Effects of URANUS with relation to other PLANETS



of URANUS in relation to other PLANETS

seventh planet of the solar system connotes intelligence and plays an
important role in research work. Here, we will try to find out what
are the effects when it is in relation with other planets of the
solar system.

For all the
relations, we have to consider six degrees tolerance. The relations
are as below:

  1. Trine
    or Navpancham

  2. Sextile
    or Labhyog

  1. Conjunction
    or Yutiyog

  2. Opposition
    or Pratiyog

  1. Square
    or Kendrayog &

  2. Sesquiquadrate
    or Shadashtakyog

O  Out of these, the first two relations ie.
Trine and Sextile give most positive results. The last two relations
viz. Square and Sesquiquadrate give negative results, and the
remaining two give either positive or negative results. First of
all, we will try to know the positive results.

Results of Trine/ Sextile of Uranus with:

A leader in social life. Lots of opportunities in life. It is good
for an astrologer too. It is beneficial for the husband in female?s

The person is interested in science or modern arts, and is
intelligent. A different kind of conjugal life (may stay separate in
different cities or nations; a distant relationship). A successful
life, but may also have hidden/ secret affairs.

The person has to work in most unfavourable conditions to taste
success in life. He/she gets a lot of opportunities in life. A person
becomes very ambitious. If Uranus is third from
Mars, one of the siblings gets chance to go abroad.

The person may have very sharp memory and is intelligent. Good for
research work. A successful life because of the intelligence.

Good financial position. Unexpected financial gains. Help from

Good for love marriage or marriage after a companionship. A big
friend circle. If
there is trine through a watery sign, the person becomes too sexy.
Person is more
sensitive. Artistic views.

Good intelligent quotient. Good administrative power. Good for
research. If it gets support from Sun or Jupiter it gives popularity

  1. Results
    of Conjunction/Opposition of Uranus with:

A negative result of the House in which the relation happens as well
as the House of which Sun is the Lord. If the Lord of the 7th
House or Venus or the 7th
House itself are malefic or aspected by malefic planet, married life
gets disturbed leading to divorce. It
is not good for the health of father.

It is not good for the health of mother. It leads to mental problems
too. It disturbs the marital life of female.

Prone to accidents. A short tempered person. If it is in 2nd
8th or
12th House in a
female?s horoscope, her married life gets disturbed. If there is a conjunction
in the 4th
House, there is a possibility of property/vehicle catching fire.

It gives good I.Q. if not placed in 6th
8th or
House. It is good for an astrologer, if it meets the condition as

Worries related to kids. In case of females, she may have problems in
conceiving. A conjunction in 7th
House may give a handicapped life partner too.

May suffer from mental disorder. Good at arts. A conjunction in
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra or Scorpio makes a person very sexy. But
there can also be sexual problems.

It gives good I.Q. If there is a conjunction in Libra, Scorpio,
Capricorn or Aquarius, it
gives total positive results, where as in Aries, Taurus, Cancer or
Leo, it gives negative results.

if Uranus is in conjunction with the Lord or sublord of the 7th
House, at the time of marriage, there is a possibility of
inauspicious incidents such as riots, tremors, accidents, fire, death

these things cannot be ruled out during the time of baby’s birth, if
the Lord or sublord of the 5th
House is in conjunction with Uranus.

  1. Results
    of Square/ Sesquiquadrate of Uranus with:

Problems in business. Egoistic. Losses due to accidents. Problems in
married life, if it is in
a female’s chart.

Smart and intelligent at work, but not good at maintaining relations.
A native may go on changing the places/jobs/business. If
Uranus is 4th
from Moon, it gives negative
results in all types of comforts. If Uranus is 10th
from the Moon, it forces to change
business/job on & off.

Heavy financial losses. If any one of them is in 1st
4th or
House, it leads to tremendous
financial loss. In case it’s a female’s chart, kidnapping is not
ruled out.

Confused condition. Use of knowledge for criminal purpose.

Children related problems. Losses in court cases. Unsuccessful life.

Unhappiness in married life. A person gets cheated by opposite sex.
If Venus is malefic through the aspects or conjunction with Mars,
Saturn or Neptune, the character of the person is in question.
Problems due to hidden sexual relations.

A long lasting disease. Instability in life. Authentic results of any
relation of Uranus with Rahu, Ketu, Neptune & Pluto are not known
yet, and hence, not being discussed here.

Ganeshaspeaks Team

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