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Astrology Behind The Impact Of Planets On Us

Astrology Behind The Impact Of Planets On Us

As per the ancient science of Astrology, celestial bodies moving in the cosmos exert a significant influence on human nature and destiny. In fact, planets, by their movements not just influence human beings but even have an impact on beasts, birds, vegetation and on every living being or non-living thing positively or negatively. The planets move about in heaven and create different positions from time to time (like they get direct or retrograde), which in turn influence life and existence on Earth. Find out the meaning of Retrograde Planets as per vedic astrology!

When the auspicious planets are in combination with optimistic planetary positions, they bring about happy developments in the lives of the natives. On the other hand, if the planets are in an unfavorable position, the natives will have to face difficult situations.

So, for the welfare of the human species, the wise sages and seers (Rishis and Munis) had, through the study of astrology, devised means and methods to ward off the evil impact of different planets. The intention of these methods was the elimination of human suffering and the betterment of peoples’ living conditions.

The Vedic scriptures have mentioned various methods like wearing of astrological gemstones, reciting of Mantras for cures (a special combination of words which can invoke invisible powers in the Universe), to strengthen the good planets and balance the malefic ones. Besides, the ancient scriptures have provided detailed information about the need and logic for quieting the malefic planets. This has been done to ensure that the natives themselves get first-hand hold over the steps which they need to take control over their destiny. People can make use of these methods and make a positive difference in their life.

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Here, we are going to suggest some easy and practical tips which can help you get away from the negative influence of planets. Different planets have different characteristics. So, if you give charity or recite mantras keeping in mind the particular planet which is affecting you, it will help you lead your life in a happy and harmonious manner.

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Accordingly, several curative measures have been suggested to reduce the negative influence of the nine planets (namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and the two shadow planets Rahu and Ketu). Let us now see how these curative remedies can lessen the cynical influence of planets.

Let’s begin with the king of the planetary system, Sun – the significator of your soul. If Sun is not favourable in your horoscope, then as per the guidance of the astrologers, you can put on Manik (Ruby) gemstone which is specific to Sun. (Also read: Importance of Sun in Vedic Astrology)

Also, after performing the Surya Namaskar offer Sun God some water mixed with kumkum as per the remedies of planets in astrology. You should not oppose the policies of the government or officials. You should respect your father. Avoid salt in the food which you consume on Sundays. Manek/Ruby represents Sun. Buy Manek/Ruby to empower your Sun in the horoscope.

If Moon is not favorable in your horoscope, it is referred to as polluted. Moon represents the mind. That is why Moon related astrological measures are adapted to solve problems concerning the mind.

Besides, consuming milk or water in silver utensils also helps in removing the negative influence of the Moon. Also, you should put on white clothes and consume kheer (pudding) made from milk, rice, and sugar on Mondays along with your lunch or dinner. You should pray to Lord Shiva. Ganesha particularly warns you against wasting water according to the remedies of planets in astrology. Moti/Pearl stands for Chandra (Moon). Wear Moti to gain blessings from the Moon.

However, the gemstones you wear are based on the placement of other planets in your Kundali too. It is best to talk to an astrologer to find out the best suited gemstone for your sign.

Effects And Remedies Of Mars
Mars is rightly called the Commander-In-Chief of the celestial bodies. If Mars is in the Cancer sign or a lowly position, it can exert a negative influence on the native. To remove the negative influence of Mars, you should pray to Lord Ganesha, say our experts. Is Mars the reason for your anger? Find out.

You can offer Lal Til or Gud (Jaggery). You should walk on the path of goodness and tread more carefully. You should place a red handkerchief in your pocket which can also provide you with many benefits. You should put on copper or donate this metal to someone. You should maintain sweet relationships with your younger siblings as well. Mars is red and so is Red Coral which is why it signifies Mars. Wear Red Coral to make your Mars stronger.

Mercury is called the youthful planet wandering in the garden. Mercury, if placed in an adverse position in your horoscope, can also bring problems in the areas of intelligence and speech. To remove the negative influence of Mercury, you should pray to Lord Vishnu.

Consume different vegetables and moong in your diet on Wednesdays. Consume mint (Pudina) along with wheat according to the solutions provided as Vedic astrology. You should take care of birds and animals along with helping them with food and water. You should provide gifts to unmarried girls, also to your sister and aunt (Bua). Thus, following these measures will surely make your Mercury strong. Furthermore, as per the advice of the astrologer, you can also put on Emerald, which is useful in solving problems related to Mercury. Buy Emerald today and win the special grace of Mercury.

Jupiter is the significator of the fifth house in the horoscope. If Jupiter is present in 6th, 8th or 12th houses, it can cause a negative impact on the natives who may have to face several difficulties.

You can make a respected person, who is bigger in age, your Guru. You can even make one of the Sadhus or Saints as your Guru according to our experts. Apart from putting on yellow clothes on thursdays, you should also consume and donate sweet yellow dishes. You need to worship the peepal tree as well, says Ganesha. You can put on Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) as per the advice of your astrologer too. You can buy Pukhraj and set to rest your Jupiter related problems very easily!

Venus is the significator of relationships and also a wife. If Venus is weak, then the person may face a lot many struggles in his/her life. In order to make Venus strong, you should consume ghee and amla. You should put on clean white clothes too. You should respect your wife and are advised to worship Goddess Lakshmi according to the remedies as per astrology. Keep lighted diyas at your place and give fashion accessories in charity. To win the special grace of Lord Venus, buy Our potent White Sapphire.

Saturn is one planet that affects the lives of the natives based purely on their karma (deeds). The great judge Saturn expects the natives to be disciplined and have the right intention. If Saturn is lowly placed in the horoscope or conjunct with Sun, it can create obstacles in the lives of the natives.

To remove these obstacles you should recite Lord Shani’s mantra or recite the Sunderkand. You should donate oil to the poor and aged along with consuming food items made of black urad. You can put on an iron finger ring, feed crows from time to time and light oil Diya below a Peepal tree to gain some benefits. Want to get solutions to all your problems during Shani’s Sade Sati period? Set them right with the guidance of our Sade Sati Premium Report.

The shadow planets Rahu-Ketu are always moving in retrograde motion. These two are malefic planets. So, you can recite mantras to reduce their negative influence. You can worship Lord Shiva too and recite Laghu Rudra. You can also get the Kalsarp Dosh ritual done to remove any obstacles. To ward off the evil impact of Ketu, you should feed birds and animals and donate woods in the cremation ground. Whereas to win over the grace of Rahu, you should worship Goddess Durga. You can also keep a pet dog who can bring a positive influence on your situation.

As far as you can, you should not wear the gemstones related to these two planets. You can also put Chandan on your forehead as well as keep a peacock feather with you. You can even sprinkle Gau Mootra in your house. Remove the negative influence of Rahu-Ketu and get your astrological problems solved.

If the horoscope is properly analyzed, it can throw light on your future. Planets influence as per their qualities and positions. The remedies suggested in our article can be a great help in removing the adverse influence of planets. Indeed, humans can not change their future completely, but they can make some positive difference to it. Astrological methods can put to rest all the negative developments caused by the unfavorable positions of the stars and planets, informs Ganesha.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team