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Vastu Tips For Godown & Warehouse

Godown or better known as a warehouse has become the greatest need in this era of online business. Since there are no real shops to store the material, godowns are in significant demand by the businessmen. Even the offline business or the retailers need such a warehouse to keep their products safely. Hence, having a well-designed godown is the need of the century. This can be further made a place with divine magic by implementing the principles of vastu shastra. Vastu for godown can help the business grow exponentially. It can help in keeping the godown safe and theft free.

Vastu for Godown – Go down to rise high!

There are several benefits of implementing vastu shastra principles while constructing any building or space. Vastu for godown not only helps in designing the warehouse, it also helps in escalating the business to a great height. Better sales, financial growth, name and fame, and top online ranking are a few benefits of having vastu for warehouse done. On the contrary, failing to implement the vastu tips for storehouse can yield negative results like theft, loss, and even lead to poverty or bankruptcy. Thus, we are here to help you understand the vastu tips for godown and help you earn more and more profit and popularity online and offline also.

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Vastu Tips for Godown

Careful planning of godowns, according to vastu can help in attracting positive energy from the cosmos. This will blossom the business.

  • The godown should be built in the north or east direction. This gives positive results. Having a warehouse in the south or west can hamper the growth of the business.
  • The storehouse area must be regular in shape. Irregular shapes attract negative energy from the cosmos and result in a loss in business. Read more vastu tips for plot shapes.
  • The entrance of the godown should be in the north or east direction. This will enhance the growth rate of the business and keep it theft-prone.
  • If the entrance is in the south or west, there are chances of substantial financial loss and theft in the storeroom.
  • Sufficient space should be left in the north or the east of the basement or warehouse. This will help in smooth movement of the positive vibes.
  • The warehouse should be used to keep material and products only. It should not be used as a residential area. This will have a negative effect on the business as well as on the one who lives there.
  • One should ensure that almost one-fourth of the total warehouse area is above the ground. This will help in balancing the energies.
  • The godown should be at least nine feet high. This gives sufficient space for positive vibes to move.
  • Vastu suggests painting the godown with light shades. It should not be painted with dark colours. It may attract negativity.
  • Keep all the heavy things in the south or west.
  • All the lighter things should be kept in the north or east of the godown.
  • Vastu tips for warehouse advises having the dispatch area in the north of north-east of the godown.
  • If the warehouse is for grains, then the grains should be stored in the south-west of the godown. There will never be any shortage of grain.
  • Huge racks or shelves should be placed in the south-west of the warehouse.
  • Try to incorporate a water body like a water-fountain in the north-east of the warehouse . This will attract positivity and bring prosperity.
  • Edibles like oil and ghee should be stored in the south of the southeast. Curd and milk should be stored in the north of the northwest.
  • There should be windows in the east and north of the godown to let positivity enter the area.
  • Empty containers or bags should be avoided in the warehouse. This can be a vastu dosh.
  • Keep the storehouse clean and free of spider webs. This is a major vastu dosh.
  • Vastu suggests that west-facing warehouse or the north-facing warehouse should have at least one door opening towards north or east to invite positive energies.

Wrapping Up

Vastu shastra plays a key role in the success of any business. When vastu tips for warehouse are implemented correctly, it works as an unseen force that pushes the business towards growth. The key elements to be kept in mind while designing a godown as per vastu are the direction of the entrance gate, the placement of stuff, position of windows and even the vastu colours of godown. All these considerations together will ensure a great success of the business and invite prosperity and joy to all.

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