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Know your power colors as per your Zodiac Sign

Know your power colors as per your Zodiac Sign

Colors! The mere sight or reference to this word gushes a type of emotion within us. We all can define how it feels when we look at a color or a group of colors at once. Our innermost emotions are so cluttered at times that it gets difficult to say what we feel when we look at certain colors.

Zodiac signs and Colors are the reflections of the aura around a person. We often find some colors soothing and appealing to the eyes, while some colors show lethargy, aggression or inner doubts in a person.

It is quite visible that color and astrology go hand in hand as also shown in Vedic Astrology. It shows the colors that could prove to be power colors for people per their zodiac signs. You can choose a lucky color of the day as per your zodiac sign that would help enhance your personality and talents or skills. Read on to find out your lucky color.

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The first of all zodiac signs and a leader in their true sense, Aries are the loyal and passionate people. Being a fire sign makes them aggressive and enthusiastic.

Given these traits, deep blood red would be a great color for Aries to enhance their personality. They want success in all things – be it friendship, business, love and so on. Wearing red or being around the color can make them express their bold opinions with ease and increase their ability to lead, in the end helping them feel more confident.

People belonging to this sign also need something to pacify their impulsive nature. Colors such as white and pink help balance the fiery shade of red and would help them calm down to bring inner peace. In addition, they should avoid wearing black.

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The second sign of the zodiac, Taurus is an Earth sign and it would be appropriate to say that the colors like sky or pale blue and earthy colors like brown and khaki would suit these people.

As Venus is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign, these people are more attracted to materialistic possessions as well as nature and beauty. Their stubbornness helps them achieve their goals and desires. Due to Venus, people of this sign can also go with colors like pink, white and cream which would bring out the best in them.

Moreover, Taurians should refrain from wearing red as it invokes negativity, but they can opt for maroon or crimson which are closer to red.

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Geminis are such bright and vivacious people, ruled by the planet Mercury, that they are very easy going. Hence, they would happily show up in shades of yellow, the cheerful color of all. This not only indicates optimism and playfulness but also shows the enthusiasm they have towards life.

The color associated with growth, creativity and serene nature, Green boosts a Gemini’s strengths. They can also go for white, black, pink and red which suit their overall personality.

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The emotional and Watery Cancerians are the people who are of loving nature when it comes to friends and family. They are even intuitive and compassionate as well as moody (like the waxing and waning of the Moon – which rules this sign). So colors like blue, white and sea green work well for them. They can wear sea green for work as it would be refreshing during a hectic day.

Yellow on the other side is considered auspicious for Cancerians. Red should be avoided as much as possible, even though it is great at cheering up their mood when they’re down, as it may cause a bit chaotic effect. They may avoid black as it would be gloomy.

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Leo – ruler of the kingdom represented by the Lion, and ruled by the Sun is the most confident of all. They are driven by a passion to live life to the fullest and gifted with kind hearts. They feel protective and responsible for those around them. They are the literal shining stars that can easily light up a room with their charismatic and magnetic presence.

Hence, orange and reddish-orange are the colors for their healthy ego and enhanced sense of being. Other colors such as red, gold and purple are also favorable for Leos. Whereas they should steer clear of pale and pastel shades as they fail to go well with the temper these Lions possess.

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This sign is ruled by the element of Earth and the planet Mercury which is why Virgos are the most focused and detail-oriented. This also shows the fact that they are perfectionists and can be strict in following a set of rules as well as making others follow them if close.

All the pastel shades of blue, grey, peach, mauve and shades of green or green mixed with black work well with them. These colors help in maintaining harmony, focus and balance into the lives of Virgos. The color red should be avoided to stay in alignment with their nature.

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Represented by the scales, Libra is the sign with an element of Air and ruling planet Venus. The scales, as we all know, reflect balance and harmony. Librans are fascinated with symmetry and strive to create equilibrium in their life.

Pastel blue helps Librans bring a soothing effect and light pink helps enhance their caring and sweet nature. In addition, pastel green works very well for freshness and growth in their life. These people should also avoid red like Virgos. Find out how compatible Librans are with Virgo.

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One of the most mysterious of all signs, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars. Due to their intense and powerful nature, this zodiac sign is misunderstood as an element of fire at times. However, this is an element of water and like other water signs, these people are also clairvoyant and intuitive.

Hence, intense colors like dark shades of purple, red, maroon and darkest of all – black, are the colors for these passionate Scorpions. These colors add more power and depth to their intuitive and psychic nature. They should avoid pale colors and their shades.

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Ruled by the planet Jupiter and yet another fire sign, Sagittarius is one of the most freedom-loving and exploring signs of all. People belonging to this sign are philosophical and optimistic by nature, which makes them zealous for life.

Purple increases Sagittarians’ natural luck and positivity, thereby broadening their horizons to reach a new level of enlightenment. Yellow will help them with success and growth. Additionally, light pink and purple will help them calm their restlessness due to their fierce nature.

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Ruled by the planet Saturn and element of Earth, those born under this sign are highly disciplined, down to earth and practical people. They have a lot of patience and the urge to work hard for success never leaves their side.

Hence, the colors which would help Capricornians take the most practical path in life are earthy grey and brown. The color of stability – brown would greatly benefit their determination in striving to achieve their goals. On the other hand, a combination of extremes i.e. black and white increases the conservative nature of Capricorn individuals.

It is recommended to avoid red as much as possible but colors like maroon or crimson are allowed.

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One of the most freedom-oriented signs of all, Aquarius, though a water bearer, is an Air sign. Ruled by the planet Uranus, they are thinkers, humanists and progressives by nature who love helping people. These are the people who emit the most healing aura color of all. Sky’s the limit for them and they prefer being alone at times to restore power.

As Aquarians are connected to the Sky and Water, the colors electric blue and turquoise suit them very well. These colors represent vastness which would help them with new ideas of experimentation and moving forward in life. They should avoid black if they can.

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Emotional and deep Pisceans, the last of the zodiac and water signs, are driven towards knowing life’s mystical, spiritual and occult sides. They are known for their ability to empathize with everyone around and love to be in love. Ruled by Neptune, they are the magicians of the Solar System.

Governed by the depth of the ocean, Piscean colors include soft sea greens and shades of the ocean. They can opt for yellow to make them cheerful in times of gloom. To remain bright in life, they should go for brighter colors like lavender and peach. Whereas they should avoid bold and deep colors to curb drama in their emotions.

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Now that you have an idea about the colors that could enhance your lives and energies, you can use them as per your zodiac signs. They can be used in forms such as gemstones, clothes, surrounding of your home or room and decor.

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