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Jupiter Retrograde 2021 & Its Effects on Zodiac Signs

Jupiter is known as the guru of astrology, as it is the main planet in astrology. Most of the good things are associated with Jupiter. In the Greek pantheon, Jupiter is Zeus. Doesn’t everything sound good in greek! This giant planet is also known for its luck, profit, fortune, learning, philosophy, and practice.

Now open your eyes with wonder, as Jupiter will retrograde in Aquarius; if they slow down and the retrograde do a clean and safe landing, we are in for some treat as people would consider new trendy and safe way around problems.

With Jupiter in Aquarius, some changes may happen, and each of these changes will be reviewed by people; there is retrospection on our decisions and thinking process.

Jupiter has complete freedom with Aquarius, as Lord of the rings rules this zodiac sign. It is quite a ruler everywhere in the solar system unofficially but officially is anointed for Aquarius. Jupiter retrogrades for about four months in every 13 months 4. This is the time we question our personal beliefs- too much of intro and retrospection, perhaps. Social Values go down.

During this time, try to stay away from investment, gambling, and winning are marginal. When will retrograde happen? The retrograde will be from June 20 2021, until September 14 2021.

Lets us go ahead and see how would this Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius affect all the Moon Signs

Jupiter is the lord of the ninth and the twelfth house for the Aries Zodiac sign, and during this retrograde, Guru will affect the eleventh house. So what will this do to the bold and beautiful Aries?

There is an indication that there may be some difficulties in fulfilling desires and expectations. The natives may face a delay in completing all their wishes.

As the retrograde transit is from the eleventh to the tenth house, Aries peeps would incur loss or have more expenses. Folks who are looking for a promotion at work may face delays or may get less increment.

Business people got to work as hard as possible, as hard work is the key. Also, be careful during this time as you may incur losses and try to stay away from partnerships.

Aries natives may not get enough time for their love, because of which there may be some communication gap amongst lovers. Hence, try to maintain proper communication and be very diligent while speaking to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. Married folks who are trying to conceive should wait until Jupiter is favourable as it could create obstacles.

Health is highly favourable to the Aries folks. You can exhale a sigh of relief, as health seems to be a pain in the neck currently. However, do maintain eating healthy and working out other than eating all the unhealthy food on the block.

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Jupiter is the lord of the eighth and eleventh house for Taurus natives. During this retrograde, Jupiter will transit from the tenth house; this house stands for career, name and fame. Hence, Taureans should be patient.

As the Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius is from the tenth house, career may see some problems, which could be a reason for stress. They may also feel pressure at work from seniors. However, hang in there and not lookout for a job change as it is not a favourable time. Try to do your best to keep up with change and try to adapt.

Taurus peeps may face a cash crunch during this time as the finance flow may also impact. Try to make sure that you maintain a financial plan and flow the same method, start saving from now onwards to keep during the rainy days. Also, see to it that you avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Business people may face delays during this time; they may have to work a bit more to earn profits. However, it is favourable for business peeps!

Taurus natives, it is a perfect time for love, so enjoy those Rosey and blingy times. Love is here to stay. Though, try to convey the difference more maturely and calmly to avoid debates that could lead to bigger fights.

Health may also be good for the Taurus natives. Do enjoy good health with love. However, try not to take stress; stay away from stress as that hit up your health, leading to various ailments.

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Gemini natives, Jupiter is the lord of the seventh and the tenth house. Guru would transit from the ninth house, which is the house of religion, travel and luck. While crossing from this house, all of these attributes would be disturbed. There can be issues in faith, and chance may also get affected for the Gemini natives. Students of this zodiac sign may see the effects on their life because of the retrograde.

As mentioned earlier, Jupiter would pass through the ninth house, which can cause hindrance to luck. Hence, the job seekers who have been looking to switch jobs should wait for some time until Jupiter has passed over.

Business people may benefit from their foreign contacts. They may have to wait a bit longer for profits. However, the wait is reasonable.

It could be a fantastic time for Gemini natives in terms of a relationship. The family would support them in all their shenanigans. Marriage life would also be in full bloom; make the most of it!

Along with the support of family, they may be supported by their brothers and children as well.

Do not take health lightly, as old ailment could recur. Hence make sure you follow the doctor’s instructions for previous conditions. Try to stay away from stress as that could lead to various diseases.

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Cancer Native, Jupiter is the lord of the sixth house, which stands for health, wellness, and our daily yahan wahan ke routines. The Huge planet is also the lord of the tenth house that denotes Karmasthan. Jupiter retrogrades from the eight houses, which is for joint ventures, financial settlement and tax. Hence it may be of benefit for the taxpayers.

It is a good time for the ones hunting for a job, as they may get good news. Folks who are in the service sector may experience a delay in finances. Their money and financial benefits may get stuck.

Business folks may manage to get their money that was pending. They may have to continue working hard to fulfil their goals and be patient when earning profit.

There may be a lot of progress that the Cancer natives may see in their love relationship. It is good news for Cancer folks, as they are more often reserved and cannot express their feelings openly because of which relationship status moves ahead at a plodding pace.

Their relation with family members and relatives would also improve, and they may enjoy good family bonding time.

The spiritual journey or spirituality may get hampered a bit for these natives.

Cancerians have to take care of their health, as health issues may arise due to the Jupiter retrograde. Do not take stress as that could lead to health problems.

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Jupiter retrograde would be through the seventh house, which stands for marriage and partnership. Jupiter is the lord of the fifth house for the Leo zodiac sign that is the house of social inclinations, pleasure and childbirth.

Leo natives could have faced some tough time at work; try to follow all the company guidelines and meet your KPI s every month, as failing to do so could lead to repercussions. In case Lion Peeps are looking to switch their job, try to wait a bit longer as the retrograde period is not favourable.
Business people are likely to get the desired results if they work hard. Hard work is going to pay during this retrograde. Though financial benefits may not as much as there may be some fluctuations during this time. Hence, try to play safe and do not take any chances during this time.

During this time, both the peps in the relationship may look out for space and time. If you both feel you should take a break for some time, it may be wise to do so. However, act according to your instincts and situation in a matter of love!

A heart wants what it wants and knows the best!

The folks who are married may see differences in opinions with their partner. However, try to resolve the issues amicably.

Leo natives got to take care of their bones and blood as they may face issues related to bone and blood. Do take care of your health in general as well. Follow all the health protocols such as maintaining a diet, keeping fitness in check.

You can also adapt to a morning routine according to your zodiac sign.

For the Virgo peeps, the transit is in the sixth house, representing health, service, co-workers, conflicts, divorce, and issues in work life. During this retrograde, the Virgo natives may become more strong both physically and mentally. They could fight off all their enemies and emerge victorious as well.

For Virgo peeps, there may be some issues at work. The work pressure could increase, which could be the reason for their stress. They may have some problems with colleagues and seniors who may refuse to work along and reduce the work burden along with work pressure. Virgo natives should try to stick to their work and complete their work. Try not to take initiatives or any added responsibilities at your workplace.

Business people may face pressure to achieve the targets. To keep up with the pressure, you can take help from International clients.

Virgo natives may face some issues when it comes to love and relationship in their lives. They may face problems in the relationship, mainly relating to some differences in opinions. Married life sees some ups and downs, and you could face some issues with children as well. Family support may also be very marginal because of the retrograde.

Virgo peeps should not compromise diet. Otherwise, you may end up putting on weight and may also face blood pressure issues. So stick to a healthy diet.

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For Libra natives, Jupiter is the lord of the third house, communication, transportation, and the local community. It is also the lord of the sixth house, health, wellness, and job; the house that it would transit would be the fifth: children, romance, investments, and speculations.

Libra natives may see mixed results when it comes to professional life. They are likely to have a good time at work; they may not have any issues back at work. However, they may face problems in saving money, so it is advised that they take advice from an expert and save money right this moment.
Folks looking to change their job should try to be more patient because they may face issues in their new job if they change their employment. Business People are in for a treat during this time as they may get new opportunities to earn profits. They may get special attention to grow their business and may also get help from outsiders.

Libra natives should avoid gambling, the stock market as the profits may not be as per the expectations.

Libra natives may face issues within their marriage. Hence, try to be patient and careful while communicating with your partner. Those looking to get married may face delays, and love marriage folks may not consent from their parents.

Health for Libra folks is good, but do not deviate from diet and exercise. Maintain healthy habits.

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Scorpio Native, Jupiter will transit from the fourth house; the fourth house represents mother, vehicle, and family. It is the lord of the second house for the Scorpio folks, which deals with personal finances, material possessions, and being the fifth house’s lord. It has command over children, romance, and social inclinations.

This retrograde is quite lovely for the service sector folks as they may have a good time. They could apt results for their hard work. Peeps who are looking to change their job could consider changing after the transit. Make sure you maintain a good rapport with your seniors and colleagues. Do not let your ego come in the way of your rapport building.

Business people would enjoy this time, as they could expand the business by the year-end and their hard work could be rewarded. They could make new customers as well.

Scorpions may continue holding grudges that they have with their family. Jupiter will transit from the fourth house, which deals with family relationships. However, since it is retrograde, the results may get delayed during this time. Married life could also see some ups and downs.

Scorpions could see health issues. Hence, it is advised to maintain a good healthy diet and exercise plan.
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Sagittarius Native, Jupiter is the lord of the first house (which stands for a person’s physical appearance) and the fourth house while transiting from the third house, indicating siblings, neighbours, communication, meeting, and short distance travels. There may be some behavioural difference between Sag natives and siblings.

The transit may help in increasing and improving the finances. The Jupiter transit may give mixed results for the service sector. They may continue to maintain a good rapport with their seniors and colleagues; however, at the same time, they may get some cold shoulder from their seniors. Folks looking to change their job may receive good opportunities.

Business folks may get good returns from their business, and they may earn profits as well.

The Archers relationship with their family and partner would be good. However, their relationship with their siblings may be affected; they may notice some strains in the relationship.

Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make sure you only stick to healthy food, as there may be some health issues, including high bp for the Sags.
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Capricorn Native, The transit will pass through the second house for the goat, mainly for money and for the family; Jupiter is the lord of the twelfth house that denotes expense. Jupiter is also the lord of the third house, which means the natives’ efforts.

The time could be pretty good for the job seeker; they may get the benefits. However, the wait may be a bit long. So, make you work hard, as even though it may take time, the results may be pretty good.

Dilemma may also keep crossing Capricorn natives whether or not to take up the new job opportunities. If you decide to take the latest job opportunities, you may get full benefits.

Business Peeps have to concentrate on their business; if they fail to do so, it could lead to unusual expenses.

The Goat may get many opportunities to spend their time bonding with their family and loved ones. However, they may not be present for their family and may not avail these opportunities. We suggest that you do not let off any chances to bond with your family, as scarce people get time to spend with their family.

Health is seemingly good for the Capricorn natives, but due to loads of work and other issues surrounding, they may feel stressed. Hence, try to de-stress yourself with activities you enjoy.

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For the Aquarius folks, Jupiter is the lord of the eleventh house- a house of benefit and profits and the second house- house of money and family, whereas it will transit from the first house, which is the native house for Aquarius.

Aquarius natives are advised to stick to their current job until the Jupiter retrograde is over. After that, they can start searching for another one. At the same time, employees who have already left their job should take up whatever opportunity that comes their way.

Business Peeps should maintain a low profile, and keep their heart and mind to their current job and not take up any new work as the situation might turn tricky and confusing with new work coming onboard.

Aquarius natives may have a great time with their partners, so make the most of it! If there are any disagreements that you could have with each other, try to convey them calmly and do not waste even a second of this lovey-dovey time.

Family matters may be completely relied on by these natives, so if possible, try to extend family matters until the transit is over.

Well, there is not much to say here, however, Aquarius peeps have to take care of their liver, as issues with the liver can be foreseen.
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Pisces Native, Jupiter is the lord of the 1st house, which denotes the characteristics, also lord of the 10th house. The transit would be from the 12 th house, which is the house of expenses, hospital etc.

Service sector employees may have to work harder to get new opportunities. Some folks may even get a promotion in their current profile. They may have the courage to take bold steps, the time is good, and they may even defeat their enemies. The only thing that they need to take care of is finances.
It is suitable for the business people as well as they may get new opportunities and may also get new customers. They continue making efforts as it is leading in the right direction.

It is a good time for love and relationship; they need to maintain a good balance between their professional and personal life. Make the best of it, spend more time with them. Plan activities together.

Pisces folks may enjoy good health during this time, do not be stressed or take tension as that is the only reason that could pull their health down. Hypertension could also be a reason for concern.

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