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Cancer Traits

Cancer Traits

Cancer star sign, the fourth sign of the zodiac is all about home. These people love their home and family more than anything else in this world. Cancerians are blessed with strong intuitive and psychic powers that help them judge people well. These people tend to be hard on the outside and soft inside. But they also have a tougher side to their personality.

Cancers are known for their loyalty, emotional depth, and their parenting instincts. They are intuitive and imaginative, shrewd and cautious, protective and sympathetic. On the flip side, you are changeable and moody, overly emotional and touchy, clinging and unable to let go.

To understand this highly complicated sign, a little better, take a look at the positive and negative Cancer traits.

Let’s look at some of the positive and negative traits of Cancer for complete astrology insights:

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Cancer individuals are blessed with expansive and wild imaginations that can turn a word into a story in a matter of minutes. It’s therefore unsurprising that you are often hailed as creative geniuses. You feel extremely happy to share your feelings of love for someone or something artistically through poems and writings. You tend to have a strong creative force. You keep yourself involved in art to some extent. You take great pleasure in expressing yourself in a creative and artistic way.

You like loyalty, your emotional depth, and your parenting instincts. You are emotional and intense; you are also extremely intuitive and compassionate. You care deeply about matters of the family and their home. You are sympathetic and get deeply attached to your closed ones. You can empathize with the pains and sufferings of other people.

You are very loving and caring. As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Cancer does everything with love in mind and in the heart. Because of this, you are the most tender lovers. You are wonderful and magical partners when your mood is up. They are funny, passionate, insightful, adventurous and indulgent, and very well know how to have a good time.

You possess a supernatural sense of intuition. You know very well what is in the mind of others and know what they did. It is very difficult to hoodwink and manipulate you. Your instinctive ability to sniff out the secrets makes you over-sensitive. You will keep on asking questions until you get out the secrets but this can make you feel heavy or drained.

You find difficulty in communicating your real feelings. You shut down your emotional responses when you are hurt. You seem to be emotionally immature at times but have uniquely receptive nature. You will be overly involved and attached to those who are highly sensitive to their emotions. You are highly empathetic as you understand the emotional state and feelings of the other people. You feel others’ feelings as your own.

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Cancer individuals are also known to have a moody attitude, especially whenever they are jealous. You are normally protective and courageous. You can be very brooding and moody if you feel that your emotional needs are not being met. You switch moods rapidly. You will be laughing and joking at a moment and shedding your tears after a few minutes. This is part of your everyday life which rides like waves.

You are ruled by the Moon,, which is ever-changing, and thus you can have moods that can grow dark and darker. It’s common for you to struggle with low self-esteem and hold a lifelong grudge against someone. You are someone who sees the glass as half empty rather than half full. The wound of hurt and damage of feelings never get healed.

Cancer individuals are sometimes over-imaginative, which can get them in trouble. You will cling and obsess over the situation until you have all of the answers. You can’t turn off the feelings once it is ignited.

You have intense mood swings, as well as sensitivity. It doesn’t take much for you to go from friendly and outgoing, to totally introverted as a way of protecting yourselves. And it can prove quite confusing and unpredictable to the people in your lives.

The empathetic crab is inclined to protect themselves. You only trust when you feel safe within relationships. You are often resorting to your inner world when you do not feel trusted or safe.

You become resentful and petulant often. Whenever you feel that you have been diverted, you are likely to build up resentment gradually until it explodes completely. The biggest problem is anything can make you resentful. You have great fertile imaginations but you use these talents destructively at times. It is very difficult to please you. You snap the situation out and come back to normal in time.

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