Rahu in The Eleventh House : Vedic Astrology

Rahu is the indicator of delays, hurdles, filthiness, and laziness. He is also associated with politicians, thieves, poison, jail, magicians, etc. The eleventh house is the house of income, gains, wealth, prosperity, and abundance. It also shows whether its native’s aspirations or desires will get fulfilled or not. The natives with Rahu in eleventh house are

very social and popular in their friend circles. However, they are tricky and know how to use their friends to their advantage. They mainly target their friends to earn money wittily. They have huge economic gains from almost every area of life. They are greatly attached to materialistic possessions during their complete lifetime. 

The areas affected due to Rahu in the 11th House:

Government job
Income and money

Positive Traits/Impact

The natives of Rahu in eleventh house may be courageous, knowledgable, rich, and a powerful speaker. They are likely to have lady luck supporting them and hence they might get their desires fulfilled without much hard work.

If Rahu isn’t afflicted by Sun or Mars, then the natives get government jobs. They secure themselves a good position and post in those jobs. The male native’s mother or wife may get increased wealth as time progresses. 

Due to the effects of Rahu in 11th house, the natives are likely to earn money through outcasts or foreign resources. They are likely to visit foreign countries to set up resources. They also have high chances of growth in foreign lands. 

They are likely to have contacts with influential and powerful people. They won’t hesitate to use their money to build their own platform in order to earn. They may be presenting new innovative ideas to get investments. They always wish to accumulate more and more wealth.

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Negative Traits/Impact

Natives with Rahu in 11th house are deceptive, arrogant, egoistic and witty. They may cross any limits to get their desires fulfilled. However, they are very lazy at the same time. Hence, they manipulate their friends and other people to get their work done.

They are suggested to be aware as there are chances that they may have enemies hidden among their friends. People may deceive the deceivers and backstab them.

They may be inclined towards lotteries and speculations. However, they might not be much lucky if they invest in the share market or participate in other speculations.

Rahu in 11th house in lagna chart may cause problems in the relationship with their father. The natives may also face problems related to children like miscarriage or might have bad relations with them.

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If Mars has a malefic effect on Rahu at the time of birth, then there are chances that eventually everything may be destroyed. The native may remain wealthy as long as their father is alive. Later, there is a possibility that everything may be demolished after the father’s death. The problems of Rahu in eleventh house can be solved using proper remedies.  


The eleventh house represents earnings, gains, fortune, prosperity, and abundance. It also shows whether its native will achieve his/her ambitions or desires. Rahu makes a person deceiving, lazy, and social. This makes natives with Rahu in eleventh house deceive their friends for their economic benefits. However, they are suggested to achieve their dreams with their own hard work.

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