Hans Yoga in Vedic Astrology – Hans Yoga in Kundli and its effect on the native

For the study of a horoscope and its accurate assessment, it is necessary for any learned astrologer to have the knowledge of the yogas formed in the horoscope. This yoga is the subject of study till life. The only way to know the exact horoscope is to assess the conditions of continuous yoga in the horoscope. Yoga cannot be defined in general terms. Because the various conditions created in the horoscope are called yoga. This includes the presence of a particular planet at a particular place or the mutual aspect relationship of two or more planets or the combination of two or more planets etc. Many types of yogas are mentioned in Vedic astrology. For the time being, we will talk about Hans Yog, which is formed from the position of Jupiter in different houses of the horoscope.
Before understanding Hans Yoga, we should understand about Panchamahapurusha Yoga. Panchamahapurusha yoga is formed by the placement of five major plteamanets in different houses. Among these Panchamahapurusha planets, Mars forms Ruchaka Yoga, Mercury Bhadra Yoga, Guru Hansa Yoga, Venus Malvya Yoga and Shani Shasha Yoga. Apart from this, we find mention of many other yogas in Vedic astrology. But for the time being, we will try to know the condition of Hans Yoga which is formed from the condition of one of the five great men, Jupiter. We will know what is Hans Yoga? How Hans Yoga is formed in the horoscope and how the effects of Hans Yoga affect the life of the native.

What is Hans Yoga in astrology?

In astrology, Jupiter has been considered a very auspicious and beneficial planet, when Jupiter is placed in the center of the horoscope or in the original triangle in Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer, it is called Hans Yoga. Hans Yoga is very rare and auspicious Yoga. Under the influence of this yoga, the native gets the benefit of all the positive qualities of the Jupiter and all the negative effects of the horoscope are reduced. We use another definition to understand the position of Hans Yoga in the horoscope. When Jupiter is in any one of Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer sign and sits in the center or Mool trikoni, then this situation will be called Hans Yoga. The potency of Hansa Yoga also depends on the relationship of Jupiter with other planets and their effects. If the Guru is sitting in the position of Hans Yoga in a horoscope, then Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu are not aspecting him or there is no negative relation with them, then more positive results of Hans Yoga will be seen. Along with this, the Guru forming Hans Yoga should not have any negative relationship with the lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope. While studying the effects of Hans Yoga, it should also be kept in mind that Jupiter is retrograde, otherwise there is less possibility of getting expected benefits from Hans Yoga. To get the expected benefits from Hansa Yoga, Jupiter should have sufficient strength in the circle chart. While assessing Hans Yoga in the horoscope, following these principles, also keep in mind that Hans Yoga will be more fruitful for the people with movable ascendant like Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Hansa Yoga will be more useful and meaningful for Yogis, Spiritual Gurus, Psychologists, Sadhaks, Astrologers, Businessmen, Artists, People involved in financial activities, Students of life searching for classical knowledge. In short, Hansa Yoga proves to be more useful for people working in fields related to the effects of Jupiter.

Effects of Hans Yoga on the native

– The people who have swan yoga in their horoscope, they get respect from the people like a king, a big politician or a big government official.
The position of Hans Yoga in the horoscope bestows intelligence, knowledge, prosperity, idealistic thoughts, popularity and dominant personality.
– Effects of Hansyoga will give more desired results in Dasha or Mahadasha of Jupiter.
– The energy of Hans Yoga works to make them great and charitable. They can do great and constructive work for the society and humanity with the weak and downtrodden people of the society.
The position of Hans Yoga in the horoscope bestows the native with name, fame, money, popularity and pleasure. They lead a life full of luxury but have a strong inclination towards religious, spiritual and charitable work.
– Such people can do social service by staying at a high level in any spiritual or religious organization.
– Hans Yoga provides progress to the person on the ground. Such people can do effective work in business, creative works, spiritual or astrological fields. The natives of Hans Yog attain mastery and fame in works under the influence of the Guru.
– Due to the effect of swan yoga in the horoscope, the person becomes cheerful, has a beautiful face, is fit and healthy. Such people are fond of eating delicious food. The list of such people is very long, in whose horoscope the effects of Hans Yoga were seen and these people also contributed a lot in various fields of the society. These include Jai Lalitha, Ben Affleck, KN Rao, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, APJ Abdul Kalam, Farooq Abdullah, Indra Kumar Gujral, former Prime Minister VP Singh and many other big names. According to some acharyas, astrologers and sages, the effects of Hansa Yoga can be seen in the personality and conduct of Lord Rama and Krishna.

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