Know your Woman! Personality Traits Of Women According To Their Zodiac Sign

A woman is a formidable force, a woman is a deep mystery, a woman has multiple layers, a woman is truly special! And, it’s never simple to understand her! This Women’s Day, let’s attempt to understand the women, their idiosyncrasies, their unique characteristics – with their Zodiac Signs. Read on to know how women differ basis their Sun Signs.


Lively, confident, bold and spontaneous, Aries women believe in taking the challenges head on and living life to the fullest. These modern and self-reliant ladies are often an inspiration to other women. Quite open and frank in their approach, they generally have an extremely trusting view of the world and the people they are surrounded with. This may lead them to heartbreaks and pain, though. However, many of them are mentally strong and competitive. The Aries women want to win for themselves, fair and square, and are not usually biased or scheming. Governed by the Fire element, the Aries women are passionate. Fearless warriors, they make interesting, even if difficult to manage companions.

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Genuine and loyal, the Taurus women are calm on surface, and don’t get upset easily, but when they are pushed to the limit, they can become extremely hot-headed and stubborn. If you want to be in the good books of the Taurus women and understand them better, it is advisable to know their basic characteristics before hand, and go the tried and tested way. Loyal and practical, they will stand by you forever, if you have earned a place for yourself in their hearts. Considering how friendly and pleasing they are, they usually have large social circles and plenty of friends, but they often choose to remain close to a few selected ones. And, all they want in return is loyalty. Plus, if you share their love for style and good food – they will always come back to you.

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A vivacious personality and a never-say-die, positive attitude are the strengths of the Gemini women. However, their duality, a striking characteristic of the people born under the Zodiac Sign Gemini, is a challenge that others have to deal with – by all means. Gemini women make great friends too, as they will always take interest in your life, albeit without being interfering, and shall be ready to help you. They will boost your morale, help you see your potential, and thus motivate you to realise your dreams. But, sometimes they will also refuse to go out with you, speak much with you and even may act strange – blame it on their ‘other’ side, and be ready to discount them for this – if you love them.

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Placid yet passionate, the Cancer women can be as perplexing as you can imagine. Their wavering moods and emotions, their stubborn yet docile and affectionate sides – all in the same hour – may leave you gasping for breath. Relax, for this will not happen always! And, all said and done, they really are best friend material. Take pains to understand them, and you will have a friend for life. When they are hurt, they retreat into a silent spell – let them be for a while – they will not plan a revenge against you. They may also become extremely irritable, but will rarely do anything to hurt you on purpose, as they are too sensitive themselves. Although, Crab women are very much capable of looking after themselves, and are not emotionally weak, they need to be regularly told that they are loved and needed. It is this assurance that keeps them going. And, in turn they will reward you with some extra TLC.

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The Leo women need these three in plenty – attention, respect and admiration. They may come across as uptight or may act arrogant and proud at times, but then they are Lionesses – and it is best to never forget that! Truth is that the Leo women may be a bit rude to begin with, they can be one of your 4 am friends. The Leo women are not after money and luxuries, but shabby surroundings make them uncomfortable. Beneath the tough exterior of a Leo woman, however, is a sensitive, little girl who treasures every little thing she possesses. Kind hearted and courteous, the Leo women are always ready to help the needy, be it friends, family or strangers. They would also like to associated with the fields of arts and theatre, where they get an outlet for their creativity and thoughts, and would also get their share of limelight.

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Practical, modest, loving, intelligent and helpful, the women born under the Zodiac Sign Virgo, in one word, can be sharp. They bring stability and order, and often do not forget to commend themselves for their many qualities. In that, in doing that they are hardly wrong! Where they go wrong, however, is in going overboard in criticising others. Often their advice and criticism may be avid and unsolicited – which may win the Virgo women many foes. The Virgo woman’s greatest assets are her intelligence, analytical mind and excellent memory. These women don’t get influenced easily, as they are wary of exposing their emotional vulnerability and possibility of getting hurt. Yet, they do have a softer side to their personalities; they are emotional and need to be well taken care of.

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The Libra females are charming, and often have two distinct sides to their personalities – it is very likely that both these sides will show up, in all probability right at the same time. And, considering the fact that maintaining balance is a constant inner struggle for the Libra, these women can be quite complex. Delightfully elegant and attractive, the Libra women are aware of their strengths as well as weaknesses. These attractive and courteous women are rarely over-the-top, and can smooth the situation with their trademark diplomacy. Most of them have a tendency to avoid confrontations, and usually end up saying what others want to hear. However, there are times when the Libra women can be extremely straightforward – and that is when they are formidable. Libra women make great, loyal friends, who will never interfere with your privacy.

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The Scorpio women tend to be very sensitive, demanding and often demonstrative of their love towards their loved ones – and not in general. Scorpio, the Sign of extremes and intensity, represents great inner charm, allure and strength. The women born under this Sign may not be an epitome of beauty, but their energy levels and persona are impossible to ignore. Power, position and money attract them, and you will often see these fearless and stubborn Scorpio women striving to succeed and getting what they want. They are willing to sacrifice anything to reach their goals. They are observant and tend to remember most of the things happening around them. If you are good to them, they will remember that always, and be grateful to you. But, if you are bad or mean to them, they will remember that, too. And in all likelihood, they will even with you!

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Honest, idealistic, fun-loving and witty, the women born under the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius believe in deriving meaning from their own experiences, and not blindly accepting the popular opinions. Hence, they love to meet people, share experiences, try out different things in order to satiate their need for excitement and novelty and most importantly, travel. Inquisitive and incessantly curious, the Sagittarius women have a philosophical approach, and seek truth in all circumstances. Besides, they are versatile, charming individuals who enjoy every experience that comes their way. The Sagittarius women prefer living in the present moment, and would not like to be in situations where they have to compromise on their freedom. They prefer being independent, both financially and emotionally.

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The women born under this Sign are modest, goal-oriented, but may be aggressive about the tasks at hand. Methodical and disciplined ladies, they have faith in their strengths, and know their weaknesses too. The Capricorn women is not the one to build castles in the air – if they set their eyes on something, it would most likely be a practical goal and they would do all they can to get it. They think profoundly, apply their rationale and explore all pros and cons before deciding on anything. They will never take impulsive decisions. Security is too precious for them to risk it. Family values are important to these sincere and prudent females. Most Capricorn women won’t go against their family’s wishes to get what they want. Friends, too, play an important role in their lives. Despite having a considerably big social circle, they will end up hanging around with a bunch of intimate friends, with whom they would share a good rapport.

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Smart, independent and friendly, the Aquarius women have tremendous inner power that helps them conquer the toughest challenges. These ladies speak their minds, have strong convictions but are also unprejudiced and tolerant of other points of view. There ladies tend to be quite unpredictable and impractical, and keeping up with them may go on to become a challenge for others. One needs a lot of patience to understand the Aquarius women. But, when they are given the required emotional space, getting along with them rarely remains a task. The Aquarius women are born thinkers and have fine leadership qualities. Also, they love to share knowledge, and in process, expand their knowledge base as well. Therefore, group activities interest them a lot – they are a great asset to the teams they are a part of.

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Mysterious and sensuous, the Pisces women are poetic, romantic and spiritual – with deep emotions. But, they may be fixed in their beliefs too. Often, their dreams are vivid and meaningful and not easy for practical and rational beings to understand. The Pisces females have an utmost need to loved and protected, and even the slightest negligence will hurt their feelings. Speaking of which, the Pisces women are not just moody, but also very sensitive. So one will have to be very careful while addressing them. Don’t mistake them to be weak, though. When in hot water, the Pisces women may surprise you with their inner strength. Also, the Pisces women have a bad temper. Don’t provoke them to bring their negative side to the fore. They can turn bitterly sarcastic, and recede away from you forever.

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