Shrapit Dosh and Remedies | Know How to Nullify Shrapit Dosh

Shrapit Dosh and Remedies | Know How to Nullify Shrapit Dosh

Ascendant in the Fourth House:

Aries: Home is a crucial importance to the Ariean people as they can express themselves freely, and thus People born with Aries sometimes can become quite aggressive when it comes to their family life. These people are very feisty with their relationship and problem at home. They often grow in a  loud environment where parents argue often. Read More.

Taurus: Natives born with the Taurus in the fourth house are very warm and joyful and always feel safe, secure and relaxed at home. Parents of these natives are very much devoted to their offspring and care deeply for them. They are quite traditional and don’t like changes in their lives. Read More.

Gemini: Natives born with this pattern are very fond of travelling, and thus they are not attached to any particular place. Instead they prefer wandering. Family members and close friends are the one, they mostly share their close ideas, but besides receiving advice, they don’t change their mind. Read More.

Cancer: Natives with the cancer in the fourth house are very deeply connected with their home, and thus they will fluctuate in making proper decisions. In order to overcome this, they need to discover their own self. Read More.

Leo: Those individuals born with this pattern pay very close attention to things in their home. Such individuals believe in themselves, motivate themselves with the encouragement of others. They are very active and possess a lot of consistency, and often demonstrate their view of life through words and action. Read More.

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Virgo: Natives born with the 4th house in Virgo are very supportive towards their families. They love to serve their family members in a glamorous way. Such a person may have a lack of emotional connection with one of their parents. Read More

Libra: Natives born with Libra in the fourth house are deeply bonded with their family members, and very determined and hard-working. They are firm with their beliefs and values. These Natives find it very difficult to let others include in their life. Read More

Scorpio: Natives born with the Scorpio in the fourth house are deeply connected with their families, and are firm and determined towards their life goal. Such people are very focused on the matter of sexuality and emotional balance. Read More

Sagittarius: Natives born with this sign in the 4th house are those for whom family is very important. They only look for the best for their families and always try to do their best for their families. Read More

Capricorn: Natives with the Capricorn in the 4th house are very disciplined and love everything in an orderly place. For them, their home is the only thing to contribute to the well-being in society. They are conservative and mostly focused on the materialistic side of life. Read More

Aquarius: Native with the Aquarius in the fourth house love freedom and often change their home. Such people are highly creative and love having everything new and high-tech in their home. They consider their romantic partner as their best friend and do not distinguish between their love and friendship. Read More

Pisces: Native with the Pisces in the fourth house do not feel so connected towards their family members. Read More

Planets in the Fourth House and its Consequences 

Sun in the 4th House: With Sun in the 4th house means they are very home and family-oriented. Your life revolves around the comfort of private space. Having a solid foundation for your life is also important and they work at it for a long time. They get better as they get older and not look for any kind of shortcuts. Read More

Moon in the 4th House: Natives with the moon in the fourth house are those for whom their family and home are of utmost importance. They may feel protective about their family members. For natives, Whether for better or worse, fourth-house moons have deep relationships with their parents, but it is the relationship with their mother which is deepest. Read More

Mercury in the 4th House: Mercury in the fourth house indicates high intellectual capabilities. They love travelling and learning about other cultures. They love comparing their perspective with others coming from other cultural backgrounds. Read More

Venus in the Fourth House: Natives with Venus in the fourth means they always look for comforts and always be polite and loving towards their family members. As Venus represents romance, thus they enjoy having fun and doing things they enjoy. Natives with these planets feel best when they act like a host or hostess. Read More

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Mars in the Fourth House: The Mars in the fourth house makes the native concerned about their domestic life and ongoing tussle. But with their piece of mind they action with care. These natives are bold and courageous and likely to pursue careers in the armed forces. Read More

Jupiter in the Fourth House: Native with the Jupiter in the fourth house are fortunate and enjoy all essential luxury comforts including home, vehicle, property, etc. They are good at maintaining relationships with the opposite gender and are religious, generous and always involved in helping others financially and morally. Read More

Saturn in the Fourth House: Natives with Saturn in the fourth house are very good and known for their good deeds towards others. They experience unexpected gain and karmic influence in their life. They are intelligent, mature and responsible, and deal with adverse situations with shrewdness. Read More

Uranus in the Fourth House: For Natives with Uranus in the fourth house means they are of unconventional thinking, innovative and rebellious nature. They have a strong desire to do things on their own and are more nurturing towards their parents. They tend to be more dependent on their career.

Rahu in the Fourth House: Rahu in the fourth house makes the natives financially strong, and strengthens their bond with their family and mother. If the position of Rahu is favourable in the birth chart it means natives might experience gain in power, wealth and business. It provides intelligence and wisdom to the natives. Read More

Ketu in the First House: Natives with Ketu in the first house are very caring and always very respectful towards women. The placement of the Ketu in the fourth house makes the natives rich, famous and most admirable. Read More

The Lord of 4th House: 

Moon is the lord of the fourth house, and its presence in the fourth house means they are deeply connected to their mothers, and his ties with the natives’ places like their birthplace, lineage, and legacy will be quite strong.

The empty Fourth House: Empty house doesn’t mean that you’re unlucky, but it means you don’t have to face many challenges. Thus, an empty house in the fourth house means that you could have an extremely strong bond with your parents, and have an easier time maintaining those bonds than most.

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