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Use Numerology to find an ideal Christmas gift for your loved one

Use Numerology to find an ideal Christmas gift for your loved one

It has been confirmed that numbers have always mystically influenced the living objects or physical actions in the world. The ancient science of numbers has been in the use even today and many more methods have been introduced by number of numerologists across the world. The nine planets in the universe rule the nine numbers, from 0 to 9 and each number conveys some meaning.

Using this numerology, Ganesha gives his numerological guidance as to what gift people would like to accept during this Christmas. All you need to know is life path number of the person whom you want to gift. Life Path number is the total of month, day, and year of birth added and then reduced to one digit. It reveals person’s character and the single most important information available in Personality Chart! You can calculate the life path number with the help of date of birth of your loved one.

July = 7 (the seventh month)
day = 12
year = 1976
7 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 33 = 3 + 3 = 6
Your life path number is 6.

Number 1 is ruled by Sun, the king of the Zodiac. It’s Number of the daredevil; they are always in a hurry to go everywhere and set the world on fire. They love to be the first; anything unusual and what is likely to make them stand out from the pack is going to be appreciated this Christmas. For women, hair accessories, earrings, sunglasses and stylish organizers are going to win their hearts. For the men gadgetry will be welcome any time. Tickets to a sporting event are also likely to be popular with number 1 people.

Ruled by Moon, Number 2 is very attached to family and homes and also very sensitive and creative. Family photos for their desks in antique silver frames would be the ideal gift for them. They also appreciate a romantic evening at home with a home-cooked dinner, candlelight and a fine wine. Pearls, silver, perhaps new cookware, or a scrapbook with memories of the two of you will win their hearts. Rest assured that your sentimental number 2 person loves to be pampered and coddled. Hand-made gifts that show your real love will create magical effects this Christmas. A romantic picnic or a weekend away will work wonders.

Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter. They are always hungry of knowledge. So informative books can be ideal gift for them. They are also likely to be quite interested in sport, hence sports equipments can also be a good gift for them. They would enjoy an aquarium, a stained glass window, a lily pond or a psychic reading. Photographic equipment and frames would make good gifts for them. Luxury bath oils, perfumes and scents will appeal to the fairer sex. They often have some musical talent as well so music and/or musical equipment are likely to be a good choice.

Number 4 is ruled by Rahu and they are the most discerning, however, practical and are likely to appreciate gifts that they can use and that help to keep their life in order. A leather briefcase or DayTimer would make good presents. Gift certificates for a facial or manicure would also be well appreciated. Books are likely to be well accepted by both sexes although you may be better off buying non-fiction along with fiction.

Number 5 is ruled by Mercury and these people are usually driven to investigate and discover everything they come across. They’d like anything silver or yellow. Nothing can make them stay in one place for too long a time. They may also prefer a personally written book, telling how you feel about them and adding some of your favourite poems, songs, etc. Diaries, calendars, calligraphy lessons or pens are all good choices. As they have got itchy feet, travel accessories would be popular in both sexes. Interesting and informative books and videos should also be well received. Their ruler Mercury is the planet of communication, so telephone and Internet accessories are likely to be popular as well.

Number 6 is ruled by Venus and they know how to appreciate the finer things and beauty in life. They enjoy classic home and garden decorations. Perfumes, aromatherapy, scarves, jewellery are some of the best gifts for them. They get good energy from things made of copper or anything sensual. Comfort features largely in their home and any gift that allows them to wallow in luxury will go over well. Music will always make a popular gift. A hamper full of tempting and delicious delicacies will also win you their approval. For women necklaces would be suitable. For either sex gifts that allow them to express their own creative and sensual natures would be appreciated.

Number 7 is ruled by Ketu or Neptune. They have a fad for latest gadget, gizmo or electrical items. The palm top computer or a wristwatch matches well with their character. Movie tickets especially of mystical movies, club memberships, motorcycles, New Age books, or sky-diving gift certificates keep them full of life. They are a bit unusual and individualistic. Anything unusual and one of a kind will please them. They are likely to be into new age therapies so you can gift certificate for aromatherapy. Astronomy and occult is usually very popular with them; you can give them telescopes or books of occult subjects.

Number 8 is ruled by Saturn the oldest in the Zodiac; naturally, they have a bent for history and tradition. Give them autobiographies of powerful personalities from history. They like things to be done in the correct manner. They are consistent and conscientious workers. Antiques will be well received and a welcome present for them and particularly antique watch may please them. Anything that has a stamp of class and good breeding on it will also be appreciated. For them, gifts should be practical as well as beautiful.

Number 9 is ruled by Mars. They will enjoy the sexy lingerie you purchase, or leather clothing – anything sensuous and hot. They also like to know various things, so books and videos on unusual and little-known but interesting subjects are likely to appeal. They love to travel and hate to be homebody. Travel gears or books and videos on different exotic places will appeal. They are also likely to be quite interested in sport. Exercise equipment or gym membership will also put a smile on their faces. They are also prone to accidents, so a travelling medical kit would also be quite appropriated.

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