Rahu in The 1st House/Ascendent : Vedic Astrology

Rahu in The 1st House/Ascendent : Vedic Astrology

The planet Rahu occupies an important place in Vedic Astrology. This planet does not exist physically, rather it is a shadow planet also referred to as the North Node of the Moon. Rahu is known as a negative planet which creates illusions and desires of materialistic gains. It creates cravings and it wants to have everything in the world. The people who have Rahu in the 1st house may become selfish and self-centered in their approach, they may have a strong ego and may turn towards unrighteous living.]

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The areas affected due to Rahu in the 1st House:

  • Attitude towards self
  • Attitude towards others
  • The way you approach life
  • Overall nature of the individual

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Positive Traits/Impact:

Well, the presence of Rahu in 1st house creates a hunger for success amongst the natives. They strongly wish to climb the social ladder, they want to be richer and more influential than the status into which they were born. They are competitive and this attitude moves them to perform and excel in various areas of life.

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The good thing about the natives of Rahu in 1st house is that they have enough courage to initiate or formulate completely new concepts in society or at the workplace. They have the ability to promote, innovate and compete. They can adopt new and different means and methods to reach tall heights. They may not bother much about the means as long as they reach the goals while pursuing those means as per the effect of Rahu in 1st house.

Besides, the natives of Rahu in first house question and break the conventional norms of society. The natives think of themselves as privileged and the chosen ones. They feel they are way above the others. They want things in epic proportions, bigger and better, larger and cooler. Also, when Rahu is placed in the 1st house and simultaneously Ketu resides the 7th house, then this planetary position will enable the natives to give a lot of time to others.

Negative Traits/Impact:

The natives of Rahu in 1st house may strongly want that others should appreciate and admire them. They may project a social image that may be self-deceptive. Well, Rahu in the 1st house may turn the person towards immoral and illegal acts. It is likely that the natives may get addicted to drugs and alcohol. The natives of Rahu in 1st house may even suffer from personality disorders. However, this may be prevented if there is a benefic planet which produces divine influence and neutralises the evil prospects. You can know the effects of Dasha of planets on your life with the help of your personalized Janampatri.

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Besides, Rahu stands for the things which have remained unfinished in your past life. You had wanted to achieve them but were unable to. So, your past life got over with that strong want in your mind. Thus, the fulfilment of that desire may become like an obsession for you in your current life. So, Rahu governs all the obsessions, desires, illusions, desperation and so on.

Also, the natives of Rahu in 1st house are unable to judge and evaluate their abilities and thus set impractical goals and targets in life. The placement of Rahu in 1st house propels the native to run after materials goals like status, fame and so on. And the native wishes to have it in the shortest possible time. Thus, Rahu in 1st house takes us towards evil and the bad things. The Effects Of Rahu Can Be Reduced. Buy Gomed Gemstone


Well, the planet Rahu broadly represents negative energy from the cosmos. It can put us into illusion and worsen our entrapping into the bad karma. It can make us grossly materialistic and derail us from the path of goodness and happiness. We have to be very careful with this planet.

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