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Seventh House Astrology: Significance & Its Traits

The Birth Chart is the celestial canvas of the sky at the moment of your birth. It is divided into 12 houses which is an accommodation of nine planets, also known as Bhava. It is filled with many cosmic symbols that represent the past, present and future of our life.

Meaning of 7th house

Seventh house is related to the partnership and represents the relationship with others. The seventh house in Astrology signifies a married relationship with others. With the help of the seventh house, we can study how we influence the special person in our lives and how that person influences us. The seventh house in astrology is governed by the sign Libra and ruled by the planet Venus.

Significance of Seventh house

Individual’s partner and marriage are ruled by a seventh house. With the help of a seventh house, we can easily find out the character of another person and how we build a relationship with our loved one. Seventh house also focuses on the dark side of our unions such as divorce, lawsuits and treaties, which all fall within this house. Besides the close relationships and marriage, business partnerships are also a crucial part of the seventh house including  Career bonds, agreements, contracts, lawsuits, and legal issues.

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Ascendent in the Seventh House

Aries in the Seventh House: With Aries in the seventh house are extremely passionate towards their partner and also in the work environment. Their anger is always on the top and they lose temper easily, thus it is important to have control over their anger. When it’s come to the partner, they love to express their love and have a dominating behaviour over. About Aries Sign

Taurus in the Seventh House: Natives with Taurus in the seventh house are intense and have a tendency of becoming too serious. In relationships, they always look for stability and seek a person who accomplishes them through their bad and good phase of life. When it comes to working, they are very concise and take their own space to complete their project. About Taurus Sign

Gemini in the Seventh House: Natives with this cusp believe in natural relationships and defy those who try to force commitment on them. At work, they are very delicate and jump from one project to another. Even something drops their task without completing it. For them communicating is the key to a successful relationship. About Gemini Sign

Cancer in the Seventh House: Natives with this cusp are sensible and a little emotional. Such people are deeply influenced by others and feel appreciated by them. In relationships, they always look for someone who is sensitive as well as understanding to them. About Cancer Sign

Leo in the Seventh House: Natives with this amalgamation are strong and bright, and they are very well aware of it. When it comes to relationships, natives are always looking for dominating personality. They love to support the weaker and use their own powerful energy to support the cause. About Leo Sign

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Virgo in the Seventh House: Natives with this cusp are always in look for someone who is down to earth. Someone who can complete them, and fill those empty parts that are lacking in relationships. People with the seventh house are detail-oriented and helpful who encourage others to follow their lead. Such people always succeed in professions related to education and mentorship. About Virgo Sign

Libra in the Seventh HouseNatives with the cusp with the seventh house are mediators and search for a partner who is willing to discuss the hardship and differences. And look for a partner who shows you the way to the middle ground. They are of kind nature and sometimes sensitive nature becomes the reason for their weakness.About Libra Sign

Scorpio in the Seventh House: Natives with this cusp are very passionate and intense and find it difficult to acknowledge their strength and weakness, which becomes the reason for their messy relationship. However, when you learn to accept your weakness, it becomes easier for you to accept others. In relationships, such individuals are always looking for partners who are strong and powerful. you believe in loyalty and expect the same from their partner. About Scorpio Sign

Sagittarius in the Seventh House: Natives with this cusp are sociable and like meeting with people and as well as enjoy travelling. When it comes to relationships, such individuals always look for partners who have strong personalities and have diverse social lives. They hate clinginess and enjoy their alone time too. If they find a profession related to travelling, they enjoy it immensely.  About Sagittarius Sign

Capricorn in the Seventh House: Natives with this cusp are very selective when it comes to finding the right partner. They set very high standards for others and look for someone who is loyal and supportive.  Natives with Capricorn in Seventh House enjoy a good social status and want to be known for their skills and achievement.  About Capricorn Sign

Aquarius in the Seventh House: Natives with this cusp are very eccentric and incomprehensible by others. They are expressive and defying going with the other values. In a relationship, such individuals find partners who are independent and have strong personalities.About Aquarius Sign

Pisces in the Seventh House: Natives with Pisces in the seventh house are looking for a partner who is sensitive and sweet. And be creative in nature. You always love being with someone who acknowledges others and accepts you despite your weakness. About Pisces Sign

Planets in the Seventh house

Sun in the Seventh House: Natives born with the Sun in the seventh house are of great potential but they always rely on their partner to have success and make expected progression in life. Such individuals find it difficult to deal with problems and are very undecided in their thoughts. Read More

Moon in the Seventh House: Natives born with this sign are extremely blessed to have compassionate and loving partners. You enjoy every aspect of life blissfully and have a tendency to be completely immersed in your partner. They are emotional and sensitive. Read More

Mercury in the Seventh House: Natives born with this sign are those who are intellectual and have a good sense of communication. Such people are very down-to-earth when it comes to maintaining their relationship, and this is the very reason why they enjoy a strong relationship with others. Read More

Mars in the Seventh House: Natives born with this sign are energetic and courageous and always be in shot-temperament most of the time. Native with Mars in the seventh house share every moment in their life and have a realistic expectation from their life partner. Read More

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Jupiter in the Seventh House: Natives of this combination lives a very lucky and wealthy life. They are very intellectual and born to make startling discoveries. They are true humanitarian and believe in nurturing their relationship like a treasure. Read More

Venus in the Seventh House: Natives of this cusp are lucky and have a blissful relationship with their partner. And thus both of them make a good bond with each other. Be it the moment of misery and blissfulness, they both are always together and help each other cope with it. These individuals enjoy music and drama greatly. Read More

Saturn in the Seventh House: Natives of this Individual are loyal and faithful towards others. They are less talkative, but never ward off from standing against injustice. You are such an individual who married with their own preferences of choice. When it comes to relationships, you are very supportive and always be with each other in all thick and thin.  Read More

The Conclusion

Well, the seventh house differs from the first house (which is also known as Ascendant). The 1st house represents oneself, while the 7th house represents one’s partner; hence, they are inextricably linked. As a result, they balance each other and work together to form a whole, much like the Yin and Yang in Chinese theory. In Astrology, the 7th house represents what we are searching or looking for. According to 7th house astrology, the 7th house governs anything related to marriage.

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