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Mercury Transit in Gemini & Its Effects on Zodiac Signs

Gemini seems to be the place everyone wants to be at, as last we saw Mars in Gemini. Now it is Mercury transit in Gemini with transit dates from 26/05/2021 to 03/06/2021.

Is Gemini the new Goa or Maldives? We leave it to you to make a choice! Here are some Mercury Transit Dates to help you out.
The second wave is Mercury, which will retrograde in Taurus from 03/06/2021 to 22/06/2021. As if it was not enough. There will be another transition of Mercury in Taurus from 22/06/2021 to 07/07/2021.

The retrograde and transits almost feels like a spring set or an oscillating pendulum, and we are not yet over. Mercury will transit in Gemini again from 07/07/2021 to 25/07/2021.

Now after a lot of travel across the universe. Let us find a base and read how a packed schedule of Mercury in these signs would affect your zodiac sign. But before we discuss the effects of Mercury transit in the signs, let us discuss its effects on the world.

During this time, the west may threaten the east. Ignorant Religious Statements could lead to violent deeds, and the eastern countries might end up getting harmed. Violent activities may happen in the Asian continent. India may also witness a few changes during this time.

Due to the neighbouring countries’ issues, some good decisions or fight back may be applauded by every nation, increasing India’s reputation in other countries. Northern countries such as China or Russia or the governments of the North-West or the continent of Europe may experience infection-related issues or damage from rainstorms.

Western Countries may witness natural calamities like hurricanes, rains or fires, and souther countries may prepare for damage control. Baseless statements and threats from some big countries may increase. Commercial industries like the IT sector, telephonic or online marketing, digital marketing, and networking could foresee developments.

New trade agreements may happen between India and its north-eastern neighbours.

NOTE: All these predictions are based on moon signs.

It is a good time for Aries folks to improve their relations with younger siblings if there were any past issues. Time to mend and heal, as relationships with paternal relatives, business partners may be revived. Married natives would feel at peace and calm at where the relationship is—chances of Aries natives falling in love and getting into a relationship. The ones who are in a relationship may have ups and downs. You may be worried about their kids, either their studies or their health. However, do not worry but instead, look where they are lacking and work upon it.
Aries peeps may suffer from head-related, shoulder-related issues. So make sure you take the necessary precaution. Try to do stretching exercises so that the problems of injuries are minor. Even though the students and youth may experience mental stress during this time, they may accomplish some crucial tasks giving them a bit of hope. If you have not gone out for a while, there might be a chance for a trip.

Natives in the service sector and sales, target-oriented jobs may have a hectic work schedule. This time is favourable for commission-oriented work or partnership business. There may be a revival in reputation or customer relationship during this period.

Remedies: Regular chanting of Hanuman Chalisa will be beneficial for Aries natives.

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Taureans should be cautious while driving or during any physical activities as there are chances of an injury around the head.

You may also feel a bit depressed, stressed and irritated because of the circumstances around you. You may even take the wrong decision in haste. These issues may pile up, leading to insomnia and racing thought. Do not let these things take you down. Try to do yoga, breathing exercises, pranayam to relieve yourself from stress. You can also start pursuing your hobbies, which may work as a beautiful distraction and help you think wisely, clearly and calmly.

There may create turmoil of sorts in terms of both personal and professional relationships. Be careful that small debates do not end up in massive conflicts with anyone.

You may have disputes and conflicts with colleagues and partners at work. Some of the tasks may get delayed, and there are chances of fraud related to legal documents. Hence make sure you check every paper carefully. This is not a good time for trading or borrowing money; you could apply for a bank loan, though. The conjunction time is not a favourable time for investing in the share market. However, you may experience some relief in commission-related work.

You are advised to not get into debates or arguments with elders. Taurus students may experience issues related to their education during this period. Due to the frustration of things not going your way, you might end up having a difference of opinion with family members. However, do understand they wish for your good and their views are coming from a good place.

Relationships with friends are likely to be good. You may benefit from a friend, though.

Remedies: Regular chanting of Shiva Mantra and Mother Durga Mantra or Stotra will benefit natives of Taurus.

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Starting with health, Gemini folks may suffer from eye pain, especially the left eye. They may also suffer from cold, cough, fever, or infection. Pregnant natives need to be careful around this time as they may suffer from stomach ache, which must not be taken for granted. They may experience difficulty related to an unpredicted surgery as well. Visit the doctor immediately if you feel any uneasiness. Also, prevention is better than cure. Hence, be extremely cautious when moving around and about your food habits. Try not to eat anything from outside; also, try to stick to healthy food items.

Natives suffering from cataracts may experience delays in getting their issues resolved. Service sector natives may make wrong decisions, not seek expert advice from family members, and make blunders during this period. Hence, try to consult your family and the experts before making decisions to avoid future consequences.

It is a favourable time for business people. Your expenditures may rise, but you may accomplish essential tasks. Job opportunities may arise. Opportunities to prosper may occur for the natives wishing to make a career in IT, BPO, and sales. For student natives, getting admission to preferred colleges might be difficult or delayed during this time. Hence, make sure you study hard, make sure you put extra effort during the admission efforts, leave no stones unturned to make things in your favour.

Relationships with maternal side relatives may be stressful. Relationships with elder siblings may get strained because of arguments. Hence, be very careful while communicating with them. Do not let your emotions take over; try to be as composed and calm as possible, as this can prove to be good for your relationship and friendship.

Remedies: Regular worship of Kuldevi will be beneficial for the natives of Gemini.

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Cancer folks, you are advised to avoid making hasty decisions related to your career. If you have any confusion, consulting an expert is recommended. The experts would be the right people to guide you in the right direction. Also, please speak to your family member and elder in the family and take their opinion. Make sure you consult before making any decision at this time, as you might have multiple opportunities related to career, education, and a new job.

There might be a delay in acquiring money in commission-related business or money collection. Make sure you make a backup financial plan in advance to get over this economic crunch. Natives of the Cancer zodiac may suffer skin problems. You might suffer pains on the left side of the hands and legs from injury due to falling.

Elderly natives should take care while moving around or while doing any physical activities. Pregnant women should be careful about their eating habits. Try not to eat anything from outside; also, try to stick to healthy food items.

Also, you are advised not to take health for granted, visit the doctor, and take care of any sort of uneasiness that you may face.

Financial expenditures may rise, and you may experience extra spending related to an outing with friends or trying to help a friend.

For business or any other purpose, keeping a distance from unknown people or money lenders is advisable. Business relations are likely to be good; it is a good time to mend your strained bad relationship with customers or make profits with new customers’ help; this time is ideal. Be careful to not invest in any scheme, as you may be scammed.

If you have conflicts with elder siblings regarding real estate, this is real-time to resolve.

Remedies: Regular recitation of Shiva Mantra or Shiva Stotra will be beneficial for natives of Cancer.

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It is time that Leo natives become good listeners as it would be highly beneficial if you take advice from others and also be open to your criticism. These bits of advice can give you a direction on your lost career path.

This time is favourable for the service sector natives. However, try to avoid getting into office politics or gossiping about your senior as it could lead to disputes. Natives seeking a better job could try to stick to their current positions and wait for the appropriate opportunity.
Quitting the current job might prove an expensive blunder. As a businessman or entrepreneur, try not to debate with labourers or your employees as it may cost you heavily. For natives involved in the family business, this time is good. However, make sure that you maintain good relationships with your father and avoid arguments and debates as much as possible.

During this time, health-related issues like back pain, especially bone pain, right knee or right sole of the feet, distress may be experienced for the natives of Leo. Problems related to bile and gas may happen. Psychological patients need to take care during this time.
If you hear any talks about your family doing rounds, do not lose your patience, which causes you and your family harm. Try not to offend the paternal relatives with your speech or behaviour.

Remedies: Regular chanting of the Vishnu Mantra will be beneficial for the Leo Natives.

You can worship Lord Vishnu and get rid of sins of the past life with Vishnu Puja.

It is a good time for Virgo students to appear for government jobs. You may feel anxious regarding your studies; however, you may accomplish the tasks with hard work and dedication.

Investing in real estate could be a good investment option. Do not rush to invest in the stock market or gold and silver. If you have already invested somewhere, being extra cautious as there might be a possibility of fraud.

Virgo natives may suffer from skin ailments, boils, haemorrhoids, piles, insomnia, fatigue, headache, gas, acidity in the stomach. Foremost advice would be to stay hydrated. Try to drink 4 litres of water every day, and also maintain the digestion of your body strong.

Eat light and less spicy food. Also, avoid long-distance trips during this period as that could be the reason for deteriorating health and inability to make the right decisions. Natives with stomach ailments or stones may have high expenditure related to surgery or operation. Parents of the natives may experience health issues, which could be the reason for your stress.

Projects related to court-related documents or other legal documents may get delayed. You may have a hard time collecting back the money lent. Hence, make sure you do not entirely rely on that money and make a back financial plan. Natives intending to apply for a loan or visa may have to wait for long. You might not experience any respite in divorce or any other court case in your married life. During this time, it is imperative to spend time peacefully with your sibling, children, partner and even with society. You may need support and not debates and arguments during this time.

Remedies.:- For the natives of Virgo, regular chanting of Vishnu Mantra or Stotram and recitation of Mother Laxmi Sri Suktam lessons will be highly beneficial.

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Business relationships are about to flourish for Librans. The natives in the service sector can expect better opportunities, salary raise, promotion, or a rise in the designation. It is a good time for a government job, banking, management, designing careers.

The Libra natives may suffer from chest pain, stomach issues, urinary problems. Taking precaution in eating habits is advised as it may result in infection-related cases. Elderly natives have to be cautious about eating habits. Make sure you avoid eating from outside and prefer healthy food. You may remain upset with your children’s academic progress. Try to talk to them, and you both can work out a solution together. Pregnant natives may be worried about unexpected expenditure due to the sudden need for surgery.

The expenses may outweigh your income during this period. Hence, start saving for rainy days. Make sure you don’t spend unnecessarily on great things. Expenditure on auspicious tasks or trips may incur. You may experience obstacles related to ancestral property, court-related matters, and legal documents. This may lead to family issues, and you may have to handle all the problems carefully.

This is a favourable time, as new opportunities for new romantic relations and natives intending to get married might arise. The relationship with the mother and children of the natives may improve.

Remedies: Regular chanting of Hanuman Chalisa will be beneficial for the natives of Libra.

Mercury is roaming in Gemini and Taurus; get a glimpse of what it is doing with Rahu in Taurus.

Scorpio natives may suffer from severe injuries to the left hand or leg related to a fall, skin issues, or bone issues during this period. You may have to care for some family members who are sick.

You may be a little demotivated as your intended projects move at a snail’s pace, or you may come across obstacles while trying to do something new, leading to excessive anger, agitation, and insomnia; your mental health may remain compromised during this period. Try to do yoga and meditation. Relying on them excessively as anger and stress can hamper your health and thinking capacity to look further beyond the obstacles. Also, try not to carry these tensions as your professional and personal life may get affected. Married life may have ups and downs, but overall would be okay.

Natives seeking new job opportunities may face obstacles. However, try to work hard to surpass the challenges and reach the destination. Students may be worried about their education. However, the same advice implies to them as well. Hard work is the Key!

It might take longer than usual for natives to apply for a foreign trip related to studies or job.

Although some friends may cause you to spend more than your budget, overall relationships with friends are likely to be okay. During this time, take extra care and handle relationships. Try not to hurt your mother or the younger siblings. You may need to keep the family strings supported by maintaining your calm as there may be issues with maternal and paternal grandmothers and aunty.

Remedies: Regular chanting of Ganesh Mantra or recitation of Sankat Nashan Stotra would be beneficial for natives of Scorpio.
You can also help you enhance the prospects of success by worshipping a Ganesh Yantra.

The natives of Sagittarius may suffer from health problems like bone pain, thigh pain, pain in the right hand and leg. This time is not favourable for eye surgery. Older natives are advised to be careful while moving around. Maintain the spring in your walk, but make sure you are equally careful as well.

You may suffer from problems related to cold, cough, fever, or infections. If any physical pain, do not take it for granted and seek an immediate medical opinion. Don’t be careless if there may be physical pain during this time. You might have to spend more money related to your or your family’s health issues. During this period, pregnant natives may not need surgery.

Career-wise, you might feel you have reached a dead end. Job hunting may leave you disappointed. However, remember these are the rainy days, and all you have to do is work hard, and success may be ready for you. Planning a trip with a friend may be difficult due to barriers. Money collection may have a lot of obstacles.

Try to do Yoga and meditation daily as you may be stressed because of work, business, disputes with the superiors, business partner/friends during this period. Natives who have been applying for a loan or visa for a long time might see some significant progress, which may be a big reliever for you! Beware of investing in any scheme currently.

Parents are likely to be with you in all walks and paths of life, be it financially or emotionally. Ups and downs can be seen in the love relationship. Marital life foresees disputes. Hence try not to hurt your partner’s feelings. Do understand that what defines a relationship is love and adventure. You go through this together and succeed in the Journey of Life.

If you hurt the sentiments of members of the society or family, which might have caused a disagreement or discord, this is the time when it might be restored and resolved to some extent.

Remedies: Regular chanting of Lord Dattatreya Mantra or Guru Mantra, or Stotra would be highly beneficial for the natives of Sagittarius.

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There is good news for Capricorn natives involved in technical, IT, astrology, karma kand, people engaged in rituals, religious work, or auspicious ceremonies as they may experience progress in their careers!

Also, another good news is that you may plan a trip with your family!

The natives of Capricorn may suffer from health problems like the hand, shoulder pain, throat infection, cough, cold, infection, breathing and gallbladder problems during this period. You may have to spend on surgery for chronic issues of stones or lumps, which had some obstacles in the past.
Pregnant natives should be on an alert, as they may have stomach problems or bleeding problems. Always be accompanied by your family member and do not take health for granted. Take care! Children may need to be protected, especially with their eating habits. They may need immense energy, significantly as the travelling may increase. Try to teach healthy food habits to them.

You may be under stress due to career uncertainty, and this stress can cause you to mess up some important work. Hence, make sure that you practise stress-busting exercises or inculcate herbs to reduce stress, as stress can only worsen matters.

Due to delay in admission to the preferred college, natives may experience increased frustration and fear. The same suggestion is Goat students as fear; anxiety can fog the solutions you could otherwise see clearly. Natives having business might be able to expand their business during this period! Finally, hard work would pay off!

There could be disputes in the business relationship. Your impulsive decisions may cost you your reputation. Hence, try to maintain your calm and relaxed. Look at how far you have come and keep the same spirit further as well. Be cautious in terms of financial and emotional investments. Try not to hurt your mother, relatives, partners feelings.

Remedies: Regular chanting of Hanuman Chalisa accompanied by Bajrang Baan or Shiva Mantra’s recitation will be highly beneficial for the natives of Capricorns.

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This time is favourable for a change in your career graph. Some opportunities may arise for natives who have been seeking job opportunities for long and wanting to work in a preferred career, like doing any training courses.

Natives looking to go abroad for studies or work may finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Business natives may do a lot of planning during this time, especially with family members. You may go on a work trip as well!

The tides are about to be turned in your favour in personal life, as a new love relationship might blossom, intimacy in marital life may restore. Also, it is a suitable time to restore the social relations that were stained in the past. Fun time with family is On!

The natives of Aquarius may suffer from severe stomach ailments, chest pain, breathing disorders, and bone pain during this period. Older natives may suffer a lot due to injuries caused by a fall. They might experience expenditure on unexpected surgery. Natives suffering from asthma or shortness of breath are advised to be cautious. Natives with blood pressure may spend more money on health.

Aquarians should take care of their health and stick to eating healthily. Give some break to your panipuri, pizza marathons and have healthy and freshly cooked meals. During this period, beware of stock market people and money launderers; as you may cross a few, all you have to do is dodge your way out of the situation. Before starting any work seeking expert advice can be beneficial, especially your business plans with your friends.

Remedies:- Regular chanting of Hanuman Chalisa or Mrityunjaya Mantra will be highly beneficial to the natives of Aquarius.

Health and diet need to be taken care of; know the choice of food as per your zodiac sign.

For the Pisces natives, this time may be overall good. You may experience relief from hand, foot, bone pain or even skin related problems after surgery or treatment. Natives having gall bladder or stone problems may get some good tips or advice. It is a favourable time for the natives seeking new job opportunities. Yay!

An influence of a family member can prove beneficial during this time—a favourable time to plan a new business with your friend or family. Natives involved in the family business may get an opportunity to upgrade. It is an excellent family bond time, as a family trip is on the cards, and an auspicious event at home may also happen.

When it comes to investing money on interest or a scheme, it is advisable to be careful and seek expert advice, especially in real estate. You could do well if you appear for government job exams. Hence, try for Sarkari Naukri! Make this time revolve around family bonding, as your relationship with your parents could improve.

Be patient with your partner as there may be some Bitterness that can be seen in marital life, which you could reverse with love.

Remedies: For the natives of Pisces, Lord Datt Jaap and Vishnu Mantra Jaap’s regular chanting will be highly beneficial.

Worshipping Lord Vishnu can also help in getting rid of sins of the past life with Vishnu Puja.

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