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Jupiter Transit 2017: Planet Jupiter In Virgo Turns Direct – Impact On 12 Moon Signs

Jupiter Transit 2017: Planet Jupiter In Virgo Turns Direct – Impact On 12 Moon Signs

Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System, is located around 48.33 crore km away from Earth. Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet and is said to give positive results to the houses which it aspects. The planet aspects the 5th, 7th and 9th houses in trine and is the significator of the important 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses.

Jupiter is the Lord of Sagittarius and Pisces signs and powerful in the Cancer sign. The qualities attributed to Jupiter are wealth, speech, knowledge, wisdom, physical joys, power, religiosity, character, education, self-confidence, positive thinking, the religious teacher, economics, philosophy, forgiving and welfare of others.

A strong Jupiter will ensure half success in the life of the native. Strong Jupiter also increases the luck factor. By the grace of Lord Jupiter, native will get more proportionate benefits as compared to the efforts he/she has put in. On the other hand, a weak Jupiter in the horoscopes may make the native lazy, ignorant, not good in behaviour, a non-believer in God, egoistic, arrogant and careless.

There are several criteria to measure the strength of the planets. These may deal with Dig Bal (Strength of Direction), Cheshta Bal (Motional Strength), Kala Bal (Temporal Strength), Naisargik Bal (Natural Strength), Varg Bal, and the situation of the planet like whether its rising or setting, direct or retrograde and the Gati Bal (Speed Strength).

When a planet moves at its normal and natural speed, it is said to be direct. On the other hand, a planet is said to be retrograde when it’s speed is lesser than the normal speed of the other planet. In other words, a planet in retrograde gets closer to the planet Earth. Due to the faster speed of the Earth, it appears that the retrograde planet is going in the opposite direction. However, in reality, the retrograde planet goes in the direction of planet Earth. When the planet is about to turn direct after being retrograde, it is called Stationary (Stambhi). Stable planets lose their strength. Usually, the planets which are in the range of 120 to 270 degrees from Sun are considered retrograde. On the other hand, Mercury and Venus get retrograde at 13 degrees and 9 degrees respectively. Sun and Moon never become retrograde while Rahu and Ketu stay in perpetual retrogression.

Jupiter stays retrograde for 120 days during its cycle. It becomes stationary for the first and last five days of its cycle. Jupiter has again become direct since June 9, 2017. When Jupiter is in retrograde, it creates problems for the natives of the various signs. They can not keep their pace with the changing times. In retrogression, Jupiter exerts a negative influence on the lives of the natives. On the other hand, if retrograde planets are in a proper position in the horoscope, it leads to good situations for the natives.

Jupiter turned direct in Virgo on June 9, 2017. It will stay there until September 9, 2017. Now let us see how will direct Jupiter impact the natives of the 12 Moon Signs.

Jupiter will be moving in the sixth house of Aries natives. This could worsen the health situations for you. Diabetics and people who are overweight will have to take good care of their health. You may have to face the aggression of some secret enemies. As Jupiter is aspecting your 10th and 2nd houses, there will be positive developments in your career. There are high chances of both, promotion in job and also increase your wealth in the period after July 4, 2017, onwards. Do you want to know more about how the Jupiter transit can impact your financial situation? Avail the Jupiter Transit Report For Finance and get the answers.

Jupiter will be moving in your fifth house. This position will cause you happiness. Students are likely to be delighted by good results in their academics. If students are seeking admissions to a good school or institute, you will get the desired results only after June 20, 2017. You will also experience harmony in your love relationship. You will be relieved by some positive development vis-a-vis your father. Are you also concerned how will Jupiter transit impact your love life? Buy the Jupiter Transit Report For Love and know your future. If positive planetary positions are created in your horoscope, then students and job seekers may get a good opportunity to go abroad. You may even go for a pilgrimage. You will see an increase in your luck. You may witness even more auspicious results after July 4. You will enjoy good health and wealth this year, so says Ganesha.

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Jupiter will traverse the fourth house of Gemini natives, which will be beneficial to them. There will be more expenses in the luxury items. Mental confusions may continue to prevail. You may face unexpected expenses in matters related to your house or vehicle. This may have a bad impact on your financial situation. You may get some gains from your father or in-laws. You will get the solutions to issues related to inheritance. You may need to go out of the station as a tour or for some professional work. Is professional success on your mind? Do you want to know your future prospects in career? Find it out with the the Jupiter Transit Report For Career.

Jupiter will move in the third house of the Cancer natives. The period will deliver medium benefits to you. Don’t expect support from the people working under you at office or other places. Avoid travelling to other places. You are likely to witness benefits from July 4, 2017, onwards. After July 4, your business works, etc. which have got delayed will get accelerated. This will make you happy. Are you interested in knowing how will Jupiter transit impact your business? Buy the Jupiter Transit Report For Business and plan your future.

Jupiter will move through the second house in Leo sign. This is likely to deliver good moments to the natives of Leo sign. Till June 20, 2017, you will feel troubled by the obstacles that you will face in the works which you have undertaken. After this, you will experience the unfolding of auspicious events. The large-hearted Jupiter will open the gates of promotion and progress in your career. Your knowledge too will increase. The issues concerning ancestral properties will get over. Overall, due to good deeds, you are likely to get good results. Good times really come when one gets settled in life? One important aspect of settlement is getting married. Are you thinking about your marriage and how will the Jupiter transit impact it? Know all about your marriage with Jupiter Transit Report For Marriage.

While Jupiter passes through the Virgo sign, it’s going to trigger both auspicious and inauspicious developments in the lives of natives. If Jupiter is occupying a negative position in your horoscope, it may cause health issues for you. You may get a headache. You will be worried for no reason at all. You will be afraid of failure in any area. Your inflated ego may problems for you all the more.

On the other hand, natives who have their Jupiter in a positive position in their horoscope will see positive developments take place in their life. Jupiter will deliver positive results particularly for students and married people. Couples who are desperately seeking a child will get their desire fulfilled during this period. Those who are in partnerships too will stand to gain. Natives who are in love will also see positive developments. Do you have some problems in love? Are you concerned how will Jupiter transit impact your love? Find Jupiter Transit Report For Love and get your solutions.

Jupiter will traverse the 12th house in Libra. This movement of Jupiter is particularly auspicious from a spiritual angle. You will stand to gain in deeper knowledge. On the other hand, your expenses are also likely to increase. Works related to the house will get more speed. Job seekers may get new opportunities in the profession. You will also increase your knowledge. You may face difficult situations from enemies. You should keep yourself guarded against such situations. You may be required to make expenses in religious activities, so you should arrange your money before hand. Is money on your mind? Are you praying that Jupiter transit may impact your financial situation positively. Make use of the Jupiter Transit Report For Finance and find your financial growth happen.

Jupiter will move through the 11th house of Scorpio natives. This will create good times for you, says Ganesha. It can be said that the present problems which you are experiencing because of Jupiter will get lessened after Jupiter turns direct. You are likely to see better times after June 20, 2017. Jupiter begets increase in every happiness. But it can also exert a negative influence. Are you wanting Jupiter to play a positive role, especially in your love life? Know the method with Jupiter Transit Report For Love.

Jupiter will be moving in the 10th house of Sagittarius natives. Overall, this will bring good luck for you. However, you may experience a few problems as well. If Jupiter is not strong in your horoscope, then you are advised to take good care of your health. You may face problems in your relationship with domestic helpers, neighbour, younger sibling, partner, etc. However, Jupiter will aspect the Wealth and Luck houses. As Jupiter will aspect your sixth house, it will positively impact your career and family issues. You will feel a sense of security in married life. Are you thinking how will Jupiter transit impact your marriage prospects? Address your concerns by gaining access to Jupiter Transit Report For Marriage.

Jupiter will move in your 9th house for the natives of Capricorn sign. This will bring about good fortune in your life. Consequently, you will be blessed with happiness and prosperity. You may also make expenses for luxury goods. All works related to a foreign country may get addressed in a smooth manner. You will gain in all the areas which Jupiter stands for. Love birds will get success in their relationship. You may also gain new business opportunities in foreign countries. Are you thinking about the impact Jupiter transit will have on your business? Get to know everything about your business prospects with Jupiter Transit Report For Business.

Jupiter will be moving in your 8th house. This position of Jupiter may create obstacles in your life. Your upcoming financial benefits are likely to get stuck at some stage. But you will not face any financial crisis. You should not invest your money in the areas where there are lesser chances of investment. If you have invested some money in a business, your return may get delayed.

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Jupiter will be moving in the seventh house of Pisces natives. You may get to know new people during this phase. You may also stand to gain in your business. Your bonds with your business partners are likely to grow stronger. You will get the support of your friends, siblings and senior people in every problem. This is going to solve your problems and difficulties. Your mind will be full of wonderful thoughts. The malefic planets will not be able to influence you. Besides, Jupiter will act as per it’s position in your horoscope. If it is placed in a positive position, it will give you good results. You can also buy the Jupiter Transit Report and know about the influence of Jupiter on your life.

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