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Activities To Do At The Time Of Coronavirus Quarantine Based On Zodiac Sign

Schools are closed, sporting events are canceled, concerts are postponed, and also tourist places are also shut down, all because of the deadly Covid-19. The global uncertainty is such that even if you show no sign of illness, you are still suggested to stay at home. Yup, you heard that right! You are advised to self-quarantine.

This pandemic must be taken seriously and you should take care of your health amidst Covid-19, however, it does provide a good opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your family and indulge in some fun indoor activities. But what is there to do while being stuck inside due to the coronavirus pandemic? Ganesha has compiled few suggestions and astrology predictions for coronavirus to help make your quarantine time as interesting and as productive as possible based on your zodiac sign.

So, are you ready to get busy? Throw away your boredom and stir some craziness into your life. Here’s a look at some of the ideas that you can implement right away based on your zodiac sign to enrich your life with some excitement:

Being the fastest and courageous of all the signs in the zodiac, staying at home probably does not come naturally to you. The ideal quarantine activity for you is to get up and exercise. Carry out some physical activity, such as aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, spinning, or even jumping ropes. Whatever you decide, do something, on your own and at your own pace. You can also learn a new language or play an instrument, as you are always full of passion and confidence.

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You are a more relaxed zodiac sign as compared to the others. The slow life suits you better as you may be one of the most stressed during the coronavirus lockdown. You should find something that refreshes your mind. As food and music are your favorites, you can put on your favorite CD, watch your loved TV shows or movies and try some new food recipes. Another perfect option you can try is to make crafts such as painting.

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Embracing a social personality, you can not stand staying in one place. This is a time for you to grab a book and read it till the end. This can also be a chance for you to open up discussions with your friends who encourage virtual socialization. Besides, it is a perfect time for you to write something new, create, click interesting photos, read, learn and exchange ideas which can be a perfect pass time for you..

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Being one of the calmest zodiac signs, you will love to spend the time of coronavirus lockdown at home. You are also a kitchen lover, so you can use this time to make some new dishes for yourself and your entire family. Family is a priority for you, so get ready to watch some emotional movies with them. You can also try activities like planting and growing organic food, and you can also include your family in this activity. Watch all the long movies you’ve avoided until now.

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You are born to be a leader so sitting at home is probably not going to cut it! You will turn your quarantine time into a lesson and experience. Find yourself a song, an online class for dance or body expression, and let the artist in you out. You can also opt for meditation! Try lying down with your eyes closed, palms up and focus on your breath for this will greatly help you relax.

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Busy work life always disconnects you with your old friends. Hence, use this time to reconnect with your old friends and also spend some quality time with your family. You may not get this opportunity afterward, so don’t miss it. Use Skype, Google Hangouts, etc to video chat with your long-distance friends. Try board games like chess, crossword puzzles, etc which you may have never played with the family. Encourage your family to play as well.

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You have artistic prowess, and if you are the one who had put aside the renovation of your home due to lack of time, then this is the chance to get it done. Start redecorating your home, repaint the walls, polish furniture, organize your things, etc. This is how you can spend your quarantine time in creating harmony and positivity in your home.

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You are talented enough to achieve whatever you put your mind to. Now is the time to reflect on what you had accomplished in the previous year? What goals are you setting for yourself in the next year? If you are with your family, interview your grandparents, listen to their interesting stories, tell your tales to your family and promote peace in this time of crisis.

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You like to be free and adventurous, so this quarantine can be a tough time for you. But don’t worry as there are ways to throw away your boredom. During this time, learning, reading and discovering new things will fascinate you and help you forget about the boredom and sadness that you may experience. If you like to write, write poetry or something without a specific structure. Just try it!

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You are very ambitious and love to be productive. Thus, you may not enjoy your life without work. Although, you will feel better while cleaning and performing other household chores. You can conduct yoga and meditate to manage your stress. Additionally, you can also work on your financial planning, such as exploring whether to refinance your loan or finding ways to save more money. You can know your future financial prospects with the help of your personalized Free 2020 Yearly Report!

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You very well know how to get joy in difficult times. You are cool and rational, so if it doesn’t bother your neighbors: dust off that old instrument and practice. It’s time to text your long-lost friends too. Treat yourself with a skincare routine because usually you don’t have time for this during a normal work-week. Another alternative you can try is coloring books, yes, they’re not just for kids.

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You are one of the laziest zodiac signs. You love to sleep, listen to music, watch films. So why not clear out the family room and camp indoors with all blankets, popcorn, and movies that have won the Oscars. Furthermore, try out at-home aerobics or yoga videos. You can also download a fitness app with curated workout playlists. Prepare meals for your family too as it can be a lot of fun.

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During quarantine, be purposeful as well as productive. Connect on a deeper level with your family and invest in yourself. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had time. Learn new recipes, new hobbies, or a new language. Know yourself better, and in this journey, Ganesha is always with you.

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