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Sun Number 1 Numerology

Sun Number 1 Personality Traits

Those with Sun Number 1 are said to be very determined, ambitious and headstrong in nature. Being strong-willed and aspiring, they are usually very enthusiastic in almost anything and everything they do. This zesty attitude makes them face a lot of challenges in life. However, they do not let these challenges get the better of them.

As they are so purposeful, direct and committed to what they involve themselves in, they are said to be prefectionists who handle their work diligently. Though they always seem to be quite zealous, there are times when they lose their mental strength, their willful nature, and their capability to handle tough situations. Once they reach the state of being unable to take it anymore, it becomes a tad bit difficult for them to cope with the circumstances and come out of it.

On the contrary, if people with 1 as their Sun Number are not nurtured properly, they can be the total opposite of who they are; dependent, soft-spoken and weak-willed as well. Otherwise, these people have a natural inclination towards being more intuitive and show empathy towards others, which is why their relationships also form on the basis of their inner strength.

Sun Number 1 Compatibility

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