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Saturn-Ketu conjunction: The Extreme Spirituality

On 12/10/2007 at 06:30:41 in morning, there will be conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in Leo with 10:39:30 degrees in Magha Pada-4. This conjunction will take place during Virgo Ascendant and Cancer Navamansh. At the time of conjunction Moon is posited in Libra with 03:34:21 degrees.

If you are associated with local administration or social reform organization or labour organization, you shall be achieving special success and post of responsibility in your field of working. This year there is very strong probability of an enhancement in your immovable property. This period of probability is in continuation from last one year. During this year your health shall remain generally good. Read about Arise sign…

The transit of Rahu into your house of profession might inspire you to do something different now or else you might take a decision to convert your side business into your main profession. For partnership business the favour of transit of Jupiter shall bring opportunity to get a partner who would be nourishing your benefits sincerely. You won’t become victim of any prolonged illness. Read About Taurus Sign…

You are free from malefic effect of Saturn’s Sade Sati. You won’t be facing big problems in making arrangement of funds from financial institutions & banks. The aspect of Jupiter on house of wealth & house of profession can cause an increase in your sources of income. Your health shall remain good. Read About Gemini Sign…

You are under influence of last phase of Saturn’s Sade Sati. So, as stated below you should apply proper remedial measures. Your 2nd hand immovable property shall increase this year. There shall be an increase in your income after 22nd November 2007. The auspicious influence of Jupiter on your sign till 22nd November 2007 in the form of its auspicious 9th aspect shall help you to maintain good health. Read About Cancer Sign…

You are under influence of 2nd phase of Sade Sati. You should also follow the remedies given below. This year you shall be earning immovable property in some form definitely. You shall gain higher level spiritual experiences in your practices of meditation. Read About Leo Sign

You have come under the direct influence of Sade Sati of Saturn for next years from 1st November 2006. You shall be spending lot of mental energies in devising plans. Transit of Jupiter is valuable for you. However, public relations, partnership concerns and marital life are better for you. But, Ganesha advises you to do adequate remedies as mentioned below. Transit of Rahu & Saturn is giving an indication of your need to remain careful towards health. Read About Virgo Sign…

For partnership business planetary position is not fortunate. The cooperation of your old friends at right time can prove helpful in the form of guidance & financial control. Transit of Jupiter shall bring gainful results. But, Saturn with Ketu may give sudden positive change in work. Glow on face shall be there after Diwali period. Read About Libra Sign

Travel of Jupiter into your sign shall turn out to be helpful for your progress in your profession. There is strong chance of your enjoying all sorts of comforts facilities & luxuries. Attraction & eminence shall increase in your personality due to transit of Jupiter. Your ambition of higher education shall also be fulfilled. Read About Scorpio Sign…

You may not get instant profit from your venture. You might have to wait till November for getting the desired benefits. The speciality of this year shall be an increase in your immovable property in some form. You might spend money on charitable activities or after public welfare. This year you would get opportunities to enjoy two important journeys. Read About Sagittarius Sign

Your rashi lord is conjunct with Ketu in 8th house. On the other hand Rahu is posited in your 2nd house. Ganesha advises you to accept possible remedies for Lord Shivjee and Lord Hanumanjee as stated below. This year auspicious indications are there for the engagement or marriage etc. Your health shall remain generally good throughout the year. Read About Capricorn Sign…

Jupiter is posited in 10th house from your sign. 10th house stands for profession & employment. Rahu is in your sign. There is probability of your gaining new property, land, house & vehicle etc. & you shall be enjoying regular income also. The auspicious influence of Jupiter in Kendra shall maintain your general health & working efficiency. Read About Aquarius Sign

Transit of Saturn & Ketu into 6th house shall help you to win over your enemies. On the other hand, transit of Jupiter is also helpful for you. This year auspicious transit of Jupiter through the house of religion shall help you achieve spiritual progress. You might think of taking loan for buying old property, machinery & vehicle etc but, be careful in taking decisions. Read about Pisces Sign…

Here, Ganesha wants to describe basic features of Saturn and Ketu.

Rank : Brahma

Color : Dark

Tatwa : Air

Caste : Sudra

Nature : Tamasik

Dhatu : Muscles

Strong Direction : West

Season : Sishira

Externally, Saturn signifies people who maintain low level and basic facilities: service people, working class, people doing manual job, people dedicated to their jobs for a long time, very responsible and committed people. Also those who are very introvert or hidden from the public eye, researchers, reclusive, monks.

Physically, Saturn signifies the joints, tenants and muscles that keep the skeleton within a range of motions. It also signifies the physical aspect of the nervous system.

Spiritually, Saturn rules over Crown / Sahastraar Chakara whose colour is Bluish or Violet and situated on the top of the head. Crown Chakara controls the entire body to work. Its main function is an association between Body and Mind. Its purposes are intuitive knowing, connection to one’s spirituality, integration of the whole. It has “Thousand-petalled Lotus”. Crown Chakara is considered as energy entrance. All kinds of positive energy which we need come into our body through Crown Chakara.

Saturn is probably best known for its system of planetary rings, which make it the most visually remarkable object in the solar system.

Caste : Mixed caste

Clothes : Rags

Color : Blue gem

Substance : Jeeva

Externally, Ketu signifies people who are mysterious, who hold abstract or Incomprehensible views, who do not show their true identity, spies, mathematicians, people who have flashes of insights, inventors.

Physically, Ketu would co-signify the same parts as Mars.

Spiritually, Rahu and Ketu are different bodies. Rahu has Crown Chakara while Ketu has Muladhar Chakara. Hence, Ketu rules over Muladhar / Root Chakara whose colour is Reddish and situated at the point between the anus and the sex organs. If there is truthful harmonization of positive energy between the Crown Chakara and Muladhar Chakara, one will have supreme Intelligence and absolute Spiritual Energy in physical body.

As stated above, Saturn and Ketu both are spiritual planets. However, in Vedic Astrology, the conjunction of Saturn-Ketu or Saturn-Rahu is not considered good specifically in some houses. Whoever has weak position of Saturn and Ketu in their horoscope, they have good time to enhance positive energy from transiting Saturn with Ketu. They should perform lot of Puja and increase religious rituals. One should worship Lord Shivjee, or Lord Hanumanjee to enhance energy from transiting Saturn. On the other hand, on should do Sarpasukta Path or worship Lord Ganesha to gain energy from transiting Ketu.

Ganesha explains another way to enhance energy of Crown Chakara is Bija Mantra. OM is Bija Mantra for Crown Chakara. Pronounce it by inhaling audibly through your nostrils, and direct the stream of air to the point between your eyebrows. Pronounce the sound along with your exhalation as a subtly audible whisper, allowing the sound and breathe to resonate in the cranial area.

LAM is Bija mantra of Muladhara Chakara. Curve the tip of your tongue up and back, and place it on the rear section of the upper palate to pronounce a sound like the word alum without the initial. Bija Mantra have their root in the Hindu monist tradition, they are learned better with the help of a guru for initiation.

Ganesha advises that you should not afraid of Saturn and Ketu, keep doing good deeds / karma and have faith in God. This will protect you against the malefic effects of Saturn and Ketu.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
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