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Vastu For Restaurants: Tips & Best Location For Restaurants

With the growth in the average middle-class family’s overall wealth, the pattern of dining out and staying out has accelerated significantly over the last decade. The hospitality industry is thriving, and entrepreneurs see the restaurant market as a viable business opportunity. When Vastu for the restaurant is strictly followed, the owner earns a handsome profit. Additionally, it provides visitors with a sense of ease and security while dining in Vastu-compliant restaurants. However, if the restaurant does not adhere to Vastu principles, it may result in the restaurant’s demise and the owner may incur a significant loss.

Vastu For Restaurant

Vastu for restaurants transforms the establishment into a haven for customers while also elevating the proprietor to his or her proper place in the industry. Guests who dine at Vastu-compliant restaurants express their gratitude for receiving full satisfaction and value for their money. The restaurant’s owner still profits from Vastu for the restaurant, as it brings him prosperity and fame. The science of architecture – Vastu Shastra – has developed several fundamental and simple concepts that can assist restaurants in growing their sector. The Vastu shastra for restaurants cites some Vastu tips, which are discussed in detail here.  Follow the Vastu Evaluation process to know about how to build the house as per Vastu.

Best Vastu Tips For Restaurants

  • It is recommended that the restaurant’s seating arrangements be limited to the first floor.
  • The restaurant’s main entrance should always be from the east or north.
  • There should be as many windows as possible facing north and east, as these are the gateways to positivity.
  • The restaurant’s reception area should be moved to the northern side.
  • A storage room for raw materials, seeds, and other products should be located in the southwest.
  • The Vastu for the kitchen implies that it should be located exclusively in the southeast. There is no other way that is advantageous for the company.
  • Keep the restaurant’s position well-known since Vastu-deficient locations can have an impact on the restaurant’s success.
  • Keep the area to the northeast of the restaurant clean and tidy, and have a water source such as a water fountain.
  • Toilets should be situated in the northwest or west of the building.
  •  Generators, inverters, geysers, and other electrical equipment must be located in the southeast.
  • Stop dark and complex colours when painting the walls of your restaurant.
  • Since the shape of the plot in a commercial location plays such an essential role in keeping a company safe and prosperous, Vastu recommends providing a conventional shape plot for a restaurant.
  • Instead of being dark and dingy, a restaurant should be well ventilated and well lit.
  • When accepting payment, anyone sitting at the reception desk or the owner must face east or north.
  • Avoid using beams, pillars, and arches in your restaurant because they can cause you to lose money.

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Vastu Tips For Fast Food Shop

Everyone, whether a businessperson or a homemaker, has a schedule to adhere to. When we get bored from our daily routines, fast food comes as a blessing in disguise and keeps our bodies energised from our daily commute. Fast food has now become the most popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner choice.

Many fast-food restaurants serve essential functions in our lives, whether you’re on the go or enjoy the food. They might be in a mall food court, on the street in a truck, at a train station, or at an airport. You will have access to a wide range of foods, including cuisine from various regions, continents, and themes that adhere to your dietary restrictions. In either case, the body must be stuffed with some foods throughout the day.

The food industry will always be on the surge as long as the food tastes good, has customer loyalty, and the location is good. Despite this, some company owners struggle to make ends meet. Furthermore, fast food establishments that are not franchises may struggle to maintain standards if a parent company does not support them. In such cases, Vastu has a significant influence on the fast-food industry.

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How Vastu Play An Important Role In Deciding The Fate Of Your Business

Depending on the type of food or drinks you specialise in, the entrance must face the right direction. For example, if you serve hot food, look for an opening on the east or south side. This will help you to expand your business as well as increasing popularity. When it comes to the interior, you don’t need to go overboard because your food is most likely grab-and-go. Thus, your interior should be practical.

It will be best if you enable customers to browse, pay, pick up, and leave quickly. According to Vastu Shastra, performing this sequence in a clockwise direction would benefit your restaurant greatly.

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Wrapping Words

Having meals outside with family is a common factor these days. But if the restaurant they want to dine in is not planned according to Vastu restaurants, then the customers may be dissatisfied. In this condition, the simple Vastu tips for restaurants proves as a panacea for a restaurant owner to attract more customers. Moreover, it improves the food’s quality and taste, which entices customers to return to the same restaurant.