Aries Traits

Aries Traits

Bold and ambitious Aries star sign is the first sign of the zodiac. These audacious Rams are passionate, motivated and confident leaders. Aries is a bundle of energy and dynamism, those born under this zodiac sign are often called as the pioneers of the zodiac.

Whether admit it or not, everyone has good, and bad traits and Aries zodiac is no different. A person born with Aries as their sun sign has some awesome personality traits and some negative ones as well. It’s time to discover the Aries traits in full!

Let’s look at some of the positive and negative traits of Aries:
Positive Traits:Strong Leadership, Amazing Self Confidence, Positive Energy, Bravery, Creativity
Negative Traits:Selfishness, Attention seeking, Outbursts of Anger, Lack Of Patience, Impulsive Behaviour

Aries Positive Traits

Strong Leadership

Aries is a natural-born leader that knows how to take charge. They possess a strong leadership trait which leads them to victory. They thrive in the position of power. Aries has got big plans, and they don't just sit around all day waiting for an opportunity to knock on their door. They go out and make their own luck.

Amazing Self Confidence

Aries inspires those around them with their amazing self-confidence. Aries are extremely independent creatures that don't like to be told what to do. They prefer to do things in their own way rather than following others.

Positive Energy

Aries being a first zodiac sign, have a lot of positive energy. They are energetic and dynamic because they are a fire sign ruled by Mars. They have no time for dwelling on their losses and mistakes. Aries knows that sometimes bad things happen and that no amount of worrying about it is going to change that. Instead, they focus on their goals and aspirations.


Aries are incredibly strong, ultra-resilient, and one of the bravest signs of the zodiac. They rise to the challenge and tackle things head-on. They are not afraid to take risks in life to get themselves to the top of the pack.


Aries always explore ways to do something different. Creative Aries means that they can have an extremely hard time coping with dull and repetitive tasks. They can not stand to do the same thing every single day.

Aries Negative Traits


One of the negative traits that Aries have is their concern for self-advancement. When it comes to winning, Aries can get up to anything. If they say they will do it means they will stick to it no matter what comes in their way. They are insensitive to the emotions of others as they feel that they have more knowledge than anyone around them.

Attention Seeking

Aries individuals are always attention seekers. They actually demand it. They easily get irritated when they don’t have it. They always want to be the center of attraction for everything.

Outbursts of Anger

Aries is one of the short-tempered signs out there. It won't take much for you to get on their nerves and outburst their anger. The biggest problem of Aries is that they don’t know how to deal with their anger.

Lack Of Patience

Patience doesn't come easily to them. This zodiac sign wants everything at the very moment they desire it without any delays. They are not able to keep calm and wait for the results. They easily get bored with the things and switch over to the other, leaving them unfinished.

Impulsive Behaviour

Arians have impulsive behaviour. They have a tendency to make a quick decision and soon realize it wasn't the best option. Most of the time, they don't think of various aspects of the matter. They just think of the result and make a conclusion.

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Understanding the characteristics of an Aries will help you build better relationships.

Aries Love And Relationships

Social magnet Aries have childlike innocence that others find irresistible. Aries in love is very attentive, affectionate and loyal but with a jealous streak. The fearless Aries will always defend a loved one without missing a beat. They will be more willing to put his life in danger for those he loves. For Aries, it is very important to keep their loved ones out of any harm.

Trust is a big issue for them, so when it is broken, the damage is hardly repairable in case of Aries relationships. When you are onto something new you will always have Aries individual on your side. There is never a dull moment with them. They will always bring good vibes and variety in the world of their loved ones as they are outgoing and adventurous. It’s like walking on sunshine when you are with them!

Aries Friends And Family

When it comes to friends Aries motto is, “the more, the better”. Most Aries thrives on variety, and their circle of friends should include a wide range of strange individuals with widely differing characters within their social circle so as to have different views on matters. People born under Aries sign make friends very easily as they are not difficult to relate with.

Aries strongly value their families, though they are rarely close to them. They are honest and straight forward towards their family even though they are quite complex while expressing their feelings. They possess great independence and ambitions, which makes them self reliant from a very young age. They never refuse to take on family obligations and are ever ready to work for them when they need to be taken care of. Despite not maintaining regular contact with the family, they always cherish familial ties.

Aries Career And Money

Aries and Career

Career is the area of life where ambitious, creative and often driven by the need to be the best they can be. The Aries is apt to shine the brightest. Born leaders, Aries are at their best in the workplace. Aries Career Mantra is “ I Have Got This”.

Adventure-seeking Aries is far more comfortable taking charge than taking orders. Leadership is Aries greatest career strength. They thrive as a manager, and they don't need the help of others to kick start a new project.

Aries and Money

Aries is wise to save money for rainy days. Managing money pays off for Aries. Money is rarely scarce as they love working and to succeed, they must constantly be innovating new ideas to earn money. Aries philosophy is to live for the moment so Aries will make as much money as they possibly can.

How To Attract Aries

If you have your eyes on an Aries you need to have the best plan to capture their heart. Because an Aries individual wants the best in everything and will never stop striving. Here are some ways to attract quick and playful Aries.

Be Honest: Aries respect honesty above all else, so keep things honest as they would much rather hear what’s going on in your head than listen to platitudes about how great they are.

Be Ready For Adventure: A restless sign Aries always want to explore. They like adventurous and fun activities. So always be up for the adventure. Discover the fun and adventure things to do in your area and get out of the house.

Be confident: Aries are addicted to confidence. Aries love to take the lad in everyday situations and like challenges. So take yourself up as they are beyond wildly attracted to confidence and they love letting a partner to take the lead.

Now you know more about the Aries personality traits, find out how you match with other Zodiac Signs.

Compatible Signs Aries Should Consider

Being a fire sign, compatibility with Aries can go well other fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius. Arians have a great degree of compatibility with air signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


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