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Morning Routine As Per Your Zodiac To Have More Positivity

You must have by-hearted this rhyme during playgroup days.

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’
Although we all know how important it is to sleep early and wake up early to have good health, 90% of the population stay awake until midnight for some or another reason. In that case, it becomes an arduous task to start your day with energy and positivity. Your whole day depends upon the first thing you do in the morning. Therefore, it is imperative to have a perfect start. Let’s take a look at what your zodiac is saying about your morning routine.

Rams are the most energetic creatures on the planet. To sustain their energy, they should approach mother nature as their morning routine and enjoy the cool breeze. This is the best time for jogging or gyming. Aries should exercise for at least 45 minutes and meditate for minimum 15 minutes to start the day on the positive node. Music meditation can help you to start the day in a stress-free mood. Also, spend 5 min repeating affirmation statements to keep your spirit high.

Bulls love their comfort zone so much that they avoid morning exercise or meditation like Rams. Repeating affirmation statements should be their first ‘morning routine’. Taurus are foodie chaps, but they should avoid heavy breakfast to keep themselves active for the entire day. Although they don’t like to go for a heavy workout, they can use stairs instead of the elevator. This will add enthusiasm and liveliness to their routine.

They are the most confusing zodiac being a dual personality. Starting your day with morning meditation will help to be focused and sharp. 20-minutes of guided meditation can be a good option for you. Gemini should also spend the morning reading some spiritual books. You can either choose an excellent motivational book or your favourite author’s fiction for a morning routine.

Sensitive crabs ignore themselves most of the time. They should have some ‘me time’ in the morning. Apart from that, they can also go for morning meditation, yoga, or any activity class to improvise on their skills. If that is a little tough, you can take a walk to the nearest holy place. Spending time listening to your favourite playlist is also a good idea for Cancerians.

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Like their planet lord, Lions never lack energy and liveliness. It is not a bad idea to hit a gym to utilise their energy. In case that is not possible, they can be sweating doing aerobics with their favourite Zumba moves at home. For sharpness and focus, meditation can be a good alternative for you. Spending time in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for family members will help you renew your relationship.

Virgins are highly influenced by their planet Lord Mercury, although their communication is not as good as Geminis. They should start their day by preparing a ‘to-do list’ for the day after spending sometime in meditation. Although they feel lazy to run behind their goals, they can join any morning classes to improve their skills. Reading daily newspapers is an ideal morning routine for Virgo individuals.

Libras are the most charming and gorgeous personalities among all the Zodiacs. They can add Yoga to their daily schedule to have a more magnetic persona. It is good to have some fresh and healthy fruits in the morning time to keep the spirit high for the entire day. Scales should also add morning prayer in their schedule for an energetic day.

Scorpions are very mysterious people who always keep working to acquire knowledge and firm in their approach. They can add music meditation to their morning routines. Apart from this, they can also spend time in spiritual activity. It will help them to maintain their energy throughout the day. Spirituality also aids them to keep their mind relaxed and calm.

Archers are care-free people who love wandering. There is a high possibility that they will have all the things haphazard. To avoid such a situation, you should maintain a daily diary and jot down all the essential things. Also, carry a list of strengths and weaknesses and work on that. That will help you to keep track of everything and achieve your goal in the long term.

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Capricorns are very disciplined chaps. They don’t like disturbances or distractions in their schedule. But, they should also learn to have some “me time.” This can help them to understand their inner self. They should also spend time reading popular books or taking a short walk in the neighbourhood garden. It is good to do 15-minute meditation to charge the mind, body, and spirit.

Aquarius is an air element. Therefore, they should spend more time connecting with the air to have an energetic morning. Yoga is the best way to create such a connection and nullify negative energy. Along with that, add 10-minute meditation to your morning routine to have a peaceful mind. Also, don’t forget to miss reading the morning newspaper. It will help you to be active in any debate or discussion.

Pisces are compassionate and dreamy individuals. The majority of the time, they find themselves in a dilemma. Morning prayer and meditation can help them to overcome the situation and stick to the goal they set previously. It is good to prepare a priority list and work accordingly. Meditate with the rising sun as this can add confidence to your character.

Whatever your morning routine will be, never forget to start your day with a smile. It will cost nothing but help you to win many hearts.

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