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Gemini Traits

Gemini Traits

You are sociable, talkative and love to be surrounded by interesting people all the time. You are highly passionate and easy-going beings. You are always ready for an adventure or intellectual conversation. You are ruled by the planet Mercury, which makes you fast, humorous and efficient while communicating with others.

Gemini individuals are fun-loving, but like every star sign, Gemini possesses few weaknesses. It’s part of reality that every being and thing inherits positive and negative quality. Here are some of the positive and negative Gemini Traits.

Let’s look at some of the positive and negative traits of Gemini for complete astrology insights:

Positive Traits: Flexible, outgoing, funny, enthusiastic, smart, versatile

Negative Traits: Superficial, backstabber, lack of direction, bad decision-making skills, anxious

You are adaptable, easygoing, and flexible by nature. You are always willing to try new things at least once in life. You are ready to go along with any plans. You are always prepared for change whether it is beneficial for them or not. You know how to fit yourself in any group and situation and rightly called chameleons of the zodiac circle.

You are social beings who love to talk and enjoy parties. You hate to stay at home. You like to be out and about learning new things. You always have interesting things to say and can easily strike up conversations with strangers.

You have a sharp wit and possess an extremely dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Your jokes and quick-witted response may fly right over the heads of some. The individuals who can actually keep up with your train of thought and intelligence often find you hilarious. You are absolute charmers as your mind works very fast and draws information from eclectic resources. Gemini love to be contradicted and sarcastic in speech. This gives you opportunities to deliver a quick-witted slap and ironical responses. Your funny gigs will help others to escape from a depressive and stressed state of mind.

You are enthusiastic and full of life and always crave for accomplishing new and interesting things. However, your enthusiasm is infectious at times. You are always a little ahead of others so that you can discover everything at least once in a lifetime. Your mind is always working fast and share your thoughts with the people around you.

You are highly smart and intelligent. You always have interesting things to say and share. You are curious and inquisitive and hence ready to gain knowledge and learn new things. You are a person who will have a book in your hand or involved in an activity which gives you information and updates your knowledge. You can instantaneously see the 360-degree picture of any situation before making decisions for the next move. You mostly win in arguments and debates.

You are the most versatile person. You are capable of handling multiple things at a time and excel in each. Your multi-tasking quality helps you indulge in many things and balance between them all. You are interested in a wide variety of subjects due to keenness and curiosity of getting knowledge and learning new things. You will put your hands in different fields as you get bored easily. You want to change your direction in life all the time.

Your curiosity about learning new things does not let you pay attention in detail on a single thing. You can’t focus on one thing for a longer period of time. Hence, you have a superficial knowledge and not masters in any areas. At times, you become judgemental and hardly put the effort into verifying the information. You just believe the things shared with you. Hence, it may often lead to confusion and a huge misunderstanding. You are superficial and do not prefer to get attached even in a personal relationship but it is not intentional.

You will compliment others on their face and whisper your true feelings on the back. You always have a dark side, critics and negative to say about others. But you will speak the things the other person wants to hear and not what you feel. You may even sugar coat things with lies and spread it just to make it interesting for others to listen. You are the master of manipulating things in order to make others follow your shoes.

Gemini individuals are inconsistent. One day you’re happy, the next “it’s complicated.” Your moods can change at the drop of a hat. Because of the duality, you constantly question your decisions, assuming you have managed to actually make one. You get bored very easily and hence are not able to focus and stay dedicated in one direction. You only want glory in life and don’t want to deal with the mundane.

You lack seriousness. You do not take life seriously and act very childish at times. You are fickle-minded and ready to throw tantrums when you feel restless or find difficulty in staying rooted.

You tend to get overly anxious about any important event of your life. This is the reason that you aren’t able to perform your best under pressure and in tight deadlines. Your energies are imbalanced and you keep your stress and emotions inside you which makes you feel anxious. You get over-anxious when you get stuck in a never-ending circle and there is no scope for change. You tend to bite off more than you can chew which leads to anxiousness in your life. You start up with many projects due to your “can do” attitude but are not able to follow throughout. You feel overwhelmed and anxious to have a lot of things on your shoulder and unable to cope up.

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