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Sonia Nayyar writes about Mars – the planet of energy and the intense Angarak Yoga.

As commonly known, Mars is the planet which represents the important areas like energy, action, stamina, courage, will-power, self-conrol and confidence and all such aspects which give us the inspiration to stand up and perform! A well-placed Mars acts like a great blessing and empowers a person to go about the things that one desires to achieve. But what if Mars is in the company of the shadowy planet Rahu? This combination is called the Angarak Yoga and this gives rise to various unfavourable aspects. Due to this combination, the qualities of Mars get magnified intensely, but not necessarily in a refined way. How does this Yoga affect a person and what are the characteristics of this Yoga in different Houses? Read on to get the answers…

Angarak yoga is formed by the connection of Mars and Rahu. Mars is fire and Rahu is oil. Mars give aggression and Rahu makes a person violent by amplifying the qualities of Mars and if the tremendous energy generated by this combination is not channelised properly, then a person may get involved in illegal activities. Mars stands for activity and Rahu signifies imagination, so it often creates a push and pull situation or great fluctuations for the native and makes the native indecisive. In Transit, the Angarak Yoga was formed in the period between 3rd November, 2015 and 24th December, 2015. And, true to the nature of this Yoga, we had witnessed a lot of shocking incidents, horrifying accidents, increased terror activities, and similar events. This also caused floods and natural calamities in the southern part of the country.

1st House or the Ascendant: This Yoga in the 1st house makes a person shot tempered and adamant. He may act immediately, without much prudence, thought or understanding. He may be quarrelsome and may take up fights by without properly understanding the other person. They can be very inconsiderate, insensible and also very rigid at times.

2nd House: This yoga in the 2nd House may make a person blunt and brutally frank. The native may talk in a loud voice and may take to lies often. Taking up fights with family members and people around is a common aspect which is oberved in these individuals. These natives also have the intense desire to earn a lot of money and in the due course, they may not even mind using illegal sources of income

3rd House: If the Angarak Yoga in the 3rd House, takes place in a positive Sign, then it makes the native either an excellent orator, surgeon or a writer with a fiery approach. This can also lend a great sarcastic element to the native. The person will be blunt and straight-forward in speech. The Person may be applauded and awarded for his talent but if this combination takes place in a bad sign, then it may make the person develop a liking for negative activities.

4th House: Angarak yoga in the 4th House may give conflicts and unpleasant situations with mother. The natives with this configuration may have differences with family members and also the relations will be strained. There will be chances for abroad travel. The native will keep getting into heated arguments with the spouse. There will be constant efforts to make the home and living space better. There will also be Problems due to children. The native is likely to get into construction or land business.

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5th House: Angarak yoga in the 5th House can make you excel in arts, sports and adventure and will fill you with great energy. Gambling and share market is done as a part time business or interest. The individuals with this placement may have intense desire for name, fame and honor. Romantic attachment may break many times.

6th House: Angarak yoga in the 6th house may give diseases, conflicts at work place and differences with seniors. Travelling can be part of the profession. The native may take up instant fights on petty matters. Court cases can also keep creating troubles. This placement can also bless the person with extraordinary courage, success competitions and the ability to take over enemies and defeat them.

7th House: Angarak yoga in 7th house can cause divorce or separation .It can cause domestic violence and blaming, you can benefit from land and property. Extramarital affairs with girls of other countries is possible

8th House: The Angarak Yoga in the 8th House can give several terrible fights with in laws. It can also cause great mental torture followed by depression. This yoga increases the possibilities of accidents. You may have to undergo many surgeries in due course it will make you more spiritual by gradually transforming you.

9th House: Angarak yoga in the 9th house may send the native abroad for higher studies. It may give conflicts and arguments with Gurus, teachers and knowledgeable people. It may either make the person very religious, if the placement is good, or a complete atheist if otherwise.

10th House: Angarak yoga in the 10th House may give fights and differences of opinion with the seniors. Travelling due to work, an uncomfortable environment at work place are indicated. Medicine, Pharmacy and Construction business can be taken up. Oil, gas agencies and petrol agencies can be taken. Being a person of rebellious nature, the native may keep challenging the people in positions of authority.

11th House: Angarak yoga in the 11th house may make the native get into fights with friends and elder siblings. These natives may be sociable, but may keep getting depressed if they don’t get the desired response. Money-lending business, media, cinema and share markets can be opted as a profession.

12th House: Angarak yoga in the 12th house may send the native abroad. It may also make one spend on luxurious items. There may be huge unexpected losses. You may be very angry from inside and may throw up your anger suddenly on someone. These natives may be people of a very bad temper and explode into a wild state of anger in an unpredictable manner. Keeping past instances in mind, these natives start fights with others. Import-Export business, pilots, airhostesses, stewards are some of the fields which can be opted for business.

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