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Find Out The Best Yogasan To Remove Planetary Side Effects

Find Out The Best Yogasan To Remove Planetary Side Effects

Often our planets have an effect on our health. From Sun to Rahu, all the Navagrahas in their horoscopes have a bad effect on our health. Many yoga experts have proved that the malefic effects of planets can be cured through yoga asanas by connecting different asanas to different planets through their in-depth study. Today we are telling about some such yoga asanas, which can reduce the ill effects of different planets. If you are getting any ill effects from any planet in your horoscope, then you can make your planets strong through these yoga asanas.

Do Surya Namaskar for the Sun

If you are getting negative effects of Sun in your Kundli and you are deprived of all the benefits that Sun gets, then you may suffer many types of losses. Your confidence will always be weak. Your leadership qualities will also remain weak. At the same time, you may have many health problems. Your eyesight will be weak. You may have problems with heart attack, anemia and weak nervous system. To remove these ill effects of the Sun, you should do Surya Namaskar in Yogasan. Apart from this, Agnisar Kriya should be done in Yogasan for the Sun. Bhastrika asana can also be done to reduce the negative effects of the sun.

Do this yoga for the auspicious effect of the moon

If you are getting any negative results related to Moon in your horoscope, then you may be extra emotional. You will have frequent mood swings and you may have more problems with colds. To remove these negative remedies of Moon, many yoga asanas have been included in our scriptures. Bhastrika Pranayama should be done to get the auspicious effect from the moon through yoga asanas. On the other hand, by doing anulom-vilom, many kinds of side effects related to the moon can be removed. To get auspicious results from Moon, one should meditate with the Om mantra.

Do this yoga for Mars

Mars is the lord of energy. The person always remains lethargic when any problem related to Mars is in the horoscope. There is no energy to do any work. People suffering from Mars may also have problems related to sex. In such a situation, it is good to meditate while sitting in Padmasana to remove the negative effects of Mars in the horoscope. Doing Mayurasana, Butterfly Asana and Sheetalikaran Pranayama is very beneficial to get auspicious results from Mars. The malefic effects of Mars are removed by these yogasanas and the person becomes energetic.

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Which is the best yoga posture for the planet Mercury

If the planet Mercury is weak then it affects your intelligence. It also affects your decision-making ability. Many types of skin-related diseases are also the effect of negative results of Mercury. For Mercury, it is best to do Bhastrika posture in Yogasan. On the other hand, Balasan, Uttanasana and Shirshasan should be done to get the auspicious effects of Mercury. Due to this, the mind remains stable and the person remains focused. The auspicious effects of Mercury can also be increased through these yogasanas. On the other hand, if there is any problem related to the skin due to Mercury, then Halasana can be done.

This yoga asana is good for the planet Jupiter

If you are not getting positive results from Jupiter in your horoscope, then gives you obesity, diabetes, and liver and stomach-related diseases. Sometimes diseases like cancer also occur due to the bad effect of Jupiter. To remove the negative results of Guru, 12 yogasanas related to Kapal Bhati, Sarvangasana and Surya Namaskar should be done. Pranayama should also be done along with these yoga asanas to get the positive results of the Guru. Whereas the malefic effects of Guru are being found in the horoscope, then sweets should be abandoned.

This yoga will strengthen the planet, Venus

If you are not getting positive results related to Venus, then there may be problems in your sex life. At the same time, genetic hormonal imbalance can also be very high. Women may also face problems in monthly cycles due to the negative results related to Venus. Yogasanas related to Venus such as Dhanurasana, Halasana, Moolabandha and Janushirshasana give a lot of benefit. These asanas eliminate the hormonal imbalance in the body. On the other hand, if there is any problem related to sexual life, then Bhujangasana, Setubandhasana and Garudasana should be done.

Celebrate the angry planet Saturn with these yogasanas

Arthritis problems, joint pain, heart-related problems, anxiety and insomnia can occur due to the ill effects of Saturn. It is good to do Bhramari Pranayama to remove these side effects related to the planet Saturn. At the same time, Mandukasana and Ustrasana should be done with Kapalbhati. Apart from this, Agnisar and cooling action also reduce the ill effects of Shani. By doing these asanas, the problem of joint pain is removed, anxiety is removed from the mind and sleep is also available in sufficient quantity.

Strengthen Ketu with these Yogasanas

When Ketu is getting bad results, you may suffer from anaemia. Apart from this, many diseases related to Piles, Indigestion and Skin are also caused due to the ill effects of Ketu. These side effects can be removed through yoga. Many benefits are obtained by doing yoga asanas associated with Ketu like Shirshasana, and Kapal-bhati.

Do these yogasanas for Rahu

If Rahu is malefic, it can harm you in many ways. You are always in some fear or the other. There are diseases related to the brain. Sometimes you get lost. The cause of these diseases is never understood. To increase the auspicious Shirshasana, it is best to do Bhramari Pranayama. On the other hand, doing headstands and meditating with Om chanting reduces the negative effects of Rahu.

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