Sun Number 7 Personality Traits

The Sun Number 7 holds spirituality in high regard. They believe in finding the real meaning of life. People who have this as their Sun Number are usually the ones who are introvert in nature and seldom talk to people in order to share their views. They keep things to themselves and only talk to people who resonate with them on the same level of intellectuality.

They like to talk about the deeper meaning of life rather than following the herd and talking nonsense at parties or get-togethers. Which is why they generally tend to avoid such crowds. This is one reason that makes them recluse. However, they do hold a very few people close.

The root cause of the spiritual and intellectual quest that they inculcate in themselves is because of the curious mind that they nurture right from the beginning. They are very anxious and are very eager to know and learn things from their surroundings. Not just this, they are also very intuitive, emotional and sensitive in nature. They have a natural gift to know things beyond the physical and that is why they tend to be quite mystical.

But when they are not in sync with their nature, they find it hard to trust the human values apart from thinking about a huge load of responsibilities that makes them stressful at times. As far as being romantic is concerned, they can either be great lovers or be just a little satisfied with relationships as they focus more on being intellectually challenged.

They cope well with the Sun Number 1, Sun Number 3, Sun Number 5, Sun Number 6, Sun Number 7 and Sun Number 9

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