Virgo Traits

Virgo Traits

Quite undemonstrative and introvert, the Virgo-born represent waters that run deep. Wise, witty and well spoken, the Virgo have a good understanding of human nature and can effectively help people solve their problems. Now let's have a look at what their other positive as well as negative traits are.

Positive Traits

No detail, regardless of how small or big it is, can escape the watchful eyes of a Virgo-born. Their attention to detail is praiseworthy.
The Virgo are an intelligent lot, who would love to know about various subjects and increase their general knowledge.
They don't believe in living in the fantasy world and will be very much in touch with the reality. Their practical approach is one of their biggest strength.
The Virgo possess an analytical mind and see things in black and white. They are capable of producing a clear analysis and thereby a solution of even the most complicated problems.
You can trust a Virgo for following the instructions and trying his best to do the job well. Besides, he is a rational person and would not let emotions affect his decisions.
Since they are goal-oriented, perfectionists, rational and reliable, it is very likely that they are great achievers too. But you will rarely see them boasting about their accomplishments.

Negative Traits

They have such a clear picture in their minds as to how things should be, the Virgo tend to be overcritical and lose the plot in the process.
The Virgo-born often get lost in details and they will not have a peace of mind till they resolve all the issues. Besides, their strong likes and dislikes make them quiet fussy.
Pleasing or impressing a Virgo is tough job, as anything less perfect (in their eyes) does not make the cut.
They call a spade a spade and they don't sugar-coat their opinions before putting them across. Their harshness does not always go down well with the people around them. 

The Virgo are conservative and won't readily accept modern ideas. Maybe it has to do with their need to test the waters and be sure of the outcome.
The Virgo-born are criticized for being judgemental. They cannot ignore faults and mistakes as anything less than perfect is not good enough for them. Moreover, you can obtain fully personalised and astrologically astute Couple Analysis Report to get an idea about how compatible you are with your potential life partner. 


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