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What Does the Future Hold for King Khan – Shahrukh Khan?

What Does the Future Hold for King Khan – Shahrukh Khan?

Shahrukh Khan is popularly known as The King Khan in Bollywood (Hindi) film industry. Shahrukh is one of the most popular and successful film actor in India whose film releases are eagerly awaited by the masses. Due to Shahrukh’s flawless acting and mesmerising screen presence, he is the most cherished Hindi film actor who can undoubtedly keep the audiences hooked up in their seats.

Till date, Shahrukh has given many blockbuster flicks to Bollywood film industry. Shahrukh is also the first Bollywood actor to experiment with negative role in the beginning phase of his career and performed extremely well. Baazigar, Darr and Anjaam are among his blockbuster hit films wherein he has acted in a negative role. Shahrukh has proved his acting calibre by giving power packed performances back to back in each of his Hindi films due to which he has got a huge fan base following him. Shahrukh Khan is not called the King Khan without reason.

A simple Delhi boy from an upper middle class family with no filmy background moved to Mumbai, the city of dreams, with his wife. A few television soaps such as Fauji and Circus, and a debut film Deewana later, Shahrukh had arrived (with all due respect to the struggle he put in to reach where he is today). Today, Shahrukh has an immense stature, not just in India, but all over the world. With a recent hit in hugely enjoyable Chennai Express and a much-awaited Diwali release in Happy New Year, Shahrukh still has the pulse of audiences in his hand. Come 2nd November, and Shahrukh will be celebrating his 49th birthday.

Ganesha, with the help of Vedic Astrology, finds out how Shahrukh’s future film career shall be after the release of his latest film Happy New Year, and what the future holds for star kid AbRam.


A: Venus and Saturn, both the planets are rulers of angles in Shahrukh’s Chart. He is born with retrograde Saturn in Aquarius in the 7th House of public image. Venus sub period in major period of Saturn will start from 26th December 2014. This period is going to rule till 24th February 2018. This period is going to remain very vital for his film career as Venus, the significator of arts and creativity being the Lord of the 10th House of Karma, is placed in the 5th House of performance.

The factors mentioned above indicate that he is going to come up with few, but very good films during the said period. He will become more selective as far as roles and characters are concerned. He would be working more on his acting and creative skills. He would also be more active in film productions during the said period. He may also think of producing something for the small screen (television). He will have to take good care of health between September 2015 and February 2016.

A: Born with Stellium of Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter – AbRam has very strong planetary positions in his Birth Chart. Venus in Taurus is all set to make him a great artist. However, with many planets in Taurus, he has more potential to become a very successful businessman, says Ganesha. Exalted Saturn with Rahu in Libra indicates that he may face some health issues. As far as career is concerned, AbRam shall have many alternatives in front of him. Planetary Stellium in Taurus may make him hard working and obstinate. All in all, Ganesha feels that AbRam shall be very versatile and flexible.

A: Shahrukh’s much awaited Happy New Year released recently on 24th October 2014. The movie released with Venus in the Zodiac Sign Libra. There was a Stellium of Venus, Saturn, Moon and Sun in the Zodiac Sign Libra on the release date. Mercury and Rahu were retrograde in Virgo Sign. The transiting Jupiter was exalted, and was aspecting Shahrukh’s Natal Moon.


In view of all these points, Ganesha feels that film Happy New Year is overall slated to do a good business at the box office, but it may not prove to be a blockbuster. Film, however, will do a very good business abroad, as the 10th House Lord Sun is placed in the 12th House in the Neech Bhang Yoga in the Release Time Chart. The Release Time Chart’s Ascendant is Scorpio, and the most benefic planet for it is Jupiter which is exalted in the House of Fate, so film is destined to attract audiences. However, other planetary positions indicate that even if the film recovers the investment, it may not collect a great surplus amount solely from the box office, like Shahrukh’s earlier releases like Chennai Express (other rights like TV/ satellite telecast rights, audio rights etc. are not considered a part of the box office business).

Overall, Ganesha feels that the film Happy New Year may not add great value to Shahrukh’s CV.

Ganesha wishes good luck to King Khan.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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