Leo Traits

Leo Traits

Bold, intelligent, warm, and courageous, Leo star sign is a natural leader of the Zodiac. Leo is an adventurer, seeking to balance an intense life of social obligations and travel with plenty of downtime to relax and luxuriate.

There is a lot more to the Leo personality that isn’t always apparent until you really get to know them. So to give you some insight into what it really means to be born under the Leo sign we’ll be revealing positive and negative Leo traits and characteristics of Leo that are commonly found.

Let’s look at some of the positive and negative traits of Leo:
Positive Traits:Caring, Optimistic, Kind, Loyal and Honest
Negative Traits:Arrogance, Inflexibility, Laziness, Pride and Domineering

Leo Positive Traits


At their best, the courageous Leo is strong, and has an amazing, protective attitude towards their friends. They care very deeply for those close to them.


Leo is an optimist who is able to see the silver lining to life. They are optimists who are always able to find the positive side of any situation, and they prefer to revel in the good than dwell over the bad.


They are always willing to help out a loved one in need, and they will go to great lengths to make sure that those they care about most are happy. Leos have a compassionate heart, and they tend to be extremely kind and generous creatures.


If there’s one thing that you can say about Leo with certainty, it’s that they are some of the most loyal people that you will ever meet.


Leo individuals are very honest. They tend to be extremely direct and straightforward with people and with Leo you can be sure to always know where you stand. Would you like to know more about Leo?... Click Here.

Leo Negative Traits


At times, their dominance and confidence can be seen more like arrogance and conceit. Leo individuals ooze with confidence. They think that if they are the first to arrive at some conclusion, then they are right.


They’re inflexible for other people, but they’re also inflexible for themselves. When they’ve made a commitment to something, they’re going to stick with it, regardless of how much they hate it.


Though full of ambition and enthusiasm, Leo has to admit to a lazy streak and, given the opportunity, will take the easy way out, especially when a situation offers little fun or glory.


This sign is represented by a lion, and as such, Leos are born with all of the pride and glory of the maned creature.


Leos have a hard time learning when to stop ruling and start listening. For this reason, Leos are extremely domineering and tend to overpower those around them.

Understanding the characteristics of an Leo will help you build better relationships.

Leo Love And Relationships

Leo individuals love beautiful things and will see the relationship as a beautiful thing too. They see the beauty in life and their excitement is contagious. A Leo in love is very bold and will leave no doubt to their loved one of their feelings. Loyalty is the foundation for building long term Leo relationships. There sunny disposition and warm, happy and outgoing nature makes them a joy to be around.

Leos are stubborn loyal and will do anything to protect and encourage their loved ones. A Leo in love is usually very generous with loved ones. They enjoy the beauty around them and will appreciate the beauty you bring to their lives. Honest and hardworking, Leos usually make wonderful life partners and wonderful parents. There is a child-like simplicity to this regal sign, who loves to be the centre of attention, loves lots of compliments and flattery. Read more about Leo Relationship

Leo Friends and Family

Leo is trustworthy and loyal, willing to make sacrifices in their own lives to help a friend. Known to be one of the most generous signs, Leos are quick to help those in trouble and the first ones to assist those in need. They do this because on a deep subconscious level; they believe that this is the right thing to do. Leos love to help. They choose their company based on morals and personality, valuing commitment to others.

Leo values family above all and will make any sacrifice to preserve that family and bond. Leo individuals are very caring with their families. Any kind of family rift affects them deeply, as their highest priority is often to keep the family close, strong, and healthy.

Every friendship is unique, after all. But according to astrology, there are some sun signs that play better with others. So who is your best and worst friend matches? Click to read.

Leo Career And Money

Leo and Career

Leos are natural performers, and they need to use these skills in the workplace in order to be happy and fulfilled. When a Leo loves work, there's no stopping him or her. Career mantra that Leo follows is “Just Watch Me”. Passion is the greatest career strength of Leos. They bring fiery intensity to everything they do, including work, and when they believe in what they're doing, there's no stopping them. Read more about Leo Career.

Leo and Money

Leo is the royalty of the zodiac, and they absolutely Love extravagance. Leo has the will to create a lot of money in their Life pressing forward without resting for long periods of time. Although this sign appreciates spending money, they know how to think long-term, and there's a strategy behind their spending decisions. Leo individuals will earn money to live in the best style they can afford—without going into debt.

How To Attract Leo

If you have a keen eye on a Leo individual, we can give you advice helping you win over his heart. For sure, the following guide on how to attract a Leo man will make them unable to resist. Here are a few tips and tricks to attract Leo:

Show your vitality: Intense and passionate, a Leo wants to see your passion as well, both at work and in your personal life. Talking about your love of rock climbing on the weekend will impress and attract them towards you.

Stand out from the crowd: In order to get Leo attraction, then you have to stand out from the crowd. They are attracted towards the person who is bold and not afraid of chasing their own goals.

Stay mysterious: In order to hold Leos interest, you need to stay unpredictable as well as remain mysterious. Instead of revealing your secrets all at once, you should make him curious and excited in the first-time meeting, and he will surely want to spend more time with you.

Now you know more about the Leo personality traits, find out how you match with Other Zodiac Signs.

Compatible Signs Leo Should Consider

Creative and playful Leo needs passion in love. The most compatible signs with Leo are generally considered to be Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini.


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