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Coronavirus Astrology Prediction: When will it end?

Coronavirus Astrology Prediction: When will it end?

We can’t see the coronavirus or can we? Reaching nearly 20 million searches on 11th March, the COVID-19 is being talked about on every social media platform. Out of 1,98,513 cases, it has taken the lives of nearly 7,988 people and over 6,415 people are in serious condition. In India, over 166 cases have been reported of coronavirus infection so far.

‘Every single life matters’, with this motto, awareness is being created worldwide. Health practitioners all across the world have dedicated their lives to find the cure. Schools, colleges, public gatherings places such as malls and cinema halls are being closed down. When the history of such outbreaks was studied, some surprising results came out. In 1720, The Great Plague of Marseille broke out, in 1820 there was an outbreak of cholera, in 1920, the influenza tore the world with its spread. So, now the question is will coronavirus prove to be a disastrous pandemic in 2020 and continue the pattern of history?

The world races against the time and the virus to find its cure and put an end to this pandemic. Recently, a ray of hope emerged as on the 16th of March, Jennifer Haller, 43, was the first person to be injected with the potential vaccine for this deadly virus. Yet, the questions remain as to when a definite cure may be invented for the virus. How can this infection be stopped from spreading? To answer these questions, our expert astrologers conducted detailed research and studied the tiniest aspects. They finally gave the prediction and the answer to some of these questions.


If we look at the position of the planets in China’s horoscope, then we can see that the Virgo ascendant is rising in the horoscope. Venus is present in the second house in the horoscope, while the Moon is sitting in the fifth house. In the seventh house of the horoscope, Rahu and Ashtamesh are having a benefic position. Saturn is placed in the 12th house and is aspecting Venus in the 2nd house, 6th house of diseases and 9th house of fortune. Ascendant is sitting with Sun, Mercury, and Ketu in the 1st house. Although Mercury is sitting in heaven, it is retrograding.


We observed the position of the planets in the Sun Horoscope of China. Now, we will note the current planetary position in the above horoscope. Virgo ascendant can be seen emerging in the transit horoscope. However, many planets are placed in a single house in the above horoscope. Assembly of more than two planets in one house isn’t a very positive sign. Because, when the planets are present together in the same house, friction starts increasing between them. In the fourth house of the transiting horoscope, Ketu is seated along with Mars and Guru Yuti. Saturn is sitting in its own sign Capricorn and Mercury is retrogradely seated in the sixth house with the Sun. Venus is in the eighth house of the horoscope forming conjunction with the Moon-Rahu in the tenth house. Significantly, Rahu considers Moon as his opposing planet.

After understanding the above planetary conditions, it would be better to make it clear that Jupiter is a benefic planet, except in some special situations. Rahu is a shadow planet, which has been considered as a sinful or cruel planet. Mars is the lord of blood, which is one of the most important parts of our body composition. In the transiting horoscope, the combination of Guru-Ketu and Mars is occurring in Sagittarius, whose lord is Jupiter. Due to the combination of these planets in the horoscope, there are two dangerous and harmful side effects. Guru and Ketu together form Vipra Chandal Dosha and Mars and Ketu together form Angarak Dosha. Due to these defects made in the horoscope, coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world. It has been observed that whenever Guru and Mars are in any adverse situation, then there is a high chance of major infection or virus turning into an epidemic. At present, the great alliance of Guru-Ketu and Mars is passing over the fourth house of the Sun Horoscope of China. This is the reason behind the increasing cases of infection by the coronavirus.

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There is a steady increase in the data related to the coronavirus on the official web site of the World Health Organization. With each passing day, the name of a new country is being added to the list of Corona infected countries. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the country is facing not only social but economic losses as well. After the study of the planetary positions in the Sun horoscope of China, it appears that there won’t be a decrease in the level of this infection for some time. But the possibility of some reduction in the coming period can be foreseen. To be more precise, after the 30th of March 2020, the people are expected to get some relief from the virus. However, according to the situation in the horoscope, Jupiter and Ketu are going to be readjusted from June 30 to September 19. This adjustment emphasizes the possibility of another virus outbreak or pandemic. However, there is a possibility that after 20 September 2020, the world might succeed in its fight against such outbreaks of diseases.

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