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Pisces Traits

Pisces Traits

Pisces is a watery sign, concerned with subtle emotions, and secret mystical depths. They are likable and friendly but yet can be very moody and introspective as well. Pisceans are not entirely at home in this world.

They are dreamy and full of imagination, emotionally sensitive and easily influenced by their environment. To understand this watery sign better here are some of the positive and negative traits of Pisces.

Empathetic, Artistic, Emotional, Selfless and Natural Healers

Moody, Negative, Lazy, Idealistic and Escapists

Pisces are extremely empathetic creatures with a lively imagination and a friendly disposition. They have a boundless capacity for empathy even with those who they barely see eye to eye with.

They are the most artistic sign of the zodiac. Their creativity has no boundaries. As they are ruled by planet Neptune they have an artistic talent. They have a unique perspective on the world that allows them to see things in a very creative and artistic way.

No other sign is as intune and prone to the infectious emotion of others as Pisces. If they see tears, they will likely cry. If they can sense hurt in your voice, it will sadden them also. They will love you unconditionally no matter who you are.

The natives born under this sign are selfless and generous. Call them whatever you want but a Pisces is selfless and no matter how badly you treat them they will always be there when you need someone.

Pisces are natural healers. The power exaggerates Pisces’ ability to console the heartbroken. This power gives Pisces the ability to heal any physical or emotional trauma. They would most likely use this power very liberally in helping needy people.

Pisces are sweet people, but they are also known for their attitude and moody tendencies. When they are moody it is best to just give them some space. This watery sign, half of the time are moody and they themselves do not know the reason.

When feeling down a Pisces feels every negative thought all at once. They do not get over things easily, which often prolongs their recovery time after a bad experience and during that period they are likely to become negative.

Pisces can be extremely lazy when they are not motivated. Pisces is considered emotional lazy because they do not put in efforts to make things right. They withdraw themselves emotionally when a Pisces feels that no matter how hard he tries things will never get any better.

Pisceans because of their idealistic nature, often find themselves walking alone. Their idealistic natures usually mean that they can be overly trusting and often leave themselves betrayed, hurt and vulnerable.

Some call Pisces as an escapist. They are dreamers and escapists who get lost in their own mind and imagination. Just when you think you have them, they elusively slip away from you.

Understanding the characteristics of an Pisces will help you build better relationships.

Pisces in a relationship are very heroically romantic, caring, intuitive and perceptive. Many times they suffer from low esteem but they do not show it for the sake of their loved ones. Pisces in love believe in a fairy tale scenario. They dream about their future relationships and their near ones. They fall in love quickly and deeply. They are extremely sensitive and prefer to be in serious relationships.

They are very close to their loved ones and can do anything for them. They get easily connect to others and are very emotional. Being with Pisces is like a dream come true and they have the biggest heart of the zodiac. A Pisces put everything on the table as they feel deeply all their emotions. Pisces have no trouble expressing what they want and need from people who they love. They keep nothing left unsaid. Oftentimes they have to walk through fire and back for the person who they love, and that sort of love is something one will only experience a once in a lifetime.

Pisces are the type of people who will put their family and friends before themselves. Their happiness makes Pisces Happy. They have the heart of a soldier and when it comes to family and friends, they would do anything. A Pisces will always be there in your corner ready to defend you. They always say what you need to hear to make it through the day.

Pisces don’t care to have a ton of friends, but they are very loyal to the few friends they do have. Their empathetic nature makes them like your own personal therapist during rough times. They are always there to offer non-judgemental support. They are that friend who will ask you what is wrong? When no one else noticed. Your Pisces best friend is someone you can tell anything to without fear of unfair criticism or invalidation.

Understanding, gentle and affectionate, Pisces is one of the most inspired and creative zodiac signs. This water sign with dreamy disposition finds difficulty to be on time. They are usually not suited to a nine-to-five job but they try to thrive in an unstructured environment. Pisces are well suited to any career in which imagination, vision, and empathy are important. Read more about Pisces Career.

While they do have a handle on spending their money, but they may often squander their cash on impulsive buys. They have the tendency to buy something only to return it later because they can be quite spontaneous when shopping and prone to changing their minds later on. While they can be quite generous and altruistic with their money, they can be quite susceptible to spending all of it on vices. This watery sign believes that time, money and relationship are the three most important things to focus on and improve or add.

To attract Pisces can bring a challenge since they are not really impressed by money and success. They are often attracted to domineering people, but they must be equally sensitive and caring. Here are some ways to attract this watery sign:

Be Yourself: Under all circumstances, be yourself! Go out of your way to spend time with him, and talk to him. Never be afraid to open up yourself to them. Always make eye contact and be clear in your ideas also show interest in what they say.

Be Spiritual: Pisces tend to be drawn towards spirituality and the unconventional, so talk to them about these things. This will increase their interest in your talks. They are attracted to someone who is a softie at heart.

Now that you know more about the Pisces personality traits, find out how you match with other Zodiac Signs.

Their soft-spoken, gentle and affectionate nature makes the Pisces star sign very attractive as a human being. The most compatible signs with Pisces are generally considered to be Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn.