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Mars Rahu Conjunction 2021 & Your Zodiac Sign: As Dangerous as Ever?

Mars Rahu Conjunction 2021 & Your Zodiac Sign: As Dangerous as Ever?

There are times when we would like history not to repeat itself. The upcoming conjunction of Mars and Rahu is one such event. On 22nd of February, Mars will transit to the Taurus sign, where it will be greeted by the North Node of the Moon, Rahu. Where Mars is a fierce aggressive planet, Rahu is known as a shadowy planet who is responsible for eclipses and meteors. Such a powerpack combination we have on our hands! Today, we are discussing the effects of Mars Rahu Conjunctions on individual levels as well as India and the world. Before we move on to your zodiac sign, here is what’s in store for the world:

Historically speaking, the conjunction of these two planets in a zodiac sign and their opposition has also created global level tension. Where conjunction in astrology refers to the position of Mars and Rahu in the same zodiac sign, the opposition is defined as their positions in the zodiac signs that are opposite to each other on the zodiac wheel.

Last time Mars and Rahu were in conjunction in Gemini, it resulted in America and Donald Trump’s trade war with China! Moreover, the US relations with Iran deteriorated politically, leading to almost a military standoff. Before we move on to the predictions of what is coming next, let’s take a walk down the history lane, and understand what these planets have brought to the face of the earth:

In 2021, the Mars Rahu Conjunction is all set to create excitement. As a result of this conjunction, there is a possibility that some kind of fungal infection disturbs the world once again. However, it may not spread worldwide like 2020 but likely to remain limited to only a small group of people. The transition is also likely to bring many changes to the countries situated in the North-East. These countries and their neighbouring countries are in for some shifts and drastic changes coming their way.

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If we are looking at the kundali of India, considering the time of its independence, the ascendant is occupied by Taurus. Moving deeper, the placements of planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are stopping India from achieving a steady development. The ever-growing internal conflicts between the veterans or dignitaries hinder India from getting a substantial place at the global level. However, contrary to that, the ongoing Mahadasha of Moon from 4th September 2014 to 4th September 2025 is likely to bring progress even if the pace is slow.

The period of 22nd February 2021 to 14th April 2021 will create an Angarak Yoga in the 1st house of India’s chart, bringing in the speed breakers to success. A silver lining among these clouds is likely to be India’s successful and praiseworthy efforts towards women empowerment. The ruling governments are also likely to face some issues during these times. Tough times are about to last till 6th April 2021, after that, India will be well on the tracks, leaving many of the troubles behind.

Now, here is what you have been waiting for the most. What will this explosive conjunction bring to your life? Let’s find out now.

Note: All predictions are based on Moon Signs

At the beginning of the year, Mars will associate with Rahu and that may bring communication problems for Aries. It is therefore advisable to be careful while having a conversation with your colleagues or superiors. However, your work life is likely to change, mostly for positive reasons. You may need to think through all sides before making any decisions. The conjunction is going to take place in the 2nd house for Aries, which is known to bring some health-related issues for the native which may include accidents, high fever, cuts, and surgeries. Therefore, there are possibilities of some eye-related injuries as a result of this conjunction, and some elders may even complain about pain in the legs.

In the matters of the heart, someone new may enter your life, and the times are looking accommodating for a relationship. You may plan a trip with your friends and relatives due to the influence of Rahu and Mars in the 2nd house. Fleeting thoughts of buying a property may come and go, however, it may prove to be difficult to purchase.

The conjunction itself is taking place in your sign. You may want to be careful about your health during this time, especially with problems related to the stomach. Therefore, it would be advisable to be careful while consuming food. Well, regular exercise will prove to be blessings in this period. Unexpected trips can be predicted.

Students can rest easy. The influence of Mars and Rahu conjunction in the ascendant do a good turn. As you are likely to experience some good times and even better results in their exams. Singles may also find someone to mingle with, and they are likely to go for the marriage, even. Job-seekers are likely to get success in finding the right job for them close to the end of the first quarter, too. Those who believe in spirituality will pass through some good times.

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The conjunction will take place into the 12th house for you. You may need to be careful with the matters related to courts and similar pending works. There is also a possibility of you falling prey to fraud, and therefore, it is advisable to keep patience while taking a loan. Female Geminis are likely to face some gynaecological issues, and taking care of your health would be a piece of universal advice for all Gemini.

Those who are in a manufacturing business are advised to deal patiently. Students may need to put in extra efforts. If you have a misunderstanding in a father-son relationship, it may get resolved. Since the conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the 12th house is known to bring imbalance to your love-life, this is not likely to be a good time for a love relationship. It is advisable to think before trusting someone in the matters of love during this time.

For the natives of Cancer, the conjunction will take place into the 11th house, called ‘labh bhava’ in Vedic Astrology. Healthwise, this period seems to bring some good news. If you are to get a surgery, this may be the time where you have a speedy recovery. The impact of two malefic planets in the 11th house would be a blessing in disguise for you. As you may enjoy more family time. If you are thinking of buying a new property or house, this may be a good time.

In the 11th house, Rahu opposes the effects of Mars. People related to commercial services, and merchants are likely to gain profits. Students may have some tough times and may need to work hard, especially the ones trying to clear exams for foreign education. It is advisable to be careful with your finances as the expenditures may increase. A successful trip can be foreseen with the possibility of meeting new friends. It is likely to be a good time to enjoy friendships, or even get into romantic relationships.

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This is the time you may need to see what you are eating since some stomach-related issues can be foreseen. It is also advisable for you to avoid taking any decisions regarding your paternal property, as it may bring you some unfavourable results. Students who are appearing for any exams to study abroad are likely to find positive results.

The conjunction is going to take place in the 10th house for Leo, where Rahu is considered to be beneficial. This may seem a good time to buy a new property, however, it is always advisable to deal with all the aspects calmly to avoid getting cheated. Those who work in Civil services and salaried employees are advised to be careful while speaking with their seniors. Some unexpected changes in your routine life may well be on their way as the shadowy planet can cause some seasonal hurdles.

For Virgo, the conjunction is going to take place in the 9th house. Some changes in your behaviour may get noticed by the people around you. During this time, your health is likely to stay decent. Those who are dealing with partnerships are advised to take care of the relations they share. Students are likely to experience good times ahead. Elders are advised to be careful while travelling and avoid any long trips.

For couples, too, this is likely to be better times. You may want to make an important decision about your future. However, it is also advisable to avoid unnecessary arguments with your partner and pay extra attention to your relationship. It is advisable to think twice before making serious life decisions, as Mars and Rahu together in your house of Dharma are considered vicious planets.

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The conjunction will take place in the 8th house of Libra, which is considered to be a malefic house. This may feel like a struggling period as there is a possibility of an unlucky person coming into your life. The overall health is likely to stay decent during this time, however, some joint-related problems or pain may bug you. Those who have respiratory issues like cough and asthma are advised to take extra care of their health.

Students are likely to experience better times, inching ever close to their desired study and career goals. Teenagers are likely to lose some friends. It is advisable for seniors to take care of themselves and their family members alike under the influence of double transit in the 8th house. Some financial issues can be foreseen.

The conjunction is going to take place in the 7th house for the natives of Scorpio. In terms of health, this period is likely to be decent at best. Those who are aged between 55 and 65 may undergo neck surgery or some gynaecological problems. Students are also likely to experience some good times ahead. Some of you may get inclined towards spirituality and therefore gain mental peace. Meditation and Pranayama are likely to improve your health.

Working professionals are not advised to change their job during this time. Ups and downs at your work are likely to disturb you, but patience is the key to overcome this bad phase. Those who are in romantic relationships are likely to have a good time and improve their relationships. During these times, you may be greeted with an opportunity to start a new business. If you have some business plan in your mind, be ready!

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During this time, those dealing with long-term health issues are likely to improve their health. You are also likely to win against hidden enemies. However, it is advisable to keep your emotions in check as the conjunction of shadowy Rahu and aggressive Mars taking place in the 6th house can make you overly rough or hateful towards others. Some unexpected gains may be coming your way. Those who are working in the medical field are likely to earn profit and find success in whatever they are seeking.

Business trips are also likely to produce great results. Students may work hard for their studies, and their parents are likely to take good care of them. It is also a good time for the seniors, and they may take important decisions regarding their family members. Those who are in a relationship are also likely to enjoy a decent time, as the conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the 6th house is considered to be good for the relationships, opposed to other instances where this conjunction is feared. Individuals of Sagittarius are also going through the 3rd phase of Sade Sati.

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Capricorns are going through their second phase of Sade Sati. However, this phase is the most testing phase out of three (period of 7.5 years). Combined with this conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the 5th house of Capricorn, it may create some hurdles for you. It is advisable for you to avoid hurried decisions during this time. It is also not a good time to start a new business or work.

For students, this is likely to be a fruitful time. In the fifth house, Rahu bestows you with the positive direction of energy, and Mars helps in building confidence. Those who are pursuing courses related to medicine or engineering may get a chance to travel abroad for higher studies in western countries. Lovers are advice to practice caution, as there are some possibilities of a betrayal from their loved ones. However, you are likely to make a new friend, and he or she may help you in achieving your dreams.

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For Aquarius, the Mars and Rahu conjunction is going to place in the 4th house. This combination usually makes the relationship between the native and their mother a little shaky. Since Aquarius are under the influence of the 1st phase of Sade Sati, the hurdles they face may not be as problematic as Capricorn. However, it is advisable to think about your moves when it comes to your future. Your health is also likely to support you during this time. If you are planning to buy a new house or a vehicle, favourable times are ahead. Those who are in commercial services or industries are likely to buy new equipment.

Students may experience favourable times as well. You may also get busy with social activities. A loan or a financial plan is advisable for you as some financial troubles are likely to disturb you. However, you are advised to take the loan only if you are capable of repaying it. For love and relationships, the times are favourable.

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During this phase, you are likely to enjoy good times when it comes to health and finance. As the conjunction is taking place in the 3rd house of Pisces, you are anyway likely to benefit from legal and financial situations. It is also a good time to try something new, especially for the young ones among you. Students and others who are appearing in competitive exams are likely to find some success, and may even get a government job offer. Those who are in the acting field are also likely to go through decent times.

Professionals from business sectors and Finance are likely to be presented with new, better opportunities which may lead to a change of jobs. On the personal front, this is also likely to be a good time in terms of your love and relationships.

This is how this exciting transit will work out for each of us. There are both positives and some negatives coming along, as usual with these high octane celestial events. With the planning of good times and preparation of bad times, everything can be faced without any worries. May this conjunction bring out the best in us.

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