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How the Mars transit in Capricorn will affect all the Moon signs

After the planetary transit of Sun in Pisces, Mars transit 2020 will take place in the month of March. Also, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter will form a stellium in Capricorn. The red, fiery Mars will enter the ambitious and persistent Capricorn on 22nd March 2020, Sunday at 14:41 pm. Mars’ transit in Capricorn will end on 4th May at 20:40 p.m. Mars is a planet that represents energy, courage, self-confidence and will power. Also, Mars plays a very important role in marital happiness. The martian characteristics of people are exalted when it is in Capricorn. Mars, the child of earth will form a conjunction with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. The conjunction of Mars and Saturn is considered malefic. Hence, there are chances of natural disasters that can lead to damage or accidents. You can reduce the effects with the help of Mars remedy such as feeding jaggery to cows whenever possible. You are advised to be cautious for a week as Jupiter will then join Mars in Capricorn on 30th march. Jupiter is known to be a good friend of Mars. Hence, the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter is considered beneficial. You may experience a boost in your confidence and might be able to overpower rivals. Jupiter and Saturn are neutral towards each other. Saturn teaches you to work hard and Jupiter brings fame and recognition. People with Capricorn in their zodiac sign are ambitious, disciplined and persistent towards their goals. Hence, this transit may give you challenges and teach you to work hard. In return, it may also give you fame and recognition for your hard work.

(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned according to Moon sign.)

Mars being the lord of 1st and 8th house and will enter the 10th house of Career. The 10th house signifies profession, occupation, honor, fame, promotion,father, employer, affairs of the country or government.

Your responsibilities may increase in the workplace. Your efforts at the job front might be appreciated as well. You might also be able to take your career forward to the next level.

You may get the desired success in your business.The business holder’s professional success might remain as desired. This can be a good time to enhance your professional skills to become a successful entrepreneur. If you wish to initiate new business, opportunities might help you grow and get stable.

Your love life may continue to be happy and enjoyable. Also, if you wish to embark on a meaningful relationship, you can probably take advantage of this positive time frame. Married couples may get to enjoy a long drive/long stay at a romantic destination. Your This period is favourable to conceive a child. Overall, energy may get better which might keep you healthy and keep away from health issues.

Students are advised to put sincere efforts to get desired success in their exams. Those who are waiting to get admissions in a reputed institution, might get success easily.

Mars being the lord of the 12th and 7th house will enter the 9th house of Fortune. The 9th house is the house of long journeys, foreign countries, dreams, visions, spiritual expressions, education, intuition, higher development, and scientific, philanthropic, philosophic, and spiritual tendencies.

The atmosphere at your workplace may be a bit challenging for you. You might have to accept some unfavorable changes at the job front. The changes might be internal departmental transfers or desk or location change. On the business front, you may have to pay proper attention to new business deals. Your business growth may either remain constant or you might not achieve the desired level of growth.

There are chances that your social status might get updated. On the financial front, you may try to increase your income resources, which might keep you stressed. Finance may remain stable. You can make long term investments. Your opponents may try to harm you behind your back.

Your love life may continue to be moderate. Your partner might not understand your emotions. Married couples may face some issues in the relationship. You are advised to take necessary precautions for your good health.

Mars being the lord of the 11th and 6th house will enter the 8th house of adversities. The 8th house is associated with money or goods of others, death, and matters related to it, the astral experience and financial affairs of the partner.

This period might probably not be favorable for your professional progress. You may face ups and downs in your career. Your overall confidence level might be low. You are advised to put sincere efforts to maintain cordial relations with your superiors. In terms of your family life, inheritance related issues might be prolonged. You are advised to keep away from legal issues. You are also advised to avoid long journeys.

It would be wise to watch your words while communicating with your beloved during this phase. You are advised to refrain from hurting their sentiments with your harsh words. Married couples may not get the desired peace and harmony easily. Your health may require attention. Stressed about all the areas of life and can’t decide how to act and when? Don’t worry, for here’s a solution to all your problems! Get your personalised Janampatri made by expert astrologers just for you, to guide you in all areas of life at any time.

Mars being the lord of the 10th and 5th house will enter the 7th house of Marriage/Marital happiness. The 7th house represents unions, partnerships, marriage, contracts, lawsuits, open enemies, dealings with others and the public.

This period might affect your career progress. You are advised to avoid arguments with people at your workplace. You are also advised to control your own dominating nature, especially at your workplace. Your seniors might not be happy with your performance. On the business front, relations with your partner may remain stressful. You are advised to avoid commencing any new startups or joint ventures.

Those of you looking to meet someone special are likely to embark on a new relationship. However, you may experience a few issues. You may face an unexpected response from your beloved. Hence, this could be the wrong time to express your love. Those who are already in a relationship may also face a few challenges on some occasions. You and your partner are advised to understand each others’ needs and thoughts. Married couples are advised to stay calm when dealing with issues in their relationship. . Health may continue to be moderate. Blood-related issues might disturb you during this phase.

Mars being the lord of the 9th and 4th house will enter the 6th house of job/enemies. The 6th house signifies sickness, servants, employees, service, work environment, hygiene, clothing, and small animals.

Your performance may gradually improve on the job front as the transit progresses. Moreover , your efforts towards getting success might be appreciated. You may be able to surpass your rivals in the workplace. Your career is likely to grow in your current job. You may be able to handle new responsibilities with ease. At the business front, your professional targets may be achieved through sincere efforts. Also, your business associates/partners might help you in your progression. Hence, you may be able to enjoy a healthy atmosphere at the business place. On the finance front, you might spend money on luxurious things. You may also gift electronic gadgets to your loved ones. Health may get better and your immunity may also improve.

Your married life may continue to be harmonious. Those who are connected with competitive exams might get success.

Mars being the lord of the 8th and 3rd house will enter the 5th house of Love /Relationship. The 5th house is associated with children, love affairs, pleasurable emotions, and speculation.

You may face challenging situations in the workplace. Also, you might be required to put sincere efforts in order to maintain cordial relations with your seniors and colleagues. Your immediate bosses may ignore you despite your efforts at your job front. Your due promotion and increment might get further delayed. Your business progress may continue to be moderate. However, you may not achieve your desired profit during this period. Long term investments may be beneficial for further financial planning. However, short term gains are not foreseen.

There are chances that expenses may rise. Your spouse may have a different point of view than you and the rest of the family. You are advised to maintain peace when discussing matters with the family. There might be unnecessary emotional turmoil in your married life. You may experience emotional distance in your relationship. Your love life may remain stressful. Your health may demand strict discipline.

Students are advised to focus and concentrate on their projects to execute their innovative ideas/techniques.

Mars being the lord of the 7th and 2nd house will enter the 4th house of happiness/mother. The 4th house is the house of mother, home, environment, domestic affairs and general condition close to life.

Your job is likely to keep you busy during this phase. . You are advised to stick to your efforts as you are likely to receive growth, promotion, recognition and rewards for the same. If you are a businessman, there are chances that you may purchase new property or shift to a self-owned office. If you are facing any legal issues, you might have to pay attention to them. Your investment in real estate or domestic projects may remain beneficial.

You may face some disturbance in your family environment. You are advised to avoid any rigid arguments with your spouse as that may lead to stress. Overall, your health may continue to be good, but viral infections could be a cause for concern during this phase. .

For students, decisions pertaining to their further education or degrees may bring favorable outcomes.

Mars being the lord of the 6th and 1st house will enter the 3rd house of enterprise. The 3rd house represents short journeys, writings, studies, mental inclinations, colleagues, and ability.

Your energy and enthusiastic approach towards work may improve. You are likely to bag a promotion or an increment. Your work environment may remain favourable. You are advised to avoid any sort of arguments with senior personnels/subordinates. There are chances that you may face differences of opinion with the people at your workplace. You might travel short distances for job and career reasons and you may get fruitful results for the same.

Your relationship with brothers may flourish and remain peaceful. You may experience peace and harmony in your relationship with your spouse as well. You love life may thrive. Your health may get better if you’ve been suffering from an ailment.

Mars being the lord of the 12th and 5th house will enter the 2nd house of Finance /Family. The 2nd house signifies financial affairs, monetary prospects, gain, self-esteem, and self-worth.

You may face challenges at your workplace. Your professional targets may remain underachieved. You are advised to keep yourself away from egoistic clashes at the workplace. There are chances that you might be easily misunderstood at the job front. Your business deals may not be as successful, which may lead to a financial loss. Your relationship with partners or associates or colleagues may not remain healthy. You may receive financial rewards through proper planning. Your past investment may give you a good amount of profit in this period. Long term investment related decisions might prove beneficial. Is your career a bit too challenging for you? Are you tired of waiting to get recognised for your efforts? Know which period is beneficial for you and when your career will flourish with your personalised 2023 career report.

You may have to put in more effort than usual to achieve family happiness. Married life may get better than earlier. Your communication and romantic approach may decide the success of your love life. You are advised to stay alert for health issues.

Mars being the lord of the 11th and 4th house will enter the 1st house of self. The 1st house denotes personality, natural disposition and tendencies, self-interest, and worldly outlook.

Your relationship with your superiors at the workplace may continue to be moderate. You are advised not to change your job during this period. You may not get cooperation from colleagues and seniors. You might have to change your way of approaching people. You are advised to adopt a practical mindset while dealing with professional matters. You might also have to work on controlling your anger and impulsive reaction.

Those who wish to get married may have to stay patient and put in sincere efforts to get the desired results. Married couples might face conflicts over petty matters. You are advised to handle your love life with care. Your old health issues are likely to resurface during this phase.

Mars being the lord of the 10th and 3rd house will enter the 12th house of delays/loss. The 12th house represents unexpected losses, silent suffering, restraint, secret enemies, occult or hidden side of life.

There are high chances that you might travel abroad for job prospects, especially if you are waiting for onsite opportunities. You may get fruitful results from professional deals that are related to a foreign country. Miscellaneous expenses at the business front may increase. You are advised not to take any major financial decisions this year.

You might face issues with your partner, which can cause you stress. Hence, your married life might is likely to be stressed. You might miss the desired response from your beloved.You are advised to drive carefully during this period. You are likely to face health issues which might hamper your professional progress. Your overall health may continue to be moderate.

Mars being the lord of the 9th and 2nd house will enter the 11th house of Gains/benefits. The 11th house constitutes friends, hopes and wishes, and the financial condition of the employer.

You may get your much awaited promotion and growth during this period. You might also receive rewards and recognition from your superiors. You may maintain a cordial relationship with your bosses, which may further help your future progression. If you are into business, major financial deals may remain profitable. Your foreign matters may bring you desired results. You may be able to achieve your professional targets. You are likely to have an advantage in legal matters. There are chances that your past investments may bring fruitful rewards for you.

Your love life may flourish. You may also develop new relationships. If you are expecting to get married, you may get the desired success. Your health may continue to be good as well.

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