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Triple Planetary Conjunction in Capricorn & Its Effects on Your Zodiac Sign

Triple Planetary Conjunction in Capricorn & Its Effects on Your Zodiac Sign

Winter is coming! It does not happen too often when three words hold this much weight. However, we see your ‘winter is coming’, and raise you ‘Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury’. Yes, it probably holds more prominence than the dread of White Walkers. For those who did not get the Game of Thrones reference, here is the gist. Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury’s Triple Planetary Conjunction of 2021 is here in Capricorn and this rare astrological event is sure to shake some grounds.

A Conjunction of three planets is a rare astrological event in itself, but when you factor in the gravitas and power of these three planets, you know something big is about to happen. On January 5th, Mercury will transit to Capricorn, and the triple conjunction will take place. Jupiter and Saturn are planets of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Justice. However, their Modus Operandi is quite polarising.

Where Jupiter is a sage, a ‘Guru’ in the true sense, Saturn is that strict teacher everyone feared.

Mercury, on the other hand, brings curiosity to the table. It is a messenger who likes to tear things apart and put them back together. What will Jupiter and Saturn do with Mercury’s intellect and transporting abilities? Not only the host Capricorn, but all other signs will also be affected by this extravagant phenomenon. Before we get into how it will affect your zodiac sign, let’s check the impact of this triple transit on India as well as the World.

The Great Conjunction between two giant planets is occurring on 21st December 2020. In addition to Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, the planet Mercury is also expected to join the party. It is the planet that provides mental strength. The Mercury Jupiter Saturn conjunction will take place in Uttarashada nakshatra in the 10th house of Kundali, i.e. in the Capricorn sign. The triple transit will help us all to improve our nature or behaviour. Jupiter is said to be a highly spiritual planet, in other words religious, and Saturn, on the other hand, is known as the Lord of Karma. Thus, the triple planetary conjunction forms the combination of religion and karma, also known as Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga. Jupiter may be the biggest auspicious planet in the universe, but because of this triple planetary conjunction it is losing its strength, and Saturn is becoming powerful by receiving great support from Mercury. Therefore, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars conjunction will bring chaos and disturb the peace of the world. Parashara Smriti predicts that because of planet Saturn, the world will experience a food shortage and may soon run out of food. The karmic planet is going to affect us all, but we can certainly reduce its impact. You can book a Hanuman Puja performed by our experts to calm this ringed planet.

Transiting Saturn in Capricorn will give a hard time to people who have the mentality of taking short-cuts. Saturn is a provider of patience, and it doesn’t like it when people get their way easily. A country like India has miraculous conjunction in its Kundali. The country has the potential to come out of any bad phase and find a light in this dark world.

Although Jupiter, Saturn, Mars conjunction may affect India’s neighbouring countries as all the three planets are passing over the 7th house of Cancer in these countries. Countries like China, Pakistan, the USA, and Russia will not get hit hard by this conjunction.

The seacoast regions of India like Rajasthan, Kashmir, Leh-Ladakh, Assam will be negatively impacted by the triple transit. People will slowly and gradually go back to the ancient techniques of Ayurveda because of Saturn transit in Capricorn and also because Saturn belongs to India’s ancient culture. The Indian government will face many more issues due to the ever-changing mind of people in the country. Dishonest, disloyal, and corrupted MLAs of the country will have a difficult time. The curtain will drop for all the fraud Babas and Ashram Gurus. The banking sector may introduce new policies. India’s international sea border may suspect some doubtful movements. New diseases will rise as people devour themselves in unhygienic junk street food. India will continue to explore the travelling sector of the country.

Lord of Karma marks its victory over the Giant Religious Planet. This means that hard-working and disciplined people will be dominated by those who get by easily. According to Agni Purana, Saturn is a provider to the hard work population, which means that this triple transit can improve the labour laws. Saturn and Jupiter conjunction will be beneficial for the poor workers. All around the world, a brain-related problem will be seen in a newborn child. This can dial a call to new communication problems or diseases. Many intellectual people will be found wandering on the streets. The stock market could crash, and a fall in the money market may follow. It is said that the triple planetary conjunction will last for approximately 3 months. It will be in phases, the first month will have a small impact, the next month will get worse and by the time the third month comes around, it may have a total Skyfall in every country worldwide.

We all need to wait patiently for 5th April 2021 as Jupiter will bid goodbye to the Capricorn sign then. Post that we can expect that we will come out of this bad phase. As the planet of wisdom and advice is short on power, while the karmic planet has the power card, people may become victims of fraudulent activities. Human civilization can be teared up into pieces as people may get divided into different groups of beliefs.

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The triple planetary conjunction will have an important impact on your life Aries as the triple transit will take place in the 10th house. Your family will give you love and support, where your father will be the one giving you unconditional affection. There is a possibility of you changing your workplace. Somewhere around mid-January, you are likely to earn more income, be it via your business or job. Singles will hear the wedding bells, whereas married couples will have silly fights and ego clashes with their partners. On the other hand, you may improve your relationship with your neighbours or tenant. You will also find solutions for your pending property or vehicle problems. Take care of your parents as they may face some health issues.

The odds are in your favour Taurus when this triple planetary conjunction takes place in the 9th house. You will see that your father’s income has taken a step forward. Your younger siblings may face several ups and downs in their relationship, while your elder siblings have a good time travelling abroad. If you are aspiring to pursue your higher education abroad, this is a suitable time. Solutions for the inherited property will be served to you. During this time, you should avoid taking any loans as you may not be able to repay them. Politicians and journalists can make the most of this time. Lovers will be successful in convincing their families and have a love marriage.

The triple transit in the 8th house would bring a decent time for you Gemini. It will be a great time to make a long term investment and resolve any pending issues related to your paternal property. There can be health issues in your family, especially the elder members. Take all sorts of precautions and take care. It is advised not to violate any government rules and regulations. Gemini natives fighting any legal cases will find favourable outcomes. You may find yourself lacking confidence, but don’t let your emotions overrule you. Your elder siblings will reach new heights in their professional endeavours. Politicians or journalists will find themselves busy and may have small trips.

The triple transit in the 7th house will be the best time to build a new partnership in any field. Pending international work will come at bay. But still, chances of you taking international trips and staying away from home are there. Confessions, confrontations, arguments are written for you in your married life. Cancer natives will finally hear the wedding drums rolling. It can be for you or your younger siblings. Your father will support you in anything that you aspire to do. Stay awake and alert, else you may fall into the trap set by your enemies.

The triple planetary conjunction in the 6th house is not a fan of yours Leo. Single ladies and lads will either marry a foreigner or find their in-laws’ house far from their birthplace. Leo, you will spend your life’s earnings on your children who will go abroad for higher studies. Your dear ones may drift away from you because of your unfriendly behaviour with them. Professionals might have to settle for another workplace if they don’t get a promotion. You may even have arguments with your seniors or department head, but try to keep the situation under control. You may approach the courthouse with your sibling to get solutions for your paternal properties. Your spouse and children may not be in a good place. On the plus side, you will defeat your hidden demons and enemies. Professionals in the media and communication department will have a good time.

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Triple transit in the fifth house will shower its blessing on you, Virgo. Your family was and always will be by your side. Good health is on the cards for you, apart from some stomach-related issues. It is a good time for you to do investments in property and real estate. Amidst all the chaos, you may travel abroad for your higher studies. Your elder siblings will have a wonderful time with few bumps in their married life, whereas your younger ones will go through a bumpy ride altogether. Import-export work, media, and politics are in full swing and you will be successful in your work.

This triple transit in the fourth house has a mixed bag of cookies for you, Libra. Do not make any decisions hastily, think twice before moving forward. Your relation with friends and colleagues may be going through a rough patch but nothing a small trip or outing can’t solve. It will turn out to be in your favour too. Students may go abroad for their higher studies, but it will not be an easy journey. Single Libras may tie the knot in holy matrimony. Married couples will have a few rows, but you will solve these internal issues fast. The flow of income and expenditure will be stable during this time. Media persons or politicians are here for a good time.

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The triple planetary transition in the third house will reward you for your hard work Scorpio. You will be showered with good health and profits from various sources of income. Your children and siblings will earn good gains too. Singles who are waiting for the green signal, this is your time to get on one knee and propose. International trips can turn out to be fruitful, and you may even settle abroad. Professionals doing research, media, or any political work, the plans will work in your favour. During this, you may affect your communications skills, so it’s better to take care of any communicating device.

Sagittarius, you will have an equal balance of income and expenses as triple transit will happen in the second house. While daily gatherings and get-togethers watch your tongue as your leg pulling can hurt someone. If you have foreign travel plans, do execute them. Students will have to put in extra effort to get the desired results. You may spend on unnecessary things for your children’s happiness. Your pending legal issues will rest in peace. The winter season is more like a wedding season, so be ready with your dresses. You may have conflicts with your in-laws because of differences of opinion. Media persons and politicians may face an adverse situation.

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Triple planetary conjunction in the Ascendant (first house) will bring you power, energy, and self-confidence. There will be a full supply of family support. Your mini-vacation can bear ripe fruits for you. Your worries for your parents will reduce and your relation with younger siblings will improve. The increase in your father’s income will give you peace of mind. Legal issues will also come to an end. This period seems auspicious for marriages. The influence of triple transit brings a decent time for Students, politicians, and media people.Read more

Your bank balance will see an outflow as you’ll be spending more to organize religious events when Jupiter Saturn Mercury conjunct in the twelfth house. The triple planetary conjunction will affect your health, so you should seriously look after your health. Your father will support you if you want to purchase any vehicle or real estate. It is the best time to make any long term investments. Doors to fly abroad will also open up for you. Think big, because short trips can turn out to be unpleasant traveling experiences for you. Government servants have a high chance of getting transfer notice. Individuals having an import-export business or international trading may get satisfactory results in their work after going through several hurdles.Read More

Triple transit will be your shooting star as luck will stand by your side. Your financial or work plan will reap its juicy results in the near future. Students may have uncertainty in their work. Your children meet all your expectations, and he/she may travel abroad for their future endeavours. Lovers have a chance of getting their dream wedding. You have loyal friends who will give you immense support. Sorting out any misunderstandings with your mate will build a peaceful relationship. Professionals in politics and the media field will achieve success in their work.Read More

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