Venus In The Ninth House: Vedic Astrology

Venus In The Ninth House: Vedic Astrology

Venus is about love, beauty, art, culture, sophistication. And the 9th house governs one’s religious instincts, dharma, uprightness, good karma, ethics, higher learning & values, and spiritual inclination. The presence of the 9th house in Vedic Astrology also gives a philosophical bent of mind. It gives one an inclination towards charity and generous deeds.

The Areas Affected Due to Venus in The 9th House:

  • Relationship and bonding
  • Adventurism
  • Wisdom and knowledge
  • Emotionality

Positive Traits/Impact:

The natives of Venus in the 9th house are likely to be fair-minded. They are good at being the go-between in matters requiring an objective opinion. The presence of Venus in the 9th house may indicate love marriage. Cordial relationship with the spouse and in-laws proves beneficial to the natives, especially with female relatives. Venus in this position will make the natives more cheerful and optimistic. The need for personal freedom and creative expression is heightened when Venus is retrograde.

The natives are attracted to, or they tend to attract, people of different cultural backgrounds. Their interest falls in areas such as philosophy, religion and higher learning. They want a partner who has a sense of adventure. They are not particularly clingy and they expect a certain kind of freedom in a partnership. They want to grow as individuals and won’t be happy in a relationship that is restrictive or confining. In fact, these natives have a great love for freedom.

The natives of Venus in the ninth house appreciate a lover who is enthusiastic and not afraid to have a good time with them. They aspire to high ideals in love but some of them might pursue feelings and attachments in love. They may be dissatisfied with what they have. They have to stay guarded against this sense of dissatisfaction or else it may create problems.

As per the horoscope of male and female natives of Venus in the 9th house, the natives are very fond of travelling. The natives may live far away from their home town, possibly in a foreign country. They may even get married to a foreigner. Besides, these natives may have a fascination for places with scenic beauty.

For the natives of Venus in the 9th house, love is more of a game that’s fun to play and shouldn’t get too serious. People with Venus in the 9th house have a free spirit and many people are attracted to that hard-to-get personality. But they don’t need emotions as much as they need the pleasures of life. And their partner may not even know that.

Venus in the 9th house Vedic astrology makes the natives come across someone who enhances their good qualities and accepts their bad ones. The natives of Venus in the 9th house should not be afraid to love someone deeply and be loved deeply in return. If they are with someone, it doesn’t mean they have to change their life completely. The natives can continue doing things that they have been doing.

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Negative Traits/Impact:

There is so much going on in the world that the natives of Venus in the 9th house want to experience and explore. They may want to take in so much, more than what they can digest. Besides, they may fall in love easily, because they are so quick to make up their mind with only a certain amount of facts. But their definition of love is also different from others, they won’t let their individuality suffer at the cost of the relationship.

They will lead people on without knowing it because they don’t put as much feeling in their words or actions. At the same time, they should be careful not to crush someone else’s romantic dreams with their wrong attitude towards love. Their inappropriate behavior with different lovers can get them into trouble if they are constantly looking for something better elsewhere.

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In accordance with Venus in the 9th house effects, the natives are good at maintaining and beautifying relationship. They are also adventurous and explorative. However, they should not take their adventurism too far. Its good to get into new things. But its also required that certain things have to be retained in their pristine purity.

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