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Concerning the Vastu for plots shapes, numerous variables come into the picture while deciding which plot to choose and construct a house on. If we go by the Vastu rules, then certain points need to be taken into consideration while deciding which plot to buy for the construction of a house.

According to the principles applied in the Vastu plot shape, one can obtain the maximum benefit of establishing a house in this process. Thus, even before the designing and framing of the house, the selection of the site is decided much earlier because it is the most crucial aspect to be taken care of before the construction takes place.

This fundamental base decides what the inhabitants may experience, the negative or positive, depending on where it is established. Several factors like the location of the plot, the direction of the plot, the shape of the plot, the type of roads and soil, all depend on the results and the outcomes.

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Vastu Tips for Plot Shape

As far as the location of the plot is concerned as per Vastu, here are some points to be taken into account:

  • Any plot that is fertile and which can grow fruit-bearing trees, flowering plants and grass are considered to be good for construction.
  • One should abstain from buying a plot that does not contain groundwater.
  • Any plot that has a nearby temple ashram, school, college, hospital, graveyard or a dumpsite should be avoided as it is considered to be inauspicious.
  • Avoid a piece of land, that is small and has big trees like Mango, Banana, Banyan, Peepal, White fig, etc.
  • However, if the plot is big then the building area should be far from the tree, suggests Ganesha.
  • For the direction of the plot, utmost care should be taken as there can be both positive and negative influence, depending on which direction the plot is placed in. For instance, the best directions for the plot are ones that face the North or the East-side. These have an optimistic impact on the house.
  • Avoid using plots that face the West or the South directions, say our Experts. Know everything about Vastu directions.

Irregular Shape of The Plots

With respect to the shape of the plots, this element plays a vital role in the selection of the plot. Depending on its size and shape, there are several options available that may have a different influence on the inhabitants of the house. These are the following shapes to be considered:

  • It is highly recommended to select a plot that is square or rectangle in shape. Moreover, the ratio of the breadth and the length should not be more than 1:2 in rectangular plots.
  • Although, the best option for the plot shape is square one.
  • Plots that have their North or the North-East part extended are proven to be of great significance in terms of wealth, prosperity and peace of mind.
  • Plots that have their West part extended towards the North-West may prove favorable for women organizations and politicians. However, if it is extended towards the South-West, then the inhabitants may suffer from loss of wealth as well as mental problems.
  • Plots that have their North part projected towards the North-West may have a negative impact on the house. Suffering of woman, mental complications, loss in business along with over-expenditure are some of the issues that one may face here.
  • Plots that have their East part extended towards the South-East will experience problems associated with the government.
  • Plots that have their South part extended towards the South-East or the South-West may be adversely influenced with the likes of experiencing heart problems and income issues. It may also impact the women of the house with distress and health complications.
  • As stated in the Vastu plot shape, the Gomukhi plot is very good for the establishment of a house. In this, the plot is narrow at the front side but is quite wide at the back, similar to the face of a cow. It is also referred to as a low-pressure plot.
  • The Singhmukhi plot is the one that is wide at the front side compared to its backside. Although it is not suitable for the construction of a house, one can use this plot for commercial purposes. This plot can be an exception for a residence that faces the road on the Eastern or the Northern side. It is also referred to as a high-pressure plot.
  • The plots that are surrounded by roads on all four sides is the most favorable one for both commercial and residential purposes.
  • A plot is also advantageous if it is covered by mountains or hills in the South or the West direction.

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Vastu For Plots Shapes : Don’ts

Here are some of the noteworthy points that one needs to avoid while buying a plot under the Vastu for plot shapes. These are:

  • Abstain from buying a plot that a water resource in the South or the West direction as it is considered to be inauspicious. One can surely buy a plot that has a water resource like well, borewell, lake, river, etc on the North or the East direction, in compliance with the Vastu for plot shape.
  • Do not buy a small plot that is located between two bigger plots.
  • Refrain from buying a plot that is near a cremation or a burial ground, informs Ganesha.
  • Other shapes like round, triangular, hexagonal, octagonal or polygonal should be totally avoided as per what is mentioned in the Vastu for irregular plots.

Thus now we know what are the different criteria in terms of Vastu Shastra for plots that can affect the house and, in turn, the people living in it in a positive as well as negative manner. For more information, connect with our Vastu Experts!