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Budget 2008-09: Growth story of India Inc continues…

Budget 2008-09: Growth story of India Inc continues…

Budget 2008-09 is just around the corner and everybody- from the common man to industry experts – can hardly wait for the day to come. People are hoping to get more reliefs from United Progressive Alliance’s (UPA) Government in this Budget. Whether or no our Finance Minister (FM) fulfill the wish of citizens of India? If the Budget is friendly or unsympathetic to the common subject of the country. Ganesha takes a look at the commerce and industry of India and gives his Astrological Analysis on Budget 2008-09.

Horoscope of Independent India shows that Sun is in the Cancer and transiting Sun is passing through 10th house of Saturn (Aquarius), and in conjunct with North Node. This event disturbs the Sun. In addition to this, as Sun is in the Sattarka constellation on the day of Budget, Government of India will have strong stance on petrol and related products, pure silver, lead and steel. Moreover, Finance Minister may take some harsh decisions on pesticides. Power sector may experience the heavy shocks in electricity; products where atomic energy is utilized may become costly. Electronic items like fridge and TV are likely to be expensive. Bad news for home-makers as price of LPG may be shot up, however, Govt may declare 50% deduction in this product just to please the common man. But hike is for sure as constellations are not supporting the product. Wine and beverages may get a strong kick.

India’s Natal Moon is posited in Cancer, moreover, on the day of Budget, transiting Moon will be in conjunction with Natal Ketu in Scorpio. This conjunction will take place in Jyeshtha constellation. Price hike in Cotton, Wheat, Turmeric, Cable, Machinery, Chemicals, colour, Fat, Sweet-Sugar may disappoint the people.

Transiting Mars is passing over Natal Mars from Gemini; this event may create a havoc. Moreover, transiting Jupiter aspects transiting and Natal Mars, therefore, Ganesha views positive change in Paper, Railway Budget (drastic changes), Ghee, Honey, Computer, Radio, Jewellery and Revenue share.

Transiting Mercury and Venus will be in conjunction in 9th House. FM may present the Budget keeping his political agenda in mind. In this situation FM may lionize Export-Import, Foreign Trade, National Growth and Rural Advancement. Supreme court may be bestowed with more powers. Some relief in Insurance sector is expected. Education will be affordable, but higher education will be pricey.

Jupiter will be Transiting from 8th House in Sagittarius; this transit will take place in Poorva Sadha constellation. As Jupiter is Lord of 11th and 8th Houses, Stock Exchanges, Govt Loans, Bonds, Govt Securities may not receive expected benefits. Sandal, Gold, Diamond Jewellery and Perfumes may become costly.

Venus, Lord of Ascendant and 6th House, will be transiting from 9th House, therefore, Textile, Butter Milk, Betel Nuts, Liquid Medicine, Land Developers, Liquor may not be heavy on people’s pockets. With these, Health related programmes, Army, Air-Force, Civil Services, Medical Services and Labour will be focused.

Conjunction of Transiting Saturn and Ketu will take place in Leo in Magha constellation. This will inspire our PM and FM to consider inflation, growth rate, overrating and the entire economy; in spite of all these factors, they may not get credit of the Budget. This conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in 4th House will trigger drastic changes in Grains, Edible Oils, Vegetables, Plastic, Mining Industry and Drug Manufacturing.

Moreover, conjunction of Transiting Sun and Rahu is going to take place in Natal 10th House of Independent India’s chart. FM will consider Tax Accumulation, Revenue Deficit, Fixed Deposit, Foreign Direct Investment Flow, GDP growth rate. But all this will not give relaxation to the people. However, FM will definitely try to play safe and will make efforts to maintain the growth.

India has Natal Mahadasha of “Venus-Mercury Antardasha” and “Saturn Pratiantardasha”. Moreover, India is under the influence of Mercury Mahadasha. Mercury is Dhanesh and Panchmesh, therefore, Tax Collection, Corporate Tax and Agriculture sector may see 20% reduction in tax benefit.

As Transiting Sun is affected by Transiting Rahu, IT may be influenced. If IT is ignored this time, the entire lucrative sector may be collapsed. Therefore, IT should have a centralize budget. Software repairing and maintenance may get some relief.

Automobile sector requires strong position of Venus and Mercury. This time automobile industry may not receive direct benefit, but Ganesha also sees positive moves from FM. With the introduction of Nano from Tata and other cheap four-wheelers from TVS and Bajaj, growth rate of auto sector will be continued; on the other hand, due to infrastructure and road allocation, auto industry has bright future in India.

The Budget 2008-09 seems neutral for Pharma Sector. FM will take decisive steps to encourage Pharma Industry at international level, feels Ganesha. FM may not discourage the entire Sector and may also not provide any special benefits.

Good benefits are in the briefcase of FM for this sector. In this Budget Quality of Material, Gradation and Consumer Protection will get enough consideration.

Banking sector will have bunch of benefits and also get good reserves. Moreover, decisive steps are expected to merge all Government and Semi-Government banks. And the idea of Mega Banking Corporation will get a boost. They can borrow funds by lower rates from international Banks and Depositories.

Mars is transiting over natal Mars from second House. Mars is the lord of 12th House and is Aspected by transiting Jupiter. Therefore, there are more possibilities to get assisted by Foreign Direct Investment and World Bank. Mars is transiting from Mrigshirsh Constellation, hence, National Highways, Railways and Airport Authority can get more benefits. Privatization and modernization are expected for Metros and Tier-II cities. Moon will be in conjunction with Ketu so, decisive steps are expected for leading Ports.

Due to the influence of Saturn and Ketu conjunction, reduction in Custom Duty is expected. But, Infrastructure allocation, Agricultural Allocation, hike in prices of Petrol and Diesel can get affected negatively.

The sector is benefited by the conjunction of Venus and Mercury. Growth rate will be continued for Radio Stations. But, Broadcasting Companies may not get benefits as per the structure of Income Tax.

Influence of Mecury Mahadasha will pour lot of benefits into Telecom. But, Custom Duty may be increased on Cell Phone and its components. However, the tax can be nominal. Overall, there is a long term benefit to the common man.

There can be a little increase in these products, but seeds, agro-chemicals, drip-irrigation companies may get relief. However, as Rahu dominates the entire horoscope of Independent India this year, pesticides may be the major point of debate in Parliament.

Transit of Mars can hike prices of infrastructure and construction projects. However, as transiting Jupiter aspects Mars, there can be a minor change in overall expenditure.

All in all, the growth story of India Inc will continue. The budget can be dubbed mediocre- no profit, no loss. Finance Minster will play safe and Ganesha feels that the Budget 2008-09 is going to influence forthcoming election.

Now, let’s have a look at the effects of Budget on the stock market. Ganesha gives you predictions of March and April, the two months immediately after the Budget 2008-09.

March 1, 2008 to March 31, 2008

(Month without any worth) (0.01)

Crucial dates: 10, 11, 21, 26, 28 (very important dates)

Ganesha warns you in the opening during the week of March 10, 2008. If you can deal with this phase, you will be happy.

Intraday players are advised to be alert on small profit and big loss.

Do not try to strike balance between profit and loss. Finalize any one and come out.

April 1, 2008 to April 30, 2008

(Month to earn good margin) (0.04)

Crucial dates: 3, 9, 10, 15, 21, 22, 23

There will be only three chances to book profit

Be careful between 11:30 and 12:30 and closing time during the week of April 20, 2008.

Keep booking profit at regular intervals and trade cautiously.

Maximum buying and selling are advisable in this month.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,