus in 7th house who have had a love marriage may experience a very healthy and joyful life. These individuals are gentle towards one another and refrain from criticising each other even in the most difficult situations.

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Negative Traits/Impacts :

The placement of Venus in the 7th house sometimes brings unfavorable outcomes in individuals’ relationships. Because of their deep-seated emotions, it may make their relationship worse and there are chances of getting separated from each other too early. Sometimes they argue too much over small things and it really affects their relationship in a bad way. Instead of loving each other, they are constantly complaining about each other. After a while, these individuals lose interest in their partners and become depressed in their life. Egoistic behaviour of these individuals can make the relationship unstable and unreliable. They may tend to ceaselessly damage their relationships and hurt each other in the process.

The effect of Venus in 7th house leads to a married life which is less trustworthy, and both of them are not responsible for each other’s emotions. Natives with this placement lack understanding and lose respect for each other. As stated in Vedic astrology, it is possible that these natives may not have found their desired partners.


Venus in the 7th house is one of the luckiest combinations natives experience in their life. It caters one’s relationship with all the happiness and pleasures. Venus is a good sign for long-lasting relationships. But if the outcomes of Venus in 7th house are bad, then it weakens the bond between the natives and raises conflicts in their life. This placement is like a coin with two sides, which has both favorable and unfavorable outcomes on individuals.

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