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Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman

Emotionally strong, independent, loyal, introverted, artistic, genuine, quick to temper, tomboyish, intelligent

Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces

Taurus women are having good height to meet almost all the emergencies and unwanted situations coming their way. You possess a combination of most of the sterling qualities that every man looks upon. You are compassionate and feel that you are born only to make others happy. You are persistent, focused and obstinate during adversities. You have the ability to hang on tight situations and difficulties in life. You value your tradition, loyalty, and stability. You are highly emotional and sensitive towards your possessions, loved ones, and your chores. You are a master in following through and finish efficiently all the tasks even if it is boring and difficult.

You are emotionally strong and can handle an enormous amount of stress and tensions. Your moral, emotional courage and confidence would let you be the boss of your field. You grab control over emotions and run things in your way. You have enough self-control to lift the spirit of your team. You usually don’t complain or get upset during tight situations. You won’t be dependent or look for sympathy during stressful situations.

You know to do things single-handedly. You don’t have anxiety or are scared while dealing with new things and projects or leading others. You don’t prefer to work in a group or team. You are assertive when needed. You won’t mind when someone else especially your partner takes a lead.

You are quite loyal and grant it to only a few friends and acquaintances. You expect the same level of loyalty from them as well. You are always ready to help and guide your loyal associates. You expect help and support from them and get disappointed when you fail to get it. You are choosy and take a lot of time in selecting the partner. You will stay devoted and committed for a lifetime once you find your ideal partner.

You are naturally introverted but don’t hesitate in taking responsibilities and leadership roles. You hastily run after the things that you want in life. You need alone time to recharge yourself after coming from a large event or meeting a large group. You love to plan our own chores and tasks. You choose or prioritize the tasks on the basis of how you perceive the things happening around. The tasks that you can do independently will be done first. You get privy about your thoughts only to closed ones.

You are ruled by Venus and hence you are inclined to nature and aesthetic beauty. You enjoy to hang out and have a look at beautiful sights and views. You will capture eye-catching and attractive views on the camera. You are happy in artistic space and enjoy painting attractive views and imaginative beauty. You will stay in a place with pleasing things surrounding you.

You simply can’t tolerate artifice, deceptive appearance or false impressions. You expect the people around you to present in a way they actually are. You go weary when someone beats around the bush or try to shape your perceptions of reality. You are very honest and clear about what you are and what you want in life. You will showcase your true personality in the first impression.

You lose your temper when you are extremely upset. Your violent temper would frighten a strong man and is not easily forgettable. You go on a raging rampage only if there is a provocation. You are emotionally strong and burst out your stress after it reaches breaking point. Your outbursts are very intense and hurtful. You are stubborn about your ideas and stick to them unless you get a very good and genuine reason for the change.

You don’t have doubts about expressing your femininity and choosing feminine styling but are often a tomboy at heart. You enjoy participating in the activities that are male-dominated. You feel equivalent to the strongest man and engage or try to do all the things that are a man’s interests.

You can match brains with the brightest men. You do not have a heartfelt interest in figuring out the theory of relativity or digging into ideas. You don’t go for multiple university degrees and just have one for gaining respect. You have enormous practical common sense and possess the ability to understand the fundamental of essential subjects. You are a practical thinker.

Taurus woman in love and relationships is earthly, stable, firm, and reliable. You will attract your partner with your unabashed calmness and realism. You are a passionate and emotional lover who enjoys courtship and compliments from him. You will never allow him to control you or possess you completely. You don’t show off your emotions and feelings. You value comfort, luxury, money, and material security. You will make less effort in love and relationship and hate sudden changes.

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When it comes to attracting and winning the heart of Taurus women you need to be romantic to sweep her off her feet. You need to be traditional, patient and do your best to impress her. A comfortable and peaceful life is very appealing to her. She wants her partner who is romantic, good looking, wealthy and provides her a life with ease and security. Here are some ways to attract practical and generous Taurus women.

Be slow and steady : You should be slow and steady in your approach and give her time to think and reciprocate. It is very important to be patient and make her feel comfortable. Taurus women have a tendency to take their time when getting dressed for a date. You need to be patient instead of pushing her around. You should listen to her stories, experiences, and aspirations patiently.

Be presentable : You need to appear attractive and have to be cautious about grooming and presentation in order to attract her. You need to wear stylish outfits and accessories when you go on a date with her. You should not make a cardinal error in selecting a perfume and try to match her high standards. You need to give a genuine compliment to her and be confident with her.

Be trustworthy and reliable : You need to be reliable and trustworthy to win her heart. She seeks security and romance in a relationship. She should feel safe in your company. She likes fun without the risk or less likely to threaten her security.

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