Rahu in the First House of Horoscope: Positive and Negative Effects

Rahu in the First House of Horoscope: Positive and Negative Effects

Rahu planet has an important place in Vedic astrology. This planet does not exist physically, rather it is a virtual or shadow planet, also known as the North Pole of the Moon. Rahu is known to be a negative planet, which creates confusion and craving in the mind of the person towards materialistic gains. It creates craving in the individual, and also arouses the desire to acquire all the comforts of the world. Therefore, people who have Rahu placed in the first house of their horoscope may be selfish and their outlook may be self-centred. They may become egoistic and lead an unrighteous life.

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Area Affected by Rahu in first house

  • Attitude towards oneself
  • Holistic nature of the person
  • Attitude towards others
  • Outlook on life

Positive Symptoms/effects

The presence of Rahu in the first house creates hunger for success in the natives. They strongly desire to climb the social ladder, and become more influential and wealthier than the situation into which they were born. They are competitive, and this attitude drives them to perform and excel in various areas of life.

The best quality of the people with the presence of Rahu in the first house is that they have enough courage to implement any new concept or new idea in the society or workplace. They have the ability to promote, innovate and compete. They can adopt new and different means and methods to reach greater heights. According to Rahu in the first house of the horoscope, such people do not bother much about the means until they reach their goal using those means.

Furthermore, people with Rahu in the first house tend to question the traditional norms of society, and break old ways. Such people consider themselves among the privileged and selected people. They feel that they are above others. They want things of very large proportions, bigger and better, great and perfect. Along with this, when Rahu is placed in the 1st house as well as Ketu is placed in the 7th house, this position of the planets enables the native to give a lot of time to others.

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Negative symptoms/effects

People with presence of Rahu in the first house strongly want others to praise and appreciate them. They may present a social image that may be self-deceptive. Apart from this, the position of Rahu in the first house of the horoscope can lead the person towards immoral and illegal activities. There is a high possibility that such people may become addicted to alcohol and drugs. People with Rahu in the first house may suffer from some disease, disorder or pain. However, this can be prevented if a planet is placed in a house in the horoscope of the person, which produces benefits and divine influences, and neutralizes the negative effects. With the help of horoscope, you can also find out the beneficial position of planets in your horoscope and eliminate the effects of harmful planets.

Apart from this, Rahu also symbolizes those unfulfilled desires and wishes, which the person wanted to achieve in his past but could not achieve due to some reasons. Therefore, those unfulfilled desires remain alive in their mind, and fulfilling those unfulfilled desires becomes an obsession for the people. Thus Rahu rules over all emotions like passion, desires, confusion, frustration etc.

Also, people with Rahu in the 1st house are unable to assess and evaluate their capabilities, and hence they set impractical goals and objectives in life. The position of Rahu in the first house inspires the person to run after material goals like name, fame, status etc. Which the people want to achieve in the shortest time. Thus, Rahu in the first house leads the person towards evil and inappropriate things.


Well, the planet Rahu broadly represents negative energy in the universe. It can put the person in confusion and bad condition, and can force us to do bad deeds. It can turn us away from the path of goodness and happiness, making us grossly materialistic. We have to be alert and very careful towards this planet.

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