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Overloaded with work? Your Sun Sign has a solution…

Overloaded with work? Your Sun Sign has a solution…

Life’s tough for most of us who work in these harsh times of recession. There are job-cuts and instability everywhere, and naturally the employers expect the continuing workers to perform their best at all times – which can really be quite taxing. After all, all days can’t be the same. What’s the solution?

Here are some suggestions basis Zodiac Signs, which can help you survive an intense workload.

Often impulsive, fast-paced and swift in their actions and thoughts, the fiery natives of the Fire Signs end up overdoing stuff in their daily lives too. They are also not often tuned in to their own body’s needs, which makes them overlook the signs and signals their distressed, tired mind or body may give. They often assume that they can forever continue on an adrenaline rush! But, the truth is that these folks need to regularly recharge their batteries, just like everyone else does. Read more about Aries.

Coping Mechanism: Physical rest like any other human being is a must – and the Fire Signs need to get that right.  Read more about Leo.If they rest their bodies and minds with ample sleep and relaxation, they will obviously feel better, and shall, in turn, be able to contribute more with their trademark passion and fervour. On weekends, they should get plenty of R and R. Soothing nature walks too shall help them a great deal. And, when it comes to true recreation – nothing beats some outdoor sports and adventure trips. Read more about Sagittarius.

Air Signs are prone to stress and burnout, given they usually end up over-working their already alert and active brains. They need to take a good care of their minds andd bodies, if they are to keep working without hitch. Their normally hyperactive mental state kicks into high gear, when they are overworked or under pressure, which also makes them lose their sleep or miss their meals – a definite danger signal that may add further to distress. Plus, they have a habit of keep working, despite stress, which definitely. Read more about Gemini.

Coping Mechanism : The Air Signs have to let off their steam – every now and then, whenever the going gets tough at work – this applies specifically to people with their Moon Sign as an Air Sign – as Moon rules the mind. Read more about Libra.Air Signs should and must meditate, if they are in a high-pressure work scenario. They should also try to give vent to their emotions – which may not be easy for them – but they should try. Morning walks, running, creative activities that also engage the mind, long, stimulating discussions are other stress-busters, which the Air Signs must try. Read more about Aquarius.

Too sensitive to take much of the stress, most Water Signs beings tend to best replenish their lost energy reserves by simply listening to their feelings and giving vent to their emotions. Water Signs are emotional and they end up taking a lot of things personally, which hurts even more when they are under duress. A bad, negative working atmosphere, thus, is their worst enemy and so is an overwhelmingly domineering peer pressure. They may end up remaining constantly stressed if they don’t like the work they do, or may even hold grudges, which negatively affects their efficiency. Read more about Pisces.

Coping Mechanism: Avoiding an emotional tsunami is a constant battle for over-worked, over-stressed Water Signs. Read more about Scorpio. They should do their best to detach themselves from their high pressure work environs to feel better – often it’s not very difficult for many of them, surprisingly, provided they give it a shot. Also, a secure home and a sound, loving atmosphere at home can be a great relief for a Water Sign – to most of them, especially Cancer, their home is their sanctuary. Harmony, serenity and tranquility are the bywords for Water Signs, and any environment that brings them these is best suited for them.

Just as this element’s nature implies, the Earth Signs are stable, solid and rooted in the physical realm. Practical beings, most of them know their limits. But, they also have a better access to a universal energy that helps them work through even the most stressful conditions. They are hard-working, and that is over-working is quite common with them – in their bid to perform their duties to the best, they often end up exhausting themselves. Read more about Taurus.

Coping Mechanism: The Earth Signs need to develop a solid, stable hobby that would enthral them as much as their work does. This will act as a great stress buster for them, and shall help them overcome the pains of daily routine. Read more about Virgo. They should also plan travel and unwinding, fun activities with their loved ones and friends, as this helps them remain grounded and contended. Most important, the Earth Signs need to tune into their inner selves to ensure they realise well in time that they are over-working. Meditation, Yoga and nature walks work superbly for them. Read more about Capricorn.

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