Gupta Navratri Tarikh Muhurt Puja Vidhi

गुप्त नवरात्रि

Actually, to get the blessings of Mother Shakti, Mother Goddess is worshiped with devotion throughout the year. To express our special gratitude towards Mother, nine forms of Mother are especially worshiped twice a year in Chaitra and Shardiya Navratri. But apart from this, the festival of Navratri is also celebrated in the months of Magh and Ashadha. Navratri falling in the months of Magh and Ashadha is known as Gupt Navratri. In Gupt Navratri, worship of 10 Mahavidyas along with nine forms of Mata Shakti has special significance. This year Ashadh Gupt Navratri will start from 6th July 2024. Gupt Navratri will end on 15th July 2024. Let us know the worship method of Ashadh Gupt Navratri, Ashadh Gupt Navratri Ghatasthapana, Ashadh Navratri 10 Mahavidya Sadhana and astrological remedies related to Gupt Navratri.

When is Gupt Navratri 2024

This year Gupt Navratri in Ashadh is going to start on 6th July 2024. In Ashadh Gupta Navratri, learn the worship method and rules of nine forms of Mother according to each day of Navratri.

Ashad Gupta Navratri Ghatasthapana Date – 6th July 2024

Ashadh Gupta Navratri Ghatasthapana Muhurta or Timing – 05:52 AM to 10:47 AM

Gupt Navratri’s First day (July 6, 2024) – Maa Shailputri

Ghatasthapana is performed on the first day of Gupt Navratri. Mata Shailputri is worshiped on this day.

The Second day of Gupt Navratri (July 7, 2024) – Maa Brahmacharini

Mother Brahmacharini is worshiped on the second day of Gupt Navratri. When she was doing hard penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband, Mother Durga earned her immense purity and chastity and for this reason she was called Brahmacharini.

The Third day of Navratri (July 8, 2024) – Maa Chandraghanta

This is the fierce form of Durga in which she holds eight weapons in her ten hands. Due to her riding on a lion, she is called ‘Dharma’ and is known as Chandraghanta.

The Fourth day of Navratri (July 9, 2024) – Maa Kushmanda

The incarnation of the mother is worshiped on the fourth day of Navratri. He is known as Kushmanda. His name indicates that He has created this universe and He is present in the form of Surya among all.

The Fifth day of Navratri (July 10, 2024) – Maa Skandmata

Mother Skandamata is the mother of Kartikeya, who is seated on a lion. Kartikeya is sitting in his lap, keeping this form in mind, worshiping him leads to salvation.

The Sixth day of Navratri (July 11, 2024) – Maa Katyayani

The form of Goddess worshiped on the sixth day of Ashadh Gupta Navratri is known as Maa Katyayani. This form of Maa Durga originated to kill the demon Mahishasura.

The Seventh-day of Navratri (July 12, 2024) – Maa Kalratri

This fierce avatar of Durga is worshiped on the seventh day of Navratri.The seventh of the nine forms of Goddess Durga, Maa Kalaratri is known as one of the most destructive forms of the deity. This dark-complexioned goddess blesses her devotees with fearlessness and freedom from all sufferings.

The Eighth day of Navratri (July 13, 2024) – Maa Mahagauri

Maa Mahagauri is worshiped on the eighth day of Navratri, who remained dark in color until Lord Shiva was pleased with her hard penance and purified her with the holy water of river Ganga.

The Ninth day of Navratri (July 15, 2024) – Maa Siddhidatri

Maa Siddhidatri is worshiped on the ninth and last day of Navratri. His name itself reflects his importance. ‘Siddhi’ means supernatural powers and ‘datri’ means giving.

Gupt Navratri Puja Method and Ten Mahavidyas

In Ashadh Gupta Navratri also, Mata is worshiped like Chaitra and Shardiya Navratri. On the first day of Ashadh Gupta Navratri, the seeker takes a vow of fasting for nine days with Ghatasthapana. After this, Goddess Durga is worshiped every morning after retiring from daily activities. After this, on the day of Ashtami or Navami, the girls are worshiped and feast after Udyapan the fast. On the other hand, people associated with Tantra Sadhana practice ten Mahavidyas instead of the nine forms of Mother during the days of Gupt Navratri. These ten Mahavidyas include Maa Kali, Tara Devi, Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Mata Chhinmasta, Tripura Bhairavi, Maa Dhrumavati, Mata Baglamukhi, Matangi and Kamala Devi. Let us know the sadhana method, astrological relationship, and mantra remedies of ten Mahavidyas on the occasion of Ashadh Gupta Navratri.

First Mahavidya – Kali

In all the 10 Mahavidyas, Mother Kali is considered to be the first, Mother Kali’s form is fierce, but she gets angry easily and becomes happy as well. Maa Kali is worshiped with utmost devotion, purity and rules. By doing spiritual practice of Mother Kali with a true heart, the seeker gets victory over his opponents and enemies and can spend his life with happiness and prosperity without fear.
To please them, chant this mantra – Om Hri Shree Kree Parameshwari Kalike Swaha.

Second Mahavidya – Tara

Maharishi Vashisht first worshiped Mahavidya Tara. Tara Devi is considered to be the main goddess of Tantrics. Worshiping this form of Goddess leads to economic progress and salvation. Mother Tara has a special place in Tibet. She is worshiped as Green Tara, White Tara or Neel Tara.
To please them, chant this mantra – Om Hrim Stree Hum Phat.

मेष – ॐ हृीं उमा देव्यै नमः।
वृषभ – ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रूं कालिका देव्यै नमः।
मिथुन – ॐ दुं दुर्गायै नमः।
कर्क – ॐ ललिता देव्यै नमः।
सिंह – ॐ ऐं महासरस्वती देव्यै नमः।
कन्या – ॐ शूल धारिणी देव्यै नमः।
तुला – ॐ हृीं महालक्ष्म्यै नमः।
वृश्चिक – ॐ शक्तिरूपायै नम:
धनु– ॐ ऐं हृीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चे।
मकर – ॐ पां पार्वती देव्यै नमः।
कुंभ – ॐ पां पार्वती देव्यै नमः।
मीन– ॐ श्रीं हृीं श्रीं दुर्गा देव्यै नमः

All these mantras will benefit the people of different zodiacs accordingly.

With the blessings of Ganeshji,


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