Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman

Traits:Tough as well as soft, loyal, overreact, diplomatic, many facets, emotional and intuitive, selfless

Compatibility Signs for Cancer men: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces

Cancer women are all about emotions and feelings. Their personalities are ruled by deep feelings and intuitions. You seek emotional security and an urge for genuineness and honesty in building up a relationship with others. You are ruled by the Moon and hence your mood keeps on changing very quickly just like different phases of the Moon. You can be emotional, stubborn, compliant, fierce, angry, volatile, passive, and dutiful at the same time. You love to be in your shell. Hence, it is hard to spot you out in a crowd. You are a home seeker and spend maximum time and energy at home. You are persistent, tough, and strong willed but prefer to be in your comfort zone when you are disturbed or hurt. You give prime importance to all kinds of securities and possess great money-making skills. You will take care of your close ones during their good and bad times. Nothing is more important for you than your family and closed ones. Your horoscope is a powerful tool for understanding your personality, relationships and love compatibility on a deeper level.

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Let’s take a look at Cancer women traits

Tough as well as soft

You are soft, loving, caring and a good nurturer. At the same time, you are a strict disciplinarian. You are hard from outside but very soft and gentle from inside. You are soft and easy-going but can turn into a fighter when time and situations demand it.


You are very loyal in your relationships. You take time to build trust but once it is built you maintain it for a lifetime. You handle family responsibilities perfectly and do everything to protect them.


You are a great leader, a fantastic friend, and an inspirational conversationalist. But on the flip side, you have a tendency to overreact to situations and issues. You may have an inferiority complex and like to be in your shell. You are very quick to close your shell if insulted and beat yourself up over it. You have the tendency to live in your imaginative world and memories. It is very hard for you to pin down your memories.


You hate involving yourself in fights and issues. You are a peacemaker and stay as a diplomat. You won’t confront right away. But at the time you don’t hesitate to do the same when you are standing up in support of your closed ones.

Many facets

You possess many facets which include everything from shyness and being an introvert to a desire of being center stage. You are sensitive, empathetic, emotional, romantic, and kind. At the same time, you are artistic, eccentric, and flamboyant. You win over the people around with your goodness, moral and family values.

Emotional and intuitive

You get emotionally nervous and upset when your past haunts your heart. You are sensitive and sympathetic not only for your needs but also for the need of others. You are deeply intuitive and possess awesome imaginative powers. You get instincts when something bad is going to happen even if you don’t know the reason for the same. Your instinct surely comes true sooner or later. You trust someone on the basis of your instincts.


You sacrifice everything for your closed ones. You are selfless in your love and keep on giving everything until the point you don’t have anything left. You may face trouble due to this as you don’t focus on self and refresh yourself on a regular basis.

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How is Cancer woman in love and relationships?

Cancer woman in love and relationships has high expectations about the way her partner should demonstrate his feelings. You are emotional, sensitive, affectionate, and caring in love and relationships. You always try to be with a man who can understand your emotions and sentiments completely and can empathize with you. You have an urge for emotional support and bonding of souls. You need protection, devotion, and courage from your closed ones and partner. You are too shy to express your feelings aloud.

How To Attract Cancer Women

It is not easy to attract a Cancer woman as she is highly sensitive, does not take criticism healthily and memorizes the slightest experience. Her moods keep on changing in a few seconds and always has an urge for protection, loyalty, and dedication. Here are a few tips that will help to catch and impress Cancer women. Are you ready to discover it?

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Be traditionally romantic:You should have a traditional approach to love as she emphasizes on traditional values the most. You should be genuine, loyal, faithful with her. Looks and personality are the least important for her. You can plan a candlelight dinner and take her on a special treat. You should remember special occasions in her life as well as in her family life. Be gentle and reassuring: Cancer women always have an urge for safety and security. You can have healthy relationships with her if you let her know where she stands. She should clearly know your sincerity and intentions in a love relationship. You need to chase her continuously and keep her in a loop.

Make the first move:You should take the initiative and introduce yourself first. You should be overly aggressive in your approach. You should not invade in her space. Start with a normal conversation that you have with your friends and then open up your feelings once she is comfortable.

Ask her about the roots:Family comes first for Cancer women. You should ask about family background and their wellness. You should talk about your family and tell her how much your family is important to you. Share the experiences and memories of your family and ask her for the same. You should get close to her family and win their hearts.

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