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Mercury Rahu Conjunction in Taurus & Its Effects on Zodiac Signs

It looks like, just like the awards season, the transit season is back after a stall of a few months. The last was the Mars Transit In Gemini 2021, which started on April 14, 2021, at 01:41 a.m., and now it is a swift planet in conjunction with the beautiful zodiac sign Taurus. This is ideally how much we would expect about conjunction. However, things turn more interesting now as Rahu will transit to Taurus. So, we might see Rahu-Mercury conjunction in the month of May and June.

It would be quite interesting to see the effects of the trio, as they are known to get along with each other and create some amazing results, such as the fastest moving planet Mercury gets grounded in Taurus. At the same time, Rahu is friendly with Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.

The itinerary for this conjunction is
Mercury in Taurus from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021
Mercury will retrograde to Taurus on 03/06/2021 will remain in Taurus till 22/06/2021.
Hence Rahu-Mercury conjunction will be in the month of May and June.

All the renowned prominent leaders across the globe could give wrong statements owing to controversies. The powerful nations might intimidate and threaten weaker nations to create fear. Western countries may try to threaten the eastern countries.

Western countries may make legal changes in the process related to the visa. Oil, alcohol, gas, safety-related products are likely to prosper during this period. Business people from eastern nations may negotiate with western countries to grow their business, but there may be a denial or delay from the west.

Southern nations may face natural calamities like hurricanes, heavy rains or fire in the forest areas. Eastern nations like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka would perform well in sports and games.

Countries like China and Russia may threaten and scare others. As a result, there may be an atmosphere of fear and danger around the globe. Let’s go ahead and see what effects do planets that get along create. After all, Mercury is a planet of perception and Rahu, well it can trick intelligence.
Time to dive into the pool of mercury rahu conjunction predictions for all the zodiac signs NOTE: All these predictions are based on moon signs.

For Arians, the conjunction will take place from 1/05/2021 to 26/05/2021. During this time, it is advised that the bold and the straightforward Ram have control over their speech, especially when they are talking to their loved ones. It is recommended that you speak carefully and calmly. Try not to lose your patience over trivial matters.

There may be some throat and skin problems that you may face. Be careful while driving or playing as there are chances of you falling which may damage the skin around the head’s area.

From 03/06/2021 to 22/06/2021, Mercury will retrograde; you have to be cautious during this time as you may get caught while lying. You may suffer from tongue and gum problems, and exercising precaution would be best.

Not every day is sunshine and happiness; there can be some gloomy days as well as Aries natives with marketing jobs may face an unfavourable time to reach targets or earn incentives. However, no matter how bleak the days are, they, after all, pass for sunshine to pave its path!
For natives who have a shop or business, customer complaints may worry you.

On 02/05/2021, students may have a hard time as an unnecessary outburst or conflict may happen. Try to stay away from conflicts or conversation that could lead to conflicts.

The investment graph during this time is zig-zag as the period from 02/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 may be favourable for investment, but 03/06/2021 to 22/06/2021 seems unfavourable.

Again time from 22/06/2021 to 07/06/2021 seems to be good for investment. Isn’t it a rollercoaster? It is suggested that you be cautious and skilful enough to avoid any disputes or conflicts within your family or social circle.

Remedies: Regular chanting of Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays or Saturdays will be beneficial.
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For the bull, the conjunction of Mercury-Rahu from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 may cause cold and cough problems. Hence, take extra precaution, try not to eat anything that could aggravate the situation.

From 03/06/2021 to 22/06/2021, Taurus folks should be extra cautious regarding chest, stomach, or lung should be taken. Ensure you check with the doctor and work out a plan that can help you maintain health.

For the pregnant natives, a healthy eating pattern and abiding strictly with the medical advice would be of extreme importance. This time may not be favourable for career and finance. You might end up spending more than your budget. Hence, make sure you make a financial plan to take care of expenses and save for the rainy days.

You may be confused when making important decisions regarding your career during this period. Try to take advice from the experts or your parents to guide you in the right direction.

Natives in the service sector may experience extreme pressure from the superiors.

From 03/06/2021 to 22/06/2021, you may find some changes at work.

Natives involved in partnership firms may have to be extra careful regarding business and partners. A financial loss may lead to a conflict with partner/partners. Being cautious is advised in this matter. Try to be mindful while talking to family members, especially with your spouse. Try to be calm and patient while having a conversation with them.

You may have to spend money due to family health issues in June. A relationship with friends would continue as usual.

Remedies: For the natives of Taurus, Lord Dattatreya’s regular chanting would yield good luck.

The conjunction of Mercury-Rahu will be average for the twins. You may incur expenses due to your family’s health and may even have to take extra time to take care of them. You may not feel quite uplifted and energetic during this time.

But do understand it is ok, try to do mediation and garner energy and strength instead of getting on the negative flow. Gemini natives may experience eye problems during this time. Hence take care of your eyes.

This is not a favourable time for cataract surgery. So, the Gemini folks who have been planning on doing this surgery can do it now.

From 03/06/2021 to 22/06/2021, Mercury will retrograde in Taurus. During that time, there may be obstacles in some critical work.

Elderly natives may experience stress and tension. However, do not get in the flow of emotion, as that could hamper your health. Instead, try to be calm, and the solution may be right in front of you if you look around calmly. Gemini Parents may have to take care of the eating habits of their children. Make sure they are eating healthy food and are taking care of their health as well.

For the Natives who are in their youth, May is a good month, but in June (from 03/06/2021 to 22/06/2021), they may have to be very mindful of their speech.
A Gemini business person may face issues because of their employees. Hence, take necessary precautions to avoid such situations.

Folks in the service sector may take the wrong decision because of stress. Meditation and yoga are highly recommended to reduce stress. The period from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 may be suitable for the investors, but consulting an expert is advisable.

From 03/06/2021 to 22/06/2021, the natives in love should be careful with their speech with their partners. Try to be patient and understanding while you are with them.

Remedies:- Regular or on Wednesdays, chanting of Ganesh Mantra or Ganesh Sankat Nashan Stotra will give extra benefit for Gemini natives.

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The crab may face some problems related to thighs or knee from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021, and from 03/06/2021 to 07/07/202, natives may experience urinary and chest pain-related issues.

Hence, please do take necessary precautions for your health. As health is wealth, if you feel uneasiness, make sure you visit the doctor, or if any medications and diet have been recommended in the past, try to stick to them for a healthy you!

From 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021, older natives may have to be very careful while moving around or doing any physical activities. Make sure you still have the spring in your step but are equally very careful. Long-distance travel should be avoided, and if unavoidable, taking extreme precautions is advised.

From 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021, a family trip is on the cards for younger natives. A trip with friends or family is also possible during this time. Enjoy, make the best memories!

This is a pleasant time for kids and students. You may feel highly motivated during this period because of good results and success in something you were desperately waiting for.

From 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021, business class natives must be careful about new ventures or experimentation in business. Natives involved in import-export business or networking business should be mindful of their speech to maintain their business relationship.

Try to control your anger as it could lead to significant conflicts or insulting situations. In fact, try to be careful in all the spheres of your life, as it may create rifts in many relationships.

Remedies: Regular chanting of Lord Shiva’s mantra would be highly beneficial to the natives.

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Leo Folks need to take care of health; from 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021. Try not to take even a minor cold, cough for granted. Consult with the doctor even when you see minor symptoms.

Leo Women, the ones who are pregnant, and children need to be extra careful about food and diet, as there are chances of stomach and back pain. Make sure you eat healthy food, try to avoid junk food and food that lack nutrition.

The period from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 is a favourable time for new jobs or promotion or a hike in salary. If you are looking for a switch, try to switch your job during this time. Because from 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021, natives are advised not to quit your job hastily.

You may get an opportunity to go on a religious or work-related trip as well.

From 01/05/2021 to 06/05/2021, there may be considerable progress in marriage proposals.

It is a favourable time for the natives in a love relationship and the natives seeking a love relationship. However, the lions need to be handled carefully. Try not to do anything that could hamper the equation of the relationship.

From 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021, natives may face issues related to getting caught red-handed if they have an extra-marital affair. You need to take extreme care while interacting with your father. Also, do not react rudely relating to a dispute or an emotional setback with siblings.

Remedies: For the natives of Leo, regular chanting of Surya Mantra or the chanting of Aditva Hridaya Stotra may be highly beneficial.

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Virgo natives may suffer from right-hand injury or skin-related problems such as piles or haemorrhoids, etc. Do take care of your diet and digestion process. Try to eat light and healthy food that can easily digest. Make sure you are hydrated—bid goodbye to spicy or fried foods as you may be prone to gas and acidity as well.

In addition to this, take regular medication, do not ignore any minor symptoms as well. Take medical advice! You may feel confused related to career and financial proceedings. Try to take advice from financial experts, do not make wrong decisions owing to confusion.

There might be a delay or blockage in getting back the cash that others owe you. So, make a financial plan and imply to it thoroughly if there is an economic crunch caused. Natives in the service segment may experience a good time from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021. Virgos seeking jobs are likely to get successful. It looks like a favourable time for commission-related business as well. Time to celebrate for Virgo peeps!

01/05/2021 to 06/052021 is suitable for investments like the share market and other business; however, seeking expert advice would still be a priority. This time is favourable if you wish to get a loan as well.

Natives seeking a visa for going abroad are likely to be successful in this period for education or work purposes. Important issues that were pending on the paternal side may get accomplished.

However, being cautious with paternal side relatives is advised. Be careful not to end up hurting your paternal side cousins. Natives may experience husband-wife relationship bliss. Married couples seeking divorce might find a solution to restore their relationship. Relationships with friends would be pleasant; you might even go on a trip with friends.

Remedies: For the natives of Virgo, regular chanting of the Vishnu Mantra would be highly beneficial.

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It is a favourable time for creative Liberians, especially the ones in designing.

The period from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 might be a good time to invest in gold and silver. Natives involved in sales or target-oriented jobs may do good but may have customer complaints. However, you try you could resolve it for them winning you, your customers back.

The transition of Mercury-Rahu conjunction from 1/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 may cause leg pain-related issues. Be careful while driving, especially after 03/06/2021, as problems may escalate. A fall might result in severe injuries to the legs or waist. Hence, be cautious while doing any physical activities.

Another place to be careful is related to ancestral properties, as you may need to handle the relationships with the paternal side very finely.
If your house is on sale, take care of legal documents, as chances of fraud from 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021 are foreseen. Librans may relish life, as intimacy in relationships may increase. A new love relationship might blossom.

Married couples may experience stressful moments. However, make sure you keep the romance and love alive. Try to enjoy all the moments that you get and stride off away from stress together. For natives involved in an extra-marital affair may experience turbulence in married life. Students may feel mentally disturbed. You may experience unsuccess in things that you like the most.

Remedies: Worshipping your family goddess (Kuldevi) or chanting mantra daily or on Fridays will be highly beneficial for Libra natives.

For the Scorpio folks, the conjunction of Mercury-Rahu from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 may cause problems related to cold and cough. Hence precaution is advised. Try to stay away from cold, fried, unhealthy food that could falter your health.

From 03/06/2021 to 22/06/2021, should take protection regarding urinary or infection-related issues. These issues may only arise if Scorpio peeps do not care about eating habits and overall health. Elderly natives must maintain a healthy eating pattern and be careful if the natives have asthma or diabetes.

Ensure you take your medicines on time and maintain the diet that the doctor has prescribed you. Try not to falter on these aspects. From 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 is a favourable time for cataract operation. Hence, the folks who have been looking for surgery can perform it during this time, as eye-related surgery should be avoided in June.

There may be some obstacles in your career. However, obstacles are an indication that you are working hard towards your goals. Natives involved in partnership firms may experience conflict with partners regarding finance; overall, it may be a demanding time.

Natives advised not to initiate any new work during the period from 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021. During this period, do not borrow money on interest as well. Maintain social distance and mental distance from people who lend money on interest during this period. Avoiding investing in a new scheme is advised. Investing in a bank or silver or gold is advisable.

Students seeking foreign trips may experience success after minor obstacles.

The relationship with the mother is likely to remain fragile during this period. Be mindful not to hurt any family members with your speech.

Remedies: Regular chanting of Ganesh Mantra and Hanuman Chalisa would be highly beneficial to the natives of Scorpio.
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Sagittarius elderly natives may experience difficulties with walking, back pain. Avoid rushing into things and take extreme care to avoid injuries related to falling.

Sags should be careful not to offend elders with your speech. Be calm and composed while you speak with them. While raising concerns regarding disagreements, be gentle and clement.

From 03/06/2021 to 07/06/2021, the archer may face mental stress. Try to do yoga and meditation during this time. As it may not only keep the pressure at bay but can also help you to find a solution to your problem calmly.

Children may suffer from sore throat, cough, and infections, so being cautious when going out is advisable. Sag students should be mindful about travelling or their food habits. Try to stick to home-cooked meals and also maintain social distance and follow the norms while travelling.
Overall, this is a good time for the students. They may get an opportunity to choose a career of their choice, and Job opportunities may arise. For the natives already working, promotion is on the cards. Congratulations!

Even a work-related trip is foreseen. If you are trying to appear for a government job, then from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 is the favourable time for you to fill the form or appear for an exam.

Starting a new venture would be good, but family members or focusing on family business may yield better benefits. Maternal side relationships would remain fragile during this period. From 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021, married natives may experience bitterness in their relationship. Concern for your children may keep you worried.

Remedies: Regular chanting of Lord Dattatreya mantra or guru mantra or Jaap would be highly beneficial for the natives of Sagittarius.
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For the natives of Capricorns, the transition of the Mercury-Rahu conjunction may not be good. The women natives may experience child-related problems.

In the period from 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021, pregnant natives should be cautious while going out. Do not take issues like stomach pain or kidney problems for granted. Be mindful of your regular diet. Stick to healthy and freshly cooked meals.

Goats may experience stone disease; make sure you are thoroughly hydrated. Water is your best friend! Also, avoid sweets, as that could lead to multiple other health issues.

There’s a risk that a fall that children with Capricorn sign may injure the leg or right arm. Please make sure the parents take care of them. Always keep an eye when they are playing or while they are doing any activities.

Capricorn Adults may experience a waste of money and time due to family health issues. For young natives who want to go abroad for studies or jobs, applying for a visa from 01/05/2021 to 06/05/2021 may be favourable.

The conjunction is an excellent time to appear for government job exams. The period from 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021 is not suitable for a new job or quitting an existing position due to stress in the job. Try to stick around until the period is over.

Married couples should take care during this period as some problems in love relationships may arise. Be careful not to hurt your loved ones with your speech or action.

Remedies: For the natives of Capricorns, Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Ban’s regular chanting will be highly beneficial.
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For the natives of Aquarius, the transition of the Mercury-Rahu conjunction will be from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021. You might have to take care of some family member who is sick. Natives may experience problems related to sore throat, stomach, chest pain, and skin. In the period from 03/06/2021 to 07/06/2021, the water bodies may face hair-related problems as well.

Pregnant natives may face an unexpected surgery related to the fetus or maybe experience bleeding. Be cautious during this time, do not ignore any signals from the body. Consult with a doctor whenever you see minor symptoms.

Older natives should be cautious while going out. Try to avoid going out as much as possible. Younger natives may be under work-related stress. Due to pressure from the superiors at work, you may experience fear or anxiety. Enjoy yoga and meditation during this time, as it may help you stay stress-free.

Capricorn students should also enjoy yoga and meditation religiously to get away from the anxious feeling experienced. This period is not favourable for the loan application and investment. Hence, try to refrain from applying for loans. It is a favourable time for technical natives, as new job opportunities open up.

Gently and skillfully handle relationships with parents during this period. Be very calm and composed while interacting with them and even your in-laws. Take extra precaution not to hurt your siblings’ sentiments, especially the younger ones. You may face some issues related to the house or immovable properties, child’s education.

Remedies: Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa regular or at least on Saturdays will be highly beneficial to the natives of Aquarius.
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For the fish, the Mercury-Rahu conjunction transition from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 looks to be a favourable time. However, during the period from 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021, you may experience an injury to your hands, left leg, thighs or recurrence of some chronic joint pain. There may be an escalation in issues related to gallbladder, bile, bile duct, and acidity. You may be prone to mental dullness, frequent irritation, unnecessary worries during this period.

Try to take utmost care, as things may only get escalated if you do not take care of diet and exercise. Keep your diet healthy and as advised by the doctor. Make sure you do yoga and meditation religiously.

The period from 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021 is favourable for a trip with family or friends. Plans of travel may keep you busy. You may accomplish some of your tasks. Hurray! However, it is advisable to seek an expert opinion if you are planning to invest.

The period from 03/06/2021 to 07/07/2021 is not favourable for a loan; it may not be a good time to invest in the share market or real estate. You might have financial constraints due to excessive expense. Funds from family can yield financial benefit during this period.
You may go on a trip with your younger siblings. Some marital jolts may occur during this period, perhaps because of some conflicts trying to protect the relationship with neighbours.

Remedies:- For the natives of Pisces, regular chanting of Dant Mantra or Guru Mantra or Guru Stotram on Thursdays will be highly beneficial.

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