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Indian Railway Budget 2008-09: An Astrological Perspective

Indian Railway Budget 2008-09: An Astrological Perspective

Railway Budget for the year 2008-09 is expected to be people- friendly and popular. In a country like India where majority of the population travels through trains, this budget will be like a pleasant surprise. However, it is not disclosed whether there will be a hike in fare and freight charges or not. Rest assured, the budget to be presented by Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav will be people friendly and very popular. Ganesha throws light on some of the issues which might get affected by the budget.

Astrological analysis:
Ganesha examines Independent India’s Chart of Taurus Ascendant with deposition of Rahu in first house. Jupiter is posited in sixth house whereas Mars is deposited in second house. Transiting Mars and Ketu will be in conjunction in Cancer in third house during May 2008. In natal chart, there is a conjunction of Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Moon in third house. The transiting phase of Mars and Ketu shall be very crucial during May 2008, says Ganesha.

Here Ganesha examines third, ninth and eleventh houses for transportation and journey. Record breaking performance has been observed in the first nine months of the year 2006-07 due to the transit of Jupiter over natal Jupiter. Jupiter aspects third house whereas Rahu will be posited in ninth house. After November 2008, Jupiter will be transiting through ninth house.

What Next?
1)During past year, transiting Jupiter and natal Moon had trine aspect. Ganesha foresees very good profit earned during 2007-08.

2)Union Railway shall purchase new assets for upcoming year. Yogakaraka Saturn transits from natal fourth house but the result can be achieved after May 2008.

3)Union Railway shall create a model of public- private- partnership during August 2008, feels Ganesha.

4)Mars is transiting through natal Mars from second house. After June 15, 2008, Indian Railway will try to provide maximum facility to passengers; hence wages may also increase after April 2008.

5)Special services shall be launched to encourage tourism only due to the conjunction of Mercury and Venus.

6)Development of alternative routes shall be implemented and remote villages can be connected due to the strong transit of Mars.

7)Idea of computerization and modernization will be implemented very soon.

8)Considering Moon chart and Sun chart, Ganesha observes that Union Railway will try to develop various welfare schemes for the betterment of Railway employees.

Ganesha wishes Indian railways all the best for its upcoming projects.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,