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D10 Chart Calculation & How It is Analysed

D10 Chart Calculation & How It is Analysed

Vedic astrology explores different facets of life with several celestial combinations in your horoscope by Kundli’s study. When reading Kundli, our expert astrologers divide your birth chart into 16 divisional charts. The divisional map is a unique idea in Vedic astrology. Each divisional chart illustrates unique facets of your horoscope that it rules. Our Vedic astrologers will provide you with precise astrological forecasts (based on your date of birth) by carefully studying these maps.

A sign is divided into ten equal parts to generate the Dasamsa chart. The Dasamsa chart is a chart that is prepared based on the tenth division of the zodiac sign. Kundli analysis using the D10 chart allows you to examine your professional success and accomplishments in great detail.

Your Dasamsa map reveals the true strengths and limitations of your 10th house, also known as your Karma Bhava, which governs your occupation and profession. D10 Kundli reading is essential because it tells you about your job chances and the amount of achievement you are expected to gain in life. It aids in evaluating your work status and market advancement. Based on your Janamkundli, you will determine the best career choice for you. D10 Chart reading provides insight into future problems. The tremendous success in your company, D10, also known as Dasamsa, is used to shed further light on an occupation or career. Karmanasa is another name for it.

As a result, your free horoscope by date of birth will pinpoint the precise causes of your career’s ups and downs. If you are experiencing difficulties in your career, our expert astrologers can recommend Vedic remedies based on the D10 chart after performing a Kundli analysis.

Dashami is a mix of two words: Dasham and Amsa. It is Rashi chart’s tenth division. That is why it is named the D10 map.

The simplest way to calculate a D10 map is to divide any sign into ten equal parts. Each character is made up of 30 degrees. So, if you split it into ten parts, each piece would be three degrees. As a result, this section will be known as Dashami. But the first Dashamsa will be from 0 to 3 degrees, the second from 3 to 6 degrees, and so on.

Nowadays, any astrological software calculates the D10 map. As a result, we should devote more time to comprehending and analysing this map.

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1. 0 to 3 deg —-Indra(Sun) ————– Ananta(10th house)
2. 3 to 6 deg —-Agni (Venus) ————Brahma (4th house)
3. 6 to 9 deg —-Yama (Mars) ————Ishana (Jupiter)
4. 9 to 12 deg —Nirrti (Rahu) ———–Kubera (Mercury)
5. 12 to 15 deg–Varuna ( Saturn) —— Vayu ( Moon )
6. 15 to 18 deg–Vayu (Moon)———— Varuna ( Saturn)
7. 18 to 21 deg– Kubera (Mercury) —- Nirriti (Rahu)
8. 21 to 24 deg– Ishana (Jupiter) ——- Yama (Mars)
9. 24 to 27 deg– Brahma(4th house)— Agni (Venus)
10. 27 to 30 deg– Ananta(10th house)– Indra(Sun)

When a horoscope is in the 12th house, there is confusion in one’s profession. In the Dasha or antardasha times of planets in Kendra houses or the rulers of the Kendra houses of the D-10 map, favourable outcomes or career advancements are promised. It is also critical to examine the role of the 10th lord of the D-1 map in the D-10 chart.

In Dasamsa Chart Analysis, the first home or Lagna of the D10 map represents our intent or ability to practise Karmas. If the D10 Chart ascendant Lord becomes frail, the entire map suffers. The position of the planets in the first house of the D10 map has a significant impact on our work or professional life. It will shape the career following its importance.

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The second house is all about communication, family, and resources, among other things. The second house also represents our ethics or the kind of job we do. If you have evil planets in your second homes, such as Rahu or Saturn, you will do work that is not permissible in society. However, if you have Planets such as Jupiter or Venus, you cannot do such practice jobs unless you are incapable of doing so. It will illustrate your family’s support of your practice, as well as the people who support your work.

Courage, short trip, change, and so on are all associated with the third house. The third house is associated with job transfers, job changes, and travel. The third house also represents the writing capacity, whether the third house or third Lord is well placed in the D10 table or good conjunction with the tenth house or tenth lord. And others work in the writing industry, such as poets, authors, and editors.

Happiness rules the fourth house. How pleased you are with your job. The fourth house reflects your professional portrait. If your 4th house has an unafflicted and powerful Moon, Jupiter, and Venus, it is very beneficial to your appearance and reputation at work.

In the D10 map, the 5th house represents our assistants, creative works, and intelligence. The sixth house is the house of Work, Enemy, Obstacles, Appropriate Job, and Challenges. If the 6th house contains malefic planets such as the Sun, Mars, or Saturn, it is very favourable. It will assist you in overcoming obstacles and difficulties.

The 7th house represents the house of business. If your 7th house is high in your D10 chart or is linked to the 10th Lord, it will lead you to market. A solid 7th house in a D10 chart will bring business, while a solid 6th house will bring a Job. Often individuals are seen coming into business after leaving their employment. Their 6th and 7th houses are both substantial. The seventh house is the fourth house from the fourth. If you have benefic planets in your 7th family, it is fantastic for your prestige at work, travel, and so on.

The eighth house is the most mysterious. The 8th house is the house with Surprises, Delays, Obstacles, and other Negative Stuff. However, keep in mind that the 8th house is the 11th from the 10th house, and the 8th house in the D10 map shows the kind of delays and transformation you will face. If it is solid or well-disposed, it will also provide you with a sudden boost in your professional life. The third or eighth house often indicates a brief break from your work or career.

The 9th house in the D10 chart represents your luck or fortune, as well as your manager or higher authority. If the D10 Lagna Lord is installed in the 9th house. Most of the time, they are self-employed and do not choose to work with others.

The 11th house represents the house of Gain and social circle. It also describes your achievement, financial advantage, and assistance from your social network or relatives. The 12th house represents a loss. It also denotes a foreign nation.

If the 12th Lord is in conjunction with the 10th Lord in the 10th family, the 1st Lord of the Lagna Lord, it will provide you with a career in a foreign country and financial advantage from your foreign connections. So, these are the positions of the 12th buildings, which vary somewhat from D1.

Let us begin with the Sun. If the Sun is in your tenth house, this is a good omen, or the 10th Lord is with the Sun, you should consider a career as an administrator, IAS, or IPS, or other government job or leadership position. Medicine, politics, and some music-related work would all be beneficial.

If you have Moon in 10th House, and you have a career in hotel administration, human resources, nursing, social activities, or state government. The work would be satisfactory. Engineering, Police, Administration, Army, and Navy would be helpful if Mars exists. If Mars and Mercury are aligned, you will be drawn to a career in accounting, for instance, a cost accountant or a chartered accountant.

Mercury represents writers, editor, publisher, lawyer, information management, journalist, marketing executive, etc. There is a contrast being made between ads and sales. Moon is mainly associated with sales-related jobs. Mercury, on the other hand, represents advertisement works. If Jupiter is present, careers in lectureship, teaching, and religious guru would be advantageous. Jupiter bestows every Noble profession with a high level of distinction.

If you have Venus, you can pursue careers in modelling, acting, singing, dancing, finance, automobiles, graphic design, and fashion design. If Venus connects with Mars, the signal for fashion and graphic design would be more robust. If you are close to the Sun, it will lead you to a career in medicine. If Saturn resides in your tenth house, you can choose a career in business administration, as a judge or lawyer, or in the mining or agricultural fields.

Rahu represents occupations such as photographer, film producer, film director, editing, human resources, etc. Rahu plays an indirect role in acting. Venus has a significant effect. If Rahu has a link to that, it would be beneficial to the media and performing.

If Ketu is present, careers in pharmacy, research, mathematics, electronics, or computer science would be advantageous. When Ketu conjuncts Venus, it will bring about a promising career in consulting. If paired with Mars, this is beneficial to Pharma, Medical Representatives, Doctors, and others. When paired with Jupiter, it is excellent for being a Guru or coach.

We would know the real profession after doing permutations and combinations of these three. If the 10th Lord is in the 1st house or blends with the 1st Lord, you will achieve great success in your profession by your efforts. It’s a fantastic pairing. You will obtain a high-ranking government role. You can’t work with someone for too long. These individuals begin their careers with a job, but later on, they will pursue their own company or self-employment.

If the 10th Lord resides in the 2nd house, you will have the blessing of your kin. Your listening and speaking abilities would be essential in your career. Sales, marketing, and teaching are also viable options. If it is in the third building, you can change jobs sometimes or work in a transferable position where the place can change. You can work in jobs that need a lot of travel, such as sales.

You should pick a hardworking career because the third house often represents courage and physical labour. The third chamber rules writing. So, you have the option of being a writer, editor, or journalist, among other professions. The fourth house is all about education and home country. If the 10th Lord rests in the 4th family, your occupation will be focused primarily on your native land or locations. Professions of education, research, and so on would be suitable for you. The 10th Lord will aspect the 10th house in this role. The likelihood of success would improve. You have a strong sense of leadership and an authoritative demeanour.

The fifth house is all about our intellect and creative abilities. Work in research, lecturing, technology, singing, dancing and acting would be appropriate. However, you may not be assuaged with your job, or you may be able to change jobs. If the 10th Lord resides in the 6th place, you have a good chance of beginning your career with an appointment. You would benefit from service-oriented jobs. Medicine, banking, law, and the judiciary would be beneficial to you.

The 10th Lord in the 7th house is a suitable combination for beginning your own company or working for yourself. It’s a healthy mix of industry and collaboration. The 10th Lord in the 8th house will cause you to be delayed in achieving success. After a long period of resistance. You will pursue a career in research, science, medicine, detective work, and espionage.

The 10th Lord in the 9th house is an excellent combination. It denotes a great deal of achievement in one’s professional life. Guru, or higher wisdom, is represented by the 9th Lord. Teaching, lectureship, and professorship in college or university, research scholar, religious guru, and spiritual guru are all promising professions for you. Your father is significant to your career development.

One of the most vital roles is the 10th Lord in the 10th tower. Every kind of job where you can demonstrate your Authority would be beneficial to you. A business strategy, politics, administration, and project management can be helpful to you. You will be born with innate leadership skills and talents. Professions related to finance, money, social events, and so on would benefit if the 10th Lord is in the 11th house. If the 10th Lord is in the 12th building, you can pursue professions such as medicine, nursing, charitable service, and social events. You can choose all of them.

So, these are the outcomes of the 10th Lord’s placing in the 12th house. We can also look at the D1 map, which has planets in the 10th house. The worlds with the most sway will represent the occupation. In certain instances, I also support Jaimini. Amatyakaraka is the giant planet for a career in Jaimini astrology. The Amatyakaraka planet’s position in the D10 map should also be observed. The sign and earth must be examined. The Dash you’re going through is also significant.

The ruling and placement in the 10th house are relevant indicators for choosing the correct occupation. Though the tenth house is the most important for deciding a future career, it is not the only important house for determining a profession.

The Navamsa occupied by the 10th Lord plays a significant part. In addition to the 10th building, the 2nd, 11th, and 9th houses should be considered. When researching the native’s occupation, these houses are not to be overlooked.

If the outcomes of the more potent planets are intelligently blended, it will expose the most appropriate career. As a result, we recommend that the ascendant test the 10th, 2nd, 11th, and 9th houses.

The study of your Dasamsa chart’s various houses will help you get a clear view of your occupation and profession. The following is a summary of each house in the D10 chart:

First House: It is related to the renown you may obtain as a result of your work.
Second House: It is concerned with investment and the origins of investment.
Third House: It is all about making deals and communicating.

The fourth house indicates your office property and company properties.
Fifth House: It is associated with company growth and the hiring of new workers.
Sixth Home: This is the house of rivalry, chance, and relationships with coworkers.

It is all about public affairs in the Seventh House.
Seventh House: It is all about public affairs in the
The eighth house: It is associated with corporate loans and debts.
The ninth house: It represents the possibility of corporate and professional travel.
The tenth house is the most critical because it represents your earning ability and managerial abilities.
Eleventh Home: This is the house of professional gains and associates.

The Twelfth House represents your hidden foes. In your company and profession, it is the house of loss.

While considering Career Astrology, we must consider the house and house-lord who have an impact on the 10th house of occupation. It is a fundamental assumption that the Lord of the house, who represents the tasks or function associated with a particular profession, would play a prominent role.

The 6th house and its Lord should also control the profession of police officers since the 6th house controls disorder, robbers, plague, loan, and lawsuits, among other things. Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are the primary and secondary astrologers for police work.

Similarly, in addition to the 10th and other chambers, the 5th house should be studied for legal professions because the career of advocates and judges needs vital argumentative skill and brain application. The 5th house and its owner would influence diplomacy, imagination, coercion, and other such occupations.

The 8th house is concerned because having influence over many individuals or tasks is part of the role. The 8th house and its Lord are significant in the horoscopes of IAS, architects, MBAs, politicians, and others.

If service is indicated, the 6th house must influence the native’s occupation. If government service is mentioned, the influence of either the Sun or Moon on the 6th house or its Lord will almost definitely be present. The 10th lord, for example, may occupy the 6th house in Cancer or Leo, or the 6th lord may be put in the 10th house and receive the Navamsa, or constellation, of the Sun or Moon.

Before declaring the ultimate result of every part of life, the Navamsa chart must be considered. It is a great injustice to the native if the navamsa map is not given due consideration. Lords of the 10th, 2nd, and 11th houses in the Navamsa would be very helpful in determining your occupation. You will read more about using the Navamsa or D9 map in our detailed article.

Aside from Navamsa, the constellations are significant in every research to decide how to know a career. Each of the 27 constellations has its meaning. In comparison, the Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka planets are very helpful in determining one’s occupation. Both of these elements should be intelligently combined. These are the celestial indicators for a person’s profession, employment, or trade.

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Few other Vedic interpretations influence the job prospects in this way. The placement of the main period of planetary Dasha in your D10 chart is also essential for your career success. Analyzing both of these variables will help you shine in your career and reach your life goals. Our expert astrologers are often available to assist you in leading a happy and stable life with little or no obstacles.

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